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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Bracket

We start off by discussing the NCAA bracket - and a money pool on Staten Island. Marshall and Ted stole a chalkboard for this bracket. Barney soon comes in and tells them that Ted and Marshall's team lost. He then tells them that a strange thing has been happening whereas women seem interested in him and then slap him.

Barney meets up with Lily who tells him that a blond woman just told her that Barney will do whatever it takes to get in her pants and to beware him. Barney tries to think of who it could be but gets the equivalent of brain freeze.

The group discusses Barney's problem and Ted says they should consult his list. Barney says that he would never have a list - instead, he has a scrapbook. Barney says that it's way too difficult and so we soon see Barney in front of the chalkboard with an NCAA like tournament of the women with whom he has slept. We have a delightful montage of different women being compared until they get to the final four.

Lily takes Barney to see the first woman. He wants to hide while she identifies the woman but Lily insists that he apologize to her. She somehow thinks that it was all her fault and apologizes to him. It turns out not to be the first one.

The second woman created a web site called - Barney doesn't mind telling everyone that they should go to the site.

The third woman was tricked into thinking that Barney had a twin brother called Larney. She gives him a good beating.

The fourth woman, Holly, is super amused that Barney came to see her. Barney manages to ruin her relationship as well.

Robin gives Barney the idea to bust the woman by having Barney hit on her. She makes an elaborate plan that is difficult because Robin giggles when she lies. Robin asks what causes these women to sleep with Barney and he whispers something in her ear. When the woman finally comes out Barney goes into hiding and realizes that he doesn't recognize her.

He apologizes profusely to her but it turns out that it was just a colleague of Robin. Lily takes a photo of Barney looking disappointed and when we see it in her scrapbook Future Ted tells us that Barney eventually figured out who the woman was but that was to come later.

The final scene has Barney blogging in a style exactly like when he was on Doogie Howser, MD. Yeah, they even play the music. That was one of my favourite shows as a kid.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 31, 2008 9:29 PM
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