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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Spoiler Alert

Watch out - there's a spoiler! Actually, that's just the name of the episode. Why is that the name of the episode? Hmm. Let's see. We start out discussing the early bloom of a romance as Ted starts a relationship with someone that looks a bit like Lana Lane on Smallville. Ted takes his new girlfriend out to dinner with the friends and afterwards, everyone says that they noticed something wrong with her but if he didn't notice, they don't want to spoil it for him. Ooooh, there's the title.

Ted asks what everyone's problem is and Marshall says she was a nightmare but he needs to find out if he will be a lawyer or not. We flash back to Marshall taking the bar exam, with plenty of people freaking out - but not Marshall. He was stubborn to give the exam pamphlet, but that was all. Barney wants to show Marshall a video of a dog pooping on a baby and Marshall argues that there is no merit to this.

The web site asks Marshall for a password and he freaks out since he has no idea where the password can be found. Apparently the real mail will take a long time since the mail carrier of the building hates Marshall thanks to his asking the male mail carrier when he was due. A series of phone calls come asking Marshall how he did and he finally freaks out on his grandmother.

At the bar, Marshall says he will have a heart attack if he has to wait six weeks. Barney tells Marshall there's a way he can help. Apparently a coworker of Barney can get software to get the password.

Ted tells his friends that he was on the phone with Kathy and he gets it now. He doesn't get it. He wonders if it was something that happened while he was away and gives examples of horrible things she may have said. Ted wonders why he can't see why he can't see the wrong thing and they say it's because he's on the 'want to have sex' truck. Barney tells a story of being with a woman that has nothing to do with Kathy.

Marshall tells Ted that the thing is that Kathy talks a lot. Robin asks Ted to really think about the dinner and we see the same dinner but apparently the first time Ted thought of the dinner he cut out a lot of her dialogue. Suddenly, the illusion shatters and Ted realizes how much she talked - she never stopped talking.

Ted continues dating Kathy and he tries to get her to stop talking subtly. Ted reprimands Marshall for telling him. Marshall tells Ted that people get over their partner's annoying habits - like how Lily chews loudly. Marshall has no knowledge of such loud chewing. Ted asks Marshall to think about it and it ruins everything for Marshall as soon he can't help but notice her loud chewing. This leads to Lily telling Robin how Marshall noticed it, and this leads to Robin noticing it. Lily gets so annoyed that Robin now notices it that she points out that Ted corrects people constantly and asks her to think about it and we see several scenes of Ted correcting her.

Barney comes and shows Marshall the cd that he says has the program and that it is quite illegal. Instead of showing the password, Barney shows Marshall a dog pooping on a baby.

Robyn comes in and points out that Ted is always correcting everyone which leads to Ted pointing out that she uses the word 'literally' in just about every sentence and she then points out how he sings what he does all the time - and we see him singing about writing checks. Marshall tries to think of something for Barney but can't think of one.

Several examples come up. Robin criticizes Marshall for one song that he sang for three hours - the song turns out to be the password to Marshall's bar exam results. Future Ted tells us about how we can often forget about the annoying things that people do very quickly, even after we have noticed them.

Apparently, three years later, Ted runs into Kathy, who is engaged to a deaf man. Ted signs to the man, "She sure can talk a lot" and there is a subtitle of glass shattering - the sound we have heard the whole episode long whenever someone realized that their loved one had an annoying habit.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 13, 2007 1:22 AM
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