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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Little Boys

Marshall catches 100 peanuts in a row in his mouth. This is 18 better than Marshall did on the honeymoon. Lily says she has a man for Robin and when prompted for a "but" she says there is no but. They insist that there is always a "but" - she was very beautiful but for a snaggletooth. Lily admits there is a but - the guy, George, has a child. Everyone says that Robin hates kids - she even hated kids when she was a kid. Robin insists on meeting the guy and wonders what they think her 'but' and everyone thinks of one - she's Canadian, thinks Barney. Nobody will admit to having a "but".

Barney gives Ted an eye patch and says they will use it as the ultimate ice-breaker. The story is that Barney strangled six cobras with his bare hands and thus they got bitten in the eye. Right. Marshall comes by and says he very well could have just made some homoerotic remarks to someone with Ted's shoes. Barney asks Marshall who has the best game and he says that he has the best game as he is married and they are not.

Barney says he wins because of the number of people on his list. He therefore challenges Ted to a complex girl picking up Olymic event and Ted suggests just going for one person. It turns out that Barney already slept with the person that they decided upon and Ted goes after her. The person wearing Ted's shoes comes back and gives Marshall his business card.

Robin comes back from the date and is ashamed that she said that she couldn't wait to meet the date's child. Robin wonders what kind of lawyer he had to have to keep the child and Lily says that keeping the child means you win. Robin soon had to face her worst fear in the child. Said child decides that Robin is cool.

Ted starts dating the woman and things seem to be going well. Marhsall comes by the bar to say he should have won the bet because he has been with Lily over one thousand times. Barney wonders if Ted minds the fact that he was with his girlfriend before he was. Ted swears he is fine with it.

Robin worries that her relationship with George is getting too serious and needs to break things off. Lily shows Robin a drawing the son drew in class titled "My New Mommy" - it depicts Robin. Robin says that the person in the drawing is not her. Lily says she's just doing what she always does - bails when she gets too close. Everyone agrees that she can't break up with her boyfriend without breaking up with the child as well.

Ted goes to kiss his girlfriend and starts imagining Barney as an explorer who is conquering all over the place.

Robin goes to see Doug - the child, that is. She realizes that as the child has never been dumped before, she can use every cliche in the book and she does. Another woman comes to the apartment and it turns out that she was the woman in the drawing. Wow, I wasn't expecting that.

Ted thanks Barney for ruining his relationship with Stacey and he admits that actually, he had never been with her. We see a series of flashbacks that show how Barney set up everything so that he would win the bet. It ends with Stacy calling Barney cry about being dumped.

Ted of the future tells us that in the future, Robin will grow to love children.

One month later, Stacey is playing the bass guitar and thanking Barney for being okay with taking it so slow. He suddenly leans over and sees Ted dancing on her shoulder. Nice one, imaginary Ted.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 17, 2007 12:32 AM
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