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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Third Wheel

Adult Ted tells the children about how there are some stories should not be told. Barney and Marshall play tennis on the Wii while Ted has ordered drinks for everyone. Alas, they cancel on him and he is left running into Trudie. Trudie apparently snuck out of Ted's apartment two years earlier. They are interrupted when one of Trudie's sorority's sister approaches. Ted thinks he will have to drink the beers himself but then the sorority sister approaches and invites him to sit at their table. Guess the beers won't go to waste after all.

Barney and Marshall continue to play tennis and Ted calls and asks how he should choose between the sisters. Barney tells him to take the new girl and Lily says she will come and help. She comes to the bar and calls him to say that both of the girls are into him so he should take his pick.

Robin, meanwhile, is on a date with a surgeon who is apparently quite hilarious. Lily gets a call from Robin to ask for a razor - she had created a no razor rule to stave off any possible action on the first three dates. Lily soon tells her that she will be unable to bring a razor because of a situation that has developed in the apartment and so Robin asks the waitress if twenty dollars will buy her a razor from the pharmacy across the street and the waitress replies that fifty dollars certainly would buy one. How rude.

The waitress comes back and brings Robin a razor but no shaving cream. She argues with the waitress but then decides she can just use butter.

Ted is told by the two women (at the same time) that they want to go for it at the same time. He goes to the toilet and asks advice from everyone. Barney apparently bought a belt incase anyone would ever "ride the tricycle". A championship belt, to be specific. He takes them upstairs from the bar and sends a text message to the guys upstairs informing them of this fact and of course, they all rush into Ted's bedroom. Ted tells the women that he will get a CD from his bedroom and is startled to find everyone there.

Ted panics and tells them to leave using the fire escape and Marshall refuses. Barney breaks the CD and says that he doesn't want Ted to get the belt first. He recalls how a spilled beverage ruined a near tricycle for him. Ted goes out and starts to think about the belt and then tells them he should get their coats and goes back to his bedroom where everyone wonders why he is getting their coats.

Barney says that he is ashamed to admit that it wasn't a spilled drink but fear of the tricycle that ruined the evening. Barney coaches him on how he should get the women to want to be with him and it involves a multiple step process. After Ted decides he can do it he goes out and sees that the women don't seem to be there. He then hears giggling. We skip to the bar where Barney can't figure out if Ted did it or not. This is where Ted tells them that there are some stories that shouldn't be told, and this is one of them.

Robin's date comes over to the toilet and asks the waitress if Robin is okay and she peeks in and sees Robin on the floor and tells him that there is nobody in there but the window is open. He says that she had been acting weird all night and the waitress offers to buy him a drink. Can't win them all.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 10, 2007 12:46 AM
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