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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: We're Not From Here

Ted asks Marshall if being married was the same or different from not being married. Lily says that your hand gets cramped from all the writing including Death Folders. A death folder, she explains, includes essential information as well as a comforting letter to the other person. Lily goes to get a round of drinks and Marshall says he didn't think of writing the letter and everyone says that he surely won't die before writing the letter. They try to creep him out and it eventually works.

Ted recaps how Robin needed to change after they broke up. In Argentina, Robin says she feels some sort of energy flowing. Barney tells Robin that she is not an energy loving peace enjoying hippie sort of person but rather a cigar smoking, liquor swilling, fun loving person. He insists that the relationship with Gael will not last. Ted keeps on insisting that he is happy that Robin is happy. When Gael comes over they quickly decide to switch to big words so that Gael won't understand and hilarity ensues.

Marshall sits down to write the Death Letter and we see an angel version of Marshall over his shoulder. The angel seems to dictate a really long depressing letter. Of course, Marshall goes to read Lily's letter to him - it's nothing but account numbers and instructions to cancel Vogue.

Gael sits in the bar talking about punching sharks and it seems all the women in the bar love him. Barney says that this is because he is from out of town. This leads to them dressing up and pretending to be tourists from Missouri. They quickly find a couple of attractive women and agree to meet at the pub the following day.

Robin tells Lily how she is now getting annoyed by things she loved in Argentina and on top of all that, sand keeps creeping up in the weirdest of places. Despite this, she is resolved to go with the flow. Robin shows off how she will go with the flow by being okay with Gael using the toilet while she is in the shower but is then surprised to see that there is an Australian in there with her. There is a large crew of Australian tourists in the apartment - Gael says that he met them and invited them to stay 'indefinitely.'

Lily asks Marshall to sign a thank you note for a blender and it soon comes out that he read Lily's letter. He is ready to storm out when she stops him and says it's their first fight as a married couple.

Apparently the girls decided to take Ted and Barney to a place 'Tater Skinz' and with the girls in the toilet, Barney tells Ted that they are going to do very well with the women. The women come back and say they're going to a party.

Robin comes out of her room and asks everyone to follow some simple rules. They completely ignore Robin.

Barney and Ted are in a car with the women en route to a party. Ted frets that the party is going to be in the South Bronx and Barney says they are in capable hands. Needless to say, they are soon robbed. The women say they should go back to their place in West Orange and Ted goes on along rant about how New Jersey is just not the same as New York. This ends up leaving them stranded in the South Bronx - one of the police officers is from Newark.

Marshall apologizes for looking at Lily's letter and they somehow manage to make up.

Robin comes out to stop whomever is making the drum noise and finds Robin from vacation. They have an argument and Robin tells the Robin from vacation that she is boring. Vacation Robin gets closer to Robin and they nearly kiss. Robin wakes up and realizes that the drumming is real so she goes out and manages to kick everyone out of the apartment. She then has to break up with Gael. Everyone is glad to have normal Robin back, even though she got a visit from Vacation Robin in another dream - she apparently knows what Robin likes in making out.

Lily comes out and gives Marshall the sealed envelope with her death letter and asks him to not open it unless she passes away. He keeps the promise right up until 2029. No, she didn't die then - he just couldn't resist opening it. Inside, she says he is busted and knew he would open the letter. Oh, Lily.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 2, 2007 3:18 AM
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