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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: 10 Sessions

Ted talks about how you can meet a special someone, even at a tattoo parlor. Curiously, everyone was so excited about Britney Spears that nobody mentioned Sarah Chalke being in the episode. He thought he was asking his doctor out but when he shows up she has brought several friends because well, you can't date a patient - it's an AMA rule. The doctor assures him that she will say no 10 weeks forth.

Later, at the bar, Barney says it takes 8.3 seconds for a woman to assess if she wants to sleep with a guy. Ted says that he is more like "Stairway to Heaven" than a short pop song and Robyn says that Roger Daltrey is rolling around in his grave. They ask about the session and Ted explains that he may have squealed a little when the procedure was going on. The receptionist, played by Britney Spears, comes in because she thought she heard a woman scream.

Ted says that the weeks just went by and shortly describes sessions two through five, at the end of which she said, "Still no." Ted says that he even juggled and Barney says that juggling is lame, whereas he says that magic is lame and Barney whips out a fireball trick. Everyone gets mad at Barney and banish him.

The receptionist, whose name is Abby, seems to cry a lot. Ted gets coffee and breakfast for Abby. After session seven, Stella tells Ted that she is going to break her big rule and then says that Abby wants to go bowling with Ted. This leads to an odd Abby / Allen discussion. The group chides him for gimmicks and he says that he will read "The Power of Me" because it was in her office.

Ted decides he will read the entire book to impress Stella. He soon embarasses himself again because the doctor doesn't care for the book and Abby then shows the doctor the copy of the book that Ted had brought in and thrown away. Barney says he went to see his doctor and found out that Stella is only attracted to men with mustaches.

Ted grows the mustache and then Barney laughs because a year earlier he bet Ted ten dollars that he wouldn't grow a mustache. Ted gets upset and decides that he's not going to ask her out. Lily says that she's sure she wouldn't say no. Marshall, it turns out, went to see her and overheard something about a crush. After the tenth visit, Stella says that she has no time for dating because of her daughter.

At the bar, Ted says that he has nobody but himself to blame but then realizes that she never said no. He approaches her and asks for a two minute date since she only has two minutes for lunch. They very briefly eat and then they see a very strange and even shorter movie. They even make time for coffee and dessert, sort of. The taxi drive they keep taking for five feet is driven by the same chauffeur, I think, from the New Year's episodes.

There is even a kiss! He asks her for a second date when she has time and she agrees. Of course, who else but Abby sees him with the flowers that Stella couldn't take due to not being into flowers and takes them to mean that he wants to be with her? I have to say, she was quite good in this role.

Barney talks to Abby and asks her out. He offers to take her out shopping but they should stop by his hotel room to make sure that his bed has been fixed. She says that if the bed is okay they should have sex before going shopping. Oh, Barney.

Posted by Gordon on March 25, 2008 2:37 AM
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