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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: No Tomorrow

I nearly wrote about the Big Bang Theory. Sorry. I got confused. It has just been that long.

We start off with the kids sitting and listening to the story. Isn't anyone worried that the kids will age over time and they'll still say it's 2030? Future Ted says that he met their mother thanks to Saint Patrick's Day. Barney comes in wearing a green suit and is surprised that everyone says they're not doing Saint Patrick's Day this year - and want to do Board Game Night instead. Barney says he will celebrate by himself and leaves. Marshall gets a phone call from Ted's rear end - he pocket dialed.

Barney soon calls Ted from a cab where he has two attractive women. He does everything to convince Ted to come out with them. After seeing Marshall and Lily discussing the smell of Marshall's hands he quickly agrees to go. Future Ted says that their mother was at the party - we see the telltale yellow umbrella in a sea of black.

Barney introduces Ted to Mary and Stephanie. They seem to have some trouble getting into the party. The bouncer tells Barney and Ted that there is a shortage of men in the nightclub. They promptly ditch their dates.

Marshall carries Lily over the threshold of their new apartment and then struggles to hang up a painting. Robin points out that the entire apartment is CROOKED - as in, everything rolls in one direction. Marshall tells Robin to keep everything quiet from Lily.

Ted finds that in this alternate universe in which they have found themselves, doing bad things makes good things happen. Ted buys two bottles of Dom Perignon and puts it on someone else's tab. Barney postulates that this is because there is absolutely no tomorrow.

Lily wonders why she keeps winning Hungry Hungry Hippo. She soon figures out that something is wrong. Marshall is about to tell her the truth but then tells her that there is a ghost in the apartment. Robin confirms it and then Marshall says it was a Confederate General. Lily says that Marshall sees ghosts everywhere but Robin is a skeptic and so Robin swears that there is a ghost.

Ted tells a woman that he is going to try out his new theory and then says that he wants to sleep with her and never talk with her again and she says she's into it. Barney says that there is no tomorrow and the woman says it's good because she is married.

Marshall, Robin, and Lily discuss the ghost until Robin can't take it anymore and says that the floor is crooked. I'm still not quite sure how that can be but Lily says that they will be spending the next thirty mortgage paying years of their lives on a crooked floor.

Barney and Ted talk about the married woman and how Barney believes that it's not cheating because she is from a different area code, has two vowels in her name, and because Ted is not married.

Lily says that they will have to nail down their furniture and their children will be crooked so they clearly can't live there. Robin tells Marshall to open the door and she sits on a skateboard with a makeshift helmet and rolls out the door.

Soon Ted is confronted by the man whose tab they were exploiting and gets punched out by the same man. The next morning Ted says that they got free drinks the rest of the night. Marshall plays the messages Ted accidentally left on Marshall's phone. The entire night is quickly played back for us but it seems a lot worse and less fun.

Ted goes back for his phone but instead finds a yellow umbrella. Future Ted tells us that his luck was about to change.

Barney wakes up near a dumpster, covered in what appears to be soot. He proclaims that he is awesome.

Posted by Gordon on March 18, 2008 12:46 AM
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Gordon failed to mention a very important part of this episode. While walking towards Barney to discuss the situation with the married woman Ted bumps into a woman. Earlier in the episode Ted says to the kids that the mother was actually there. The way the "bumping into scene" is set up when they actually bump into each other it seems really insignificant, but it is very clear the director and writers put that woman into the episode so briefly and seemingly insignificantly for a reason. To walk the mother right in front of us! It is well hidden in the flow of the show, hell they pulled the wool over Gordon's eyes

-- Posted by: Josh at June 22, 2009 4:15 PM

What kind of nonsense? This is not interesting. There is no such a thing.

-- Posted by: Monica at January 30, 2013 7:30 PM

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