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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Something Blue

Ah, the last episode of the season. We will miss you, HIMYM - but unlike so many NBC shows, you are most likely coming back. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Erickson are presented. Well, Lily isn't taking his last name, actually. She says they should come up with a new last name - like Hasselhoff. Marshall says they should be Awesome and their daughter can be Freakin'.

Ted tells Robin tomorrow they can tell people tomorrow. Barney asks over and over again what they can tell people but is fobbed off. He does not give up, however. Robin says they have some news but they don't want to draw attention away from Marshall and Lily's big day. It's apparently big.

Lily and Marshall say they can't eat because they keep getting blocked and we see different ways in which they have been blocked. They haven't eaten all day and it's not even a Jewish wedding. Grandma asks if they're doing the conga and we flash back to three weeks earlier when they're making a list of wedding cliches not to touch with a ten foot list. The conga is one, the slideshow is another, and the reading from Corinthians is yet another - and Marshall recites it in case we have forgotten.

Barney distracts Marshall and Lily and Ted says it all started on their anniversary when they were at the restaurant where Ted stole the blue horn. The waitress comes out with champagne, compliments of the house. In Robin's glass is an engagement ring. A man comes by with a video camera and asks if there's anything they want to say to the bride and groom and Barney says, "Don't get married!"

Barney tells Ted he can't do this to him. Ted says Robin said the exact same thing. Ted tells her it wasn't his and a man comes by and says it was his and proposes to, we hope, his girlfriend. Robin says it was hilarious and Ted asks why she had that reaction - he was hoping for a better reaction than the one she had. She apologizes and asks him to let it go and he goes for a negatory.

Lily and Marshall come back and Lily says she had four strawberries. With a side of champagne? Lily burps yes. Marshall says the fact that she belched and responded at the same time is why they're together.

Back in the restaurant, Ted had said that he sees himself married in five years and she sees herself in Argentina. Barney assumes this means they are broken up. This is not the case. Someone in the restaurant recognizes Ted as the one who stole the horn and they try to run twice but fail. They go to the apartment and have to return the horn or not get back Ted's credit card or driver's license.

They further discuss Argentina and Ted assures her that he would move to Argentina. Barney can't believe they would move to Argentina. Back to the flashback. Robin worries that he wants kids and that would be impossible. She reminds him kids weren't part of her plan but she would have his babies. Barney asks if this is when he ran and he says he didn't. Ted and Robin continue making out and despite a lack of prophylactic go for it. Barney notices that Robin is drinking water to Ted's beer and again says "No!"...

The MC says they're going to cut the cake and Barney tells them to tell him the story's not over. Marshall tells Lily to feed him the cake and she falls over instead. He picks her up and says it's time for the honeymoon. Barney announces that getting married and having kids is a horrible mistake.

After they drive off, Ted and Robin approach Barney. Barney says they will miss out on a lot of stuff and Ted says the story's not over. They argue about changing clothes and Ted says if they had moved in together this wouldn't be a problem. Suddenly this leads to them both saying they don't want children in Argentina. Ted wonders if this means they should give the blue french horn back. Robin ponders that he stole her a french horn and he says he would have stolen a whole orchestra. Barney realizes they did break up and she isn't pregnant. They are okay though it hasn't been the easiest two weeks of their lives.

A child asks for a dance with Robin. In the limo, Lily and Marshall make out and Marshall says this is the drunkest he has ever seen her. Marshall asks the driver, who is the same driver we know and love, if they can make a stop. The driver says they can do it in the car and they say it's not that. They stop at a fast food place.

Future Ted says that Robin went on to go to different countries and he went on to meet their mother. At that time he just wanted a scotch and soda and a cigar. Barney tells Ted they were good together. This scene reminds me of Boston Legal. Ted says he wants to have fun for awhile. Barney says he's probably a little rusty and will need some help out there. Barney asks him if he needs a wing man and Ted says he does. Barney is chuffed and says that they are back. He says that it is going to be legen... wait for it... credits.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 27, 2007 4:11 PM
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Can somebody please tell me(or find a picture) of a white dress Robin was wearing in the restoraunt?
It was very nice white dress...

-- Posted by: Anastazia at April 14, 2009 12:37 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 7:52 PM

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