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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Wait For It

Apparently there's a short story and a long story of how Ted met the woman that was to be the Mother in "How I Met Your Mother" - which somehow all involves an umbrella. Barney asks how long it is going to take Ted to get over Robyn. It all starts with Ted growing a breakup beard. All seems to be going well when Robyn comes in with a new boyfriend and introduces him - and all of a sudden Ted declares he is ready.

Ted comes out of the toilet complaining about how Robyn is trying to win the breakup - he has only started to shave off his beard. People are all trying to pronounce Robyn's new boyfriend's name - it's pronounced guy-elle and nobody can say it just right. Ted comes out again and Barney calls him a Persian night club owner. Gael says that a career is an American concept and somehow that leads to a discussion of if it is possible to have sex on a windboard.

Lily says that Robyn is not serious about Gael because women don't marry 'the hot guy'. Lily and Marshall go on a double date with Gael and Robyn. Robyn is told by Marshall that she is not to look at "Male Gale" as he will not be their friend. Barney meanwhile counsels Ted on how he is going to get him a twelve - perhaps two sixes, or at worst, three fours. Actually he then says that they can go to Staten Island and get twelve ones. How not nice. While Barney is saying all this Ted manages to find a random woman and makes out with her.

Barney tells Ted they're back and tries for a high five but fails. Barney says they're striking out and Ted points out he is winning. The woman, whose name is Amy, tells Barney he is a nerd and to leave. A little later Amy invites them to her place as she has a hot tub. Amy and Barney argue a lot over whether Ted would look good with a tattoo. They are soon interrupted by the parents that own the house and they run away.

Ted is distracted by thoughts of Robyn and Gael doing it on a windboard. He decides he is going to get a tattoo. He tells Amy at the parlor that it is going to be legen - wait for it - and then suddenly he wakes up at his own home with seemingly no tattoo. Of course, he has a tramp stamp - a butterfly, no less. I didn't know guys were allowed to get those.

At dinner, Robyn hopes that Ted is okay and then goes on about how she is worried but Gael gives her a good massage and she melts. Gael asks if he is certified and it turns out that he is. Soon Marshall gives Gael's chicken a good massage without having washed his hands but then sees Lily getting a nice massage.

Ted comes out and tells Marshall and Lily that he didn't get a tattoo but they notice the butterfly as he goes to do something. Barney comes over and is shocked to see the tattoo. Barney tells Ted that he has his own wings - growing in his cocoon and now he is bursting forth like a - what's the insect? Yes, a butterfly. Suddenly Ted realizes that he has a tattoo after Barney slaps him there. Ted finds some Spanish massage oil and wonders what happened the previous evening. Apparently things got weird.

Gael plays on the guitar while Marshall looks on like a silly boy. Soon he is getting a massage as well. He encourages Robyn to experience her food along with the others. They tell Ted it meant nothing to them. He leaves and everyone laughs that he got a tramp stamp. They even call it that.

Ted goes and tells Robyn that there was no irrational yelling so he is going to do just that and then he yells about random things. He says breaking up was the right thing but he still was getting over it. Robyn says she was only trying to survive the breakup and that's how Gael happened. Ted wonders why Gael has to be so hot. Robyn tells him that he is bigger. Not in the taller way, but just bigger. We end by Ted saying that he eventually got over Gael and he didn't even realize what was coming to him as the camera pans out on the same yellow umbrella walking along amongst a sea of black and grey umbrellas.

Marshall calls Barney and tells him that he has a new web site - Of course it's real!

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on September 25, 2007 12:44 AM
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Do you even bother to read over this before you post? You have so many grammatical errors, and have named too many wrong characters in this peice for me to read it.

Get a dictionary and an editor

-- Posted by: GrammarGirl at September 26, 2007 1:01 PM

I count one major grammar mistake, one spelling mistake. I also count one spelling error in your comment. Huh.

I'm confused about the "named too many wrong characters" part. All the characters I named are perfectly correct.

Try not posting snide comments anonymously next time.

-- Posted by: Gordon Davidescu at September 26, 2007 1:27 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 10:50 PM

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