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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Something Borrowed

We start by reviewing the fact that the wedding you want to have is usually not the wedding you have. Lily outlines her plans and Barney says he wants to officiate. Lily had said she wanted about twenty five people at most. Suddenly, six months before the wedding the number has swelled. Five months before the wedding, they have to bring it indoor. Three months before the wedding, Lily's father wants a harp player.

The day finally arrived - for the big indoor wedding with the harp. The harp player is pregnant and so can only play half the harp. Robyn says she plays Guitar Hero so she can handle it. She was due a week ago and Robyn soon tells Lily they have to sack her.

Barney didn't do so well with the Harp player. Someone approached Barney and asked if there is a time for objections and Barney says that's not done anymore. It turns out that was Lily's ex-boyfriend. He tells her that he has come to win her back. He says if she can tell him while looking in the eye that she wants to marry Marshall he will leave - and avoids eye contact.

He decides to read something from Sir Axel Rose - a little something called November Rain. Barney starts employing a trick to get people to do things - he says things are for the bride.

Lily fears she will cry and Robin tells her that she has a hairy nipple. That worked. Forty-seven minutes before the wedding, the photographer gets tackled. Tragedy after tragedy happen but Lily says none of these things matter because she will be marrying Marshall. Then she yells just a bit because obviously she really wants a perfect wedding. She's upset because she is supposed to feel like a princess. Fortunately, Robyn has cigarettes.

Marshall, meanwhile, has his hair covered - part of his hair has been bleached blond. Seventeen minutes before the wedding, Marshall says he looks like one of the Backstreet Boys. He recalls how it happened and Barney says he will take care of it. Barney asks for everyone's attention and then asks for the woman in the short dress to rub his shoulders - for the bride. Marshall, meanwhile, has decided to shave off all of his head and then realizes after one stroke that he looks ridiculous. Ted tells him not to worry and takes the clippers with him. Ted finds Uncle Ben who obviously is wearing a wig. Ted hints at Uncle Ben giving over his wig but he is oblivious. He continues to hint and then Barney just comes up and grabs it.

Marshall, of course, looks quite silly. The man who apparently tackled Lily's ex also tackled the caterer. They go out for a walk and Marshall and Lily run into each other. Lily bemoans that they won't get their outdoor wedding and Ted says they should do it right there. Barney can officiate right there. They can do the indoor wedding as well but everything going wrong won't matter since they already did it. They get a hat from some random guy and it goes on Marshall's head. They marvel that they didn't think of that.

Barney starts with a great speech. Pleasantly enough, a man is playing guitar in the background. They realize they left the vows inside and so they make up their own right there. Sure, they get married a second time but the first one is the one that really matters.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 8, 2007 3:57 AM
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