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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: How I Met Everyone Else

Ted recalls how he met Blah Blah - he can't even remember her name. It started when they met in a French Fusion class. In reality, they met online. Barney explains how a woman has to be the right combination of Crazy and Hot and gives as an example one woman that skittered between the two. Once Blah has told how they met Marshall is encouraged to tell how he met Lily.

Here we begin a delightful choreography of storytelling, with them alternating telling the story. Future Ted tells us that the first time the story was told it was a lot shorter and more blunt. Blah offers to buy the next round of drinks and Ted tells Barney that Blah is definitely not crazy.

Blah asks how Robin met Barney. Robin says that no (sixteen times over), she is not with Barney. There is some awkwardness when Blah realizes that Robin is single and friends with Ted.

Ted then tells the story of how he met Marshall. It involves weed and sandwiches used as a euphemism for it. Blah continues to feel awkward about Robin 'competing' with her for Ted.

We now hear the lovely story of how Barney met Ted. They were both standing at urinals and Barney tells a story of having a deaf brother which turns out to be completely fake. Barney decides that Ted is going to be his wingman and great friend. Barney tells Ted that he's going to help him hit on women and Ted will be his wingman. Barney talks to a woman and introduces his deaf brother. She signs to Ted and he signs back and she gives Barney her number but it turns out to be fake.

Back in the present, Ted admits that he signed to the woman that she should give a fake number. Barney extracts revenge by telling them all that it's better than meeting people online and repeats online enough that Blah realizes that they must know. Barney says it's not like when Ted met Robin and Blah gets upset that they actually dated. Robin says that by the end it was all about sex. Blah takes Ted aside and asks why Robin has been undermining her all night.

Ted says that he has a story about Lily but can't tell because it's a secret. When Blah tells him what they will be doing later that night and he tells her the story of how he hooked up with Lily the night before Marshall and Lily met. Lily came looking for Ted and that is how she came to meet Marshall. She says he has to tell Marshall or he will.

Blah asks Lily how she and Ted met and she tells a story about how they met which is only partially true. Ted pulls Blah and Lily aside and Lily can't even remember the real way they met.

Back at the table, Barney says he remembers how he met Marshall. It is a few days after Barney met Ted and Barney is encouraging Marshall to live. Marshall says he doesn't need to hit on other women and Barney points out a woman who happens to be Lily. He says he will go and hit on that woman and he does and Barney ends up being super jealous.

Blah tells Marshall that Ted kissed Lily and Marshall says that he was there that night and remembers that Lily was kissing some other guy and Ted was kissing an entirely different woman. Ted says his memory must have been wrong but Future Ted says that he was pretty sure he was right up until 2020, when he saw the woman and she confirmed that she made out with him.

In 2020, Marshall, Lily, and Ted sit around "eating sandwiches". Hilarity ensues.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 23, 2007 3:15 AM
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I just heard on radio.....I can talk to Neil (he IS the MAN) and his buddies on the show..on MONDAY!! I am so excited ..I reserved my spot on in quick!

-- Posted by: Suzie Lonsdale at October 23, 2007 11:40 PM

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