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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Dowisetrepla

I know what you're thinking. Okay, I have no idea what you're thinking. What I was thinking when I saw the name of the episode was "What does that mean?" Let's see if it gets explained. It usually does.

The episode starts with Future Ted talking to his children. He tells them everyone makes mistakes like Meg, who made the mistake of going with Barney. She tells Barney that her last boyfriend was afraid of commitment. He later tells Ted that he loved her breasts. This leads to a discussion of how Marshall and Lily decided that they needed to find their own place. Marshall finds one place but it apparently was for sale.

Marshall realizes that they should buy the place. Future Ted tells us that this will be one of Marshall's three biggest mistakes. One of the reasons this ended up being a mistake is because of Lily's shopping habits that she never described to him.

Marshall says they should at least look at the apartment which apparently is an a part of the city that is called 'dowisetrepla'. It's sort of like Tribeca or SoHo but here, it's Dowisetrepla. Oh, and guess who the real estate person is? Janice from Friends, of course. Marshall should have said that it was out of their price range but instead he tells her that he loves it and they have to get it.

Marshall invites everyone to the apartment and scoffs as Ted doesn't know what Dowisetrepla represents. He tells Ted that he can just imagine how great life will be in the apartment. Robin pulls Lily into the kitchen and tells her that she can't possibly buy the apartment. Barney asks the realtor if he can come and see the apartment later and she gives him the lock box combination. He tells Ted he will sleep with a woman there and never see her again.

Lily and Marshall both make mistakes in expressing themselves and they somehow end up agreeing to get the place. At the bar, Lily tells Robin that she will work down the debt. She will have the loan go under Marshall's name. They get a really large bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Barney takes his date to the apartment at night where he talks about commitment until they make out.

The loan officer, who happens to be Mosby from 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody', asks for Lily's social security number. Marshall is soon shocked to see that she has quite a bit of credit card debt, listed nicely on Mosby's computer. This is when Lily tells him that she has to tell him something and wants it to come from her first. A hee hee.

Robin asks Barney if he really did what he said he did. Barney recalls how he spent the night with his date. He tells her that he loves her and that she should get into the shower. He then proceeds to leave. Robin wonders if this was why he offered to take care of her dogs while she was away.

Ted soon realizes that Lily and Marshall got into an argument. Robin wonders why he says this is so and he points out all the evidence. For one, there is a water bottle with a removed label. Lily tears off labels of water bottles when she feels guilty. There is an empty ice cream container as well as a tissue. This means that Marshall ate the ice cream because he was so upset, and Lily cried. There is a bit about possible make-up sex but this is soon ruled out. They find that the picture that was by the door is crooked, indicating that the door was slammed.

All they have to do is find the motive. Robin says that she knows why they were fighting and Ted says he already knows - the peanut butter has its lid off and so Marshall got upset with Lily for leaving the lid off again. Robin says it wasn't peanut butter - it was Lily's debt issue. They don't believe it and check the phone for the last phone number dialed.

They can't believe that they called a divorce attorney. Barney says that the world needs Marshall and Lily together. Soon Lily and Marshall come back and says they have an announcement. Lily says she wants to explain so she says that they can get a divorce on paper so that Marshall can get the credit without her bad credit dragging them down. Marshall says they won't get divorced, even on paper. He married her with problems and all and they will figure out their problems. Everyone is relieved that they're not getting divorced.

The announcement ends up being that they got the place. The gang congratulates them, though they think they should have asked if they were out of their minds. Later, Marshall and Lily are in a cab going to see their new place and there is a horrible stench when they go to get out. The cab driver says it's the sewage treatment plant, and the whole neighborhood smells - except for on weekends, when the plant is shut down. The neighborhood smells because it is DOwnWInd of the SEwage TREatment PLAnt. Get it? I finally do.

Posted by Gordon on November 6, 2007 2:13 AM
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