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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Goat

Future Ted talks about his thirtieth birthday and the goat. It started like any other week, with Barney waking up with a "random" girl. The "random" girl this time happened to be Robin. Barney reviews his normal morning routine. Robin says that as soon as her feet hit the ground it will have been as though it never happened. As soon as her feet hit the ground Barney tells her that he nailed the girl from Metro News One the previous evening.

Robin tells him that she's going to shower and Barney again says that it never happened. Later at the bar, Ted talks about how only he and Barney have hit it and each of them talks about how they are going to hit it. Ted is referring to turning thirty. Barney goes to the bar with Robin and Ted says he knows everything - like the surprise party that is being planned. So close, but not at all.

Barney calls Marshall and says he wants to hire him for a little. At the office, Barney tries to tell Marshall but he covers his ears so he throws him a vase and he has to catch it. Barney then tells him just in time for the Sky Mall bought hot dog heater to have prepared their hot dogs. By the way, it costs fifty dollars.

Barney asks if Marshall is mad at him. He needs help as his attorney - did he break the law? Not just any law, the bro code. We review different laws of the bro code such as Bro Code 34 - no eye contact during a Devils Three Way. Marshall says that it's just something he wrote.

Barney talks about how back in the time of Benjamin Franklin, Barney's ancestor wrote the Bro code and they agree it. Part of the Bro code is "No sex with your bro's ex" - oh, yes. Marshall was reticent but agreed to do it.

Lily's entire class is traumatized when a farmer tells them what happens to a goat. Soon we see that Lily takes the goat home and Robin and Marshall both are great at identifying goat turds.

Marshall says that there's no way out of the bro code because it is ironclad. Barney says perhaps he has broken the bro code and Marshall says that he has upheld the bro code time and time again. We see examples of different ways the bro code has been upheld. Marshall says that he has to tell him.

The day of Ted's birthday comes and Lily gets the goat ready. The goat keeps giving an ominous eye. Ted gets in the limo with Barney who says the party is in Vegas. Barney says the party is happening on the roof but they are going to Vegas and describes what will happen. He says he wants to tell him something and Ted knows that it was that Barney slept with Robin.

We go back to the day of Lily getting the goat and Robin tells Ted the truth after he gives her an old photo. Ted says it's okay but then he says that he may as well sleep with his mother. He then goes off on him and then asks exactly how it happened. Barney offers him one free punch anywhere but the face and he gets a punch in the groin instead. Ted says that he can't believe he broke the bro code and then tells him that he doesn't want to be friends anymore and gets out of the limo.

At the party, Lily asks about sex with Robin. Ted arrives at the building and goes up to the roof and is "surprised" by everyone. Future Ted tells us that the goat was actually there on his thirty-first birthday. Alas.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 29, 2008 1:03 AM
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You missed the foreshadowing at the end. Not only was the goat at Ted's 31st birthday, but that Robin was living with Ted on the 31st birthday.

What could it mean!?!

-- Posted by: Josh P. at April 29, 2008 10:26 AM

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