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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Showdown

Weird conversation. Lily says her stomach hurts and Marshall says it's because he had some ice cream. Barney says that they are co-dependent and asks what happened to their plan to spend the two weeks before their wedding apart and Marshall says they decided not to do that. They are convinced it would be a good idea to make their wedding night more special.

Barney and Marshall play games and Marshall reminds Lily to pack the 'Night Night' video. Lily reads items off the registry and Barney somehow knows all the retail prices. They ask why he knows all this and he says it's because he is going to be on The Price is Right. He calls TPIR (his acronym) is a microcosm of our consumer market - he sees the face of America, and it is divine. Also, attractive women on sports cars.

Lily's first night at Robin didn't go well because she found out she was too thin for her dress. Apparently it's $300 to take the bust in and the woman on the phone calls her a bitch and hangs out. Robin says it's actually a license to EAT! Robin asks her what she really wants to eat and Lily lists a complex food and Robin suggests what she has in her fridge.

Ted practices his wedding speech including his getting pulled over for driving alone in a carpool lane. He was not alone. Barney runs out with arms raised, yelling OH YEAH in two different ways. He asks them which one they prefer - he's practicing for The Price is Right.

Ted recalls the story of the first time Marshall said he loved Lily - he was extremely stoned at the time. Marshall says the first time story is not one Lily should know all about.

At the bar that night, apparently Lily had all of the fried food that night. Barney frets over doing well on The Price is Right. He explains that the real reason he's going on The Price is Right is to meet his real father, Bob Barker.

Nobody can believe it. They ask him why he believes this and he says it's because his mother said so. We go over his life as he talks to Bob on television. He's planning on winning The Price is Right and then telling Bob.

Lily somehow lost a pound. Robin tells her to attack the fudge.

Ted says he finally figured out the speech. It will be about how Lily and Marshall got back together and then they spent the night doing chocolate milk shots. Ted then overheard Marshall talking about holding hands. Later, Robin caught them holding hands. Marshall says it's completely boring and Ted says he's going to read that G-d and the footprints story.

It's later and at their wedding and Ted is giving the speech - saying that the perfect Lily and Marshall moment happened two nights earlier. Marshall seemed to be sleepwalking but it was actually that Marshall had been sneaking out to meet at a hotel. Meeting, fortunately, got Lily up to the right weight class, as it were. He toasts to Lily and Marshall, who couldn't spend a night apart.

Barney is on TPIR and gets called down and gets lots of high fives. He nearly calls Bob 'Dad'. The first item is a set of watches which he bids 1350 on. He wins it. We go forward to Barney doing well and suddenly he is showing photos to Bob. Suddenly right before time runs out he says the price perfectly. At the big wheel Bob says he will do well and calls him son. He hits the dollar perfectly and Barney asks if he is proud of him and Bob says he is.

We get to the Showcase. Barney passes on the first Showcase and goes for the doonebuggy - and bids the exact price of it, so he wins both showcases. He tells Bob he wants to tell him something and then congratulates him on thirty-five years on the show. The gang asks him why he didn't tell him and he says he didn't think Bob could handle it. He gives them the doonebuggy keys as well.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 1, 2007 12:03 AM
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