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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Moving Day

Barney says he needs a room closer to the bar as it takes him twenty three minutes to get to his present apartment and a lot can go wrong in twenty three minutes and we see a lot of things going wrong on dates within the first twenty three minutes. If he lived in Ted's former place he would just have to take her upstairs. Lily seems reticent but Barney insists it would be superb.

Ted gets his sword from Marshall and Robin is relieved because her building is dragon infested. Barney comes in with an "are you ready to move in" quiz. The questions are all loaded and they are all made up by Barney - as evidenced that it was written on yellow legal pad. Barney says he is being blinded by Robin. Barney goes over all the cons of them moving in together. Barney agrees to help them move but actually he just stole the truck. Now all Ted has is a box of pot lids.

Marshall and Lily are excited that they now live alone. They decide they're going to do all the things they have always wanted to do if they live alone and they sit on the couch naked. It's not as awesome as they thought it would be, unfortunately.

Ted leaves his 47th message for Barney and says he will get the police if he doesn't call back. Ted and Robin debate the television being in the bedroom or in the storage room in the basement. Robin says they need wine for this discussion.

Marshall and Lily can now do it wherever they want and can be as loud as the hell they want when they're making love. Lily says they don't have to be loud and Marshall yelling "you're the best" doesn't help.

Ted and Robin discuss where to put his pot lids and she says there's no room in the kitchen and starts to say "...about the sword..." Barney calls and says it's not Barney and challenges him to put on the suit and meet him at the bar... he's not Barney but he looks like Barney.

Ted and Barney sit in the bar and Barney insists on being called The Commadore. Barney says they will have a Broing Away Party along with other Bro puns. He asks Ted to get a woman's number and when he refuses he says he will sink all his stuff in a river.

Marshall goes to call Ted in to watch television and they remember he doesn't live there anymore.

Ted gets the number and he says surely Robin misses him. She is actually in the bathtub smoking and wishing it a last hurrah.

Marshall and Lily realize that everything useful in the apartment was Ted's. Is it too soon to call him? They don't want to interrupt his first night with Robin.

He is actually playing Lazer Tag with Barney. They win and then Ted says he's going to call Robin and Barney says he will just have to eat his onion rings Hans style - solo. Ted tells Robin he will be up late and not to wait up. Robin is on the phone with Guns & Ammo and instead of cancelling the subscription she ends up changing it to her work address.

Marshall comes home from shopping with everything but the toilet paper.

Ted asks where his truck is and Barney says he could have gotten it back but they both realized it was a mistake. Ted tells him he can keep the truck and he goes back to Robin's. After sitting there awhile and mentioning something about being far from the bar he realizes where the truck is.

The truck is behind the bar and Barney takes a woman there. They start making out and the truck starts moving. Barney gets a phone call and it is Ted but he says it's not Ted, though he is awesome too.

Later Ted recalls what happened including Barney getting scissor kicked by a Rockette. They agree they should unpack.

Marshall talks about a tree that cannot survive without another tree and they are the tree - without Ted they are slowly dying. What they have to do is marry each other but also Ted. This is just when Ted comes back and says they're not going to move in together. They ask what happened and he recalls that they were sitting on the stoop and they realize they're not ready. They're happy with the way things are and don't want to mess with things. Ted hopes he isn't imposing by staying and he gets in the middle of a huge group hug.

Later at the bar Barney lists the top ten things he would have called the truck had Ted not returned it. Let's just the number one is the 69 Chevy.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 20, 2007 1:12 AM
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