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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Yips

Future Ted tells the kids about how everyone in 2007 paid to be a gym member. Ted says that he should go to a gym and Barney tells him how he 'invests' in women by being helpful when they are fat and when they get really attractive they go straight to him. Robin says that she should join the gym to punch Barney in the face. Everyone decides they should join the gym.

Marshall and Lily debate about Marshall's trainer - she is worried that his trainer is too hot to be his trainer and he disagrees. She starts him with one hundred push-ups and he says that he thought she was just using a figure of speech.

Everyone teases Robin about looking like a bit of a butch lesbian and / or man. Barney approaches and says that he recognizes the woman who took his virginity and she doesn't even recognize him.

At the bar, Marshall is still sore - apparently he had a rough workout. Barney can't figure out why Rhonda doesn't remember him. He tells the story of how after his serious girlfriend dumped him, he went straight to his brother James who tells him that he has to find a woman and have sex with her as soon as possible. James was not yet gay at this point - 1998. Barney says he doesn't know how to seduce a woman and overthinks it and James tells him that he doesn't want to get the yips - which happens when you overthink something. He suggests going to the Man Maker - Rhonda.

Rhonda apparently is a neighbor that devirginizes a lot of people. Barney goes to Rhonda and a bit later she says that he rocked her world. Barney says that he rose like a phoenix to become the awesome person he turned into.

At the gym, Marshall gets tortured while Lily has a great time with her trainer.

Rhonda admits to Barney that it was James that told her to tell Barney everything that she told him in exchange for sex with him. Barney tells her that the only reason he got the confidence to rock worlds after that was because of the confidence she instilled in him.

Marshall tells Lily about how his trainer lies a lot and Lily says that he should quit his trainer. Lily makes a rather harsh call to the trainer and then tells Marshall he needs to get there. Barney shows off tickets to the Victoria's Secret Show after-party. Barney hits on a woman and it goes terribly. He then can't even say legen-dary. He can't even hit on a woman who doesn't speak english. Things go even worse when he talks to Heidi Klum. Ted tells the woman he has the yips and Hedi says that they call it something in German that I can't transcribe due to lack of closed captioning on the phrase. Heidi tells him that he has to go out there and find the woman and earn it for real - that will be how he can get rid of the yips. After Heidi leaves he says that he made out with her.

Barney goes to find Rhonda and she doesn't want to have sex anymore. Later, Barney is in the bar in a sweatsuit.

Marshall complains about the gym as it is horrible. Lily wants to quit - her trainer didn't even work for the gym. Ted encourages to not quit the gym as he had a nice moment with Robin - we flash back to Robin grunting while pumping iron. Everyone remembers how Ted keeps on coming to the gym but does not ever really work out. Lily has a better idea - she gets Marshall's trainer to be his trainer.

Rhonda approaches Barney and they talk about his first time. She says that sex isn't everything and asks when he last talked to a woman without planning on having sex with her and he says it was with Madeline Albright. Rhonda says they should try something else to cure his problem and they start playing Go Fish at her home before they both get bored and have sex. She soon says it was the best ever and really means it. Barney says he is back.

Ted has problems walking to the bar and everyone says that they were glad they joined the gym - but Future Ted says that they never went back to the gym again.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 27, 2007 12:16 AM
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