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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: I'm Not That Guy

If you missed the call-in today - it wasn't that long and the questions they chose have been answered by the cast so many times that you can pretty much find any interview online and just imagine their voices reading it, and that's pretty much how it went. No kidding.

Ted was working from home, apparently for the reason of having no distractions when Barney and Marshall come in with a porn DVD that has his name on it. Ted remembers going to the doctor and having him tell him that he is probably more used to saying "open wide" than having it said to him. Marshall tells everyone he got the job at the NRDC.

Robin and Lily come home and Robin notes that "that" Ted Mosby (the one onscreen) seems to know what he is doing. Lily wonders if he is still going to his job interview - a company that will basically be sued by the NRDC as it is anti-environment. Ted wonders if he is related to the Ted Mosby onscreen and Marshall asks him to strike a pose and apparently it resembles the one onscreen.

Back at the bar, the bartender serves Ted water so he can be hydrated. Barney shows everyone that Ted was interviewed Adult Video Weekly. He suddenly recalls an AVW that called - he thought it was the Architecture Vision Weekly and so when he interviews him on his latest project it's a lot funnier when Ted says that his partners will ride him pretty hard.

Marshall comes in and Lily wonders how the interview went. Marshall recalls the interview - apparently the interview was with Harold from that White Castle movie. Barney analyzes the interview and says it's just like how he seduces a woman. Marshall says the guy didn't even offer him the job. Barney wonders if he offered to take him out to dinner and he admits that he did. Apparently it's a restaurant that serves Kobe Lobster - lobster that eats Kobe Beef.

It turns out that porn star Ted Mosby will be at an adult conference. Ted decides he will go to get to the bottom of this mystery Ted.

At dinner, the guy that looks a lot like Harold pushes a figure to Marshall that is quite large. Furthermore, there are benefits like a company car, an expensive car, and at that moment - an opportunity to wave to Patrick Swayze. Harold, whose name is actually Jeff, says that Marshall must have family money. At the same time, Lily is admitting to Robin that she has a lot of credit cards and doesn't even know how much she owes.

Lily explains that when she gets upset she shops and we see examples of her getting upset over things. Suddenly Robin realizes that the reason Lily seemed to be encouraging to Marshall was because she wanted him to take the job.

Ted tells Barney he wants to find the porn Ted and get out. Barney manages to compare porn to Shakespeare. Ted Mosby meets porn Ted Mosby and he explains that when real Ted was in 9th grade, he saved porn Ted from getting beaten up and he vowed that he would honor his name. When porn Ted realizes that real Ted was not too excited he offers to not keep the name and real Ted suggests that he use the name Lance Hardwood. Porn Ted still wants to be Ted Mosby as a subtitle.

Marshall ends up spending the night out with Jeff and has to do the walk of shame home. Marshall tells Lily that he sold out for a huge pile of money and he goes back and forth until he starts yelling and we then see him yelling in a bar.

Marshall doesn't know what to do. Barney tells him to take the job and soon Lily comes over talk with him. He says she knows what is best for them and she says he should take the job at the NRDC. Lily tells Robin that she will figure out her problem.

Marshall calls Jeff and says he needs to tell him something and Jeff pulls up in a limo and takes him to a nice amusement park - Tuckahoe Funland. Jeff tells him if he takes the job his only client will be the Funland so he accepts the job. Later at the bar he tells them how happy he will be protecting this non-evil company and future Ted tells us the company will have plenty of evil lawsuits.

Barney comes home with a porn dvd with Lance Hardwood (starring Ted Mosby). They all remark at how similar it looks to the apartment and Barney notes that it's because the film was shot in the apartment. When the action shifts to the couch everyone jumps off of the couch. How pleasant.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 30, 2007 3:00 AM
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