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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Everything Must Go

Future Ted talks about the time in the spring of 2008 when he started getting slapped by women who were interested in him and he finally pursued the woman who was telling women bad things about him - and he realized it was Abby.

Lily and Ted are discussing how she yelled at a child and when Marshall comes in he says that their floor fixing estimate is going to be higher than anticipated and so he has set up a site to sell off her stuff. She says that a better site would be which as you can see is a real site - and she notices this as well.

Barney asks Abby why she is doing so much to ruin his dating life and they compare the bad things that happened to them and they find that Ted is a common enemy, so to speak. Soon they are in bed.

Robyn and Ted talk about things that they own to sell and the red cowboy boots that Ted owns are brought up. Lily says that she doesn't want to sell her clothing. Marshall says he doesn't know what else he can do while they wait for him to find a job. She says they can sell her paintings and we are reminded about why sometimes you can get something right a thousand times and then mess it up on time one thousand and one - Marshall says he doesn't think they can sell the paintings for the right amount.

The right amount turns out to be $1500 and Lily says she can sell them in a week. Ted comes out in the boots and says that he is, in fact, pulling them off. Lily starts by showing one painting to a gallery and it did not sell. The next day they take it to a coffee shop but nobody notices it. Ted and Robyn talk about it loudly.

Barney and Abby lay in bed naked and talk about Ted. Barney says they need to show Ted how horrible he is in a relationship and Abby says she has an idea.

Mat Besser makes an awesome appearance as a tube sock salesman who needs the money for heroin. Just as she was ready to give up a couple comes up and buys it from her. Soon at the bar, Lily says that she sold the painting to a GCWK - gay couple without kids.

Barney and Abby come in with matching sweaters and talk about how they are in love. Abby keeps messing it up humorously. Barney then proposes to Abby - somehow to teach Ted a lesson.

Lily calls the man that bought the painting and it turns out that he bought it just for the frame and Barney says he wants to buy champagne for the whole bar but then tells the bartender to just use ginger ale.

Lily says that her dream of being an artist disappeared and now had to sell her clothing. Marshall and Ted come in and say that they went to the GCWK apartment to ask about the painting but Ted first wants approval for his boots. They are told the painting was in the trash but it wasn't there. It turns out that it went to a vet who finds that the painting calms animals down. It speaks to animals on a primal level yet it bums out birds. He sold four more paintings for five hundred dollars each and says they should reinvest the money in a web site to sell her paintings to vets.

Barney goes to get his tie back from Abby and she is still talking about the wedding and so he tells her that Ted wants her again because their plan worked. Oh, and works but it will probably be slow for a few days while everyone and their mother goes there to bid on stuff to benefit the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 13, 2008 2:23 AM
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