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How I Met Your Mother: Stuff

Robin and Ted are at the bar discussing where they should go to eat. Ted remembers going out with Robin but actually it was his sister. We see a series of Ted remembering doing things with his sister. Robin says they should be honest and Ted points to a woman and says he once made out with her and she calls him a jerk and he yells after her that she is confusing.

Marshall wonders who Barney would rather sleep with - top half mermaid or bottom half mermaid? Lily comes in and offers flyers for her play. Barney says they're too old for asking people to go to plays. Ted asks Barney for some advice and he says they should break up. He recalls earlier when Ted goes to get face lotion - it turns out not to be Robin's or Lily's but some girl he once dated. Robin says she feels disgusted and she wonders why she never through it out. It turns out that Lily hates the word moist.

Ted can't figure out why she's upset and she says she can't stand using someone else's stuff. A lot of stuff in the apartment belongs to other people. The others have to decide what will happen to the pants just like they decided to toss Marshall's old Joey Buttafucco pants. They are every color under the sun and then a few variations.

Ted talks about all the things and how they don't remind him of the exes but of other experiences. Robin says she will think of the exes and we see dramatic transmogrifications of each item into the ex that teases Robin. The vote comes down to Barney and he sides with Robin.

Future Ted talks about different levels of theater including Broadway, Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, Homeless Guys Screaming In The Park, and the theater where Lily's play was. Everyone has no trouble finding a seat as the theater is pretty empty. The people on stage are all wearing black. Rage, Envy, and Greed are the characters. A large man in a wife beater and boxers comes out and says he is their father, America. Ted gets involved in the play as they shine a mirror in his face and call him Consumerism.

3 hours later everyone says they loved the play except for Barney who says it was terrible. Lily says she would compliment him on a play. He says she made a bad move and darts when the director says that he's going to give a Q+A.

The next day Ted and Robin are out for a walk and he asks if she really has nothing that came from ex-boyfriends and she says she has nothing - other than the dogs. One of the dogs turns into an ex and starts slobbering all over Ted.

Back at the apartment, Ted bemoans that all he sees now is her ex-boyfriends. She says that things with a heartbeat can stay and tells Pickles to get the ball but he sees an exboyfriend getting the ball. The group votes in favor of Robin 100%. Barney hands out flyers to his new play which will be the following evening. He tells them to bring a poncho.

Later Robin apologizes for not telling Ted where the dogs came from. Suddenly jealousy reared its ugly head and Ted saw an ex sitting on Robin's lap and we see a few scenes of similar incidents.

At the theater, Robin says perhaps she should send her dogs to the farm - a real farm, actually. Lily says she would prefer living on a farm if she were a dog. Lily tells Marshall she's going to say something nice to Barney after the play regardless of how bad it is.

Barney gets on stage and says moist for forty minutes. He then squirts Lily with a squirt gun. Then he gets dressed up in a silver cube and and says bizarre things. After this he plays a wooden pipe loudly. Lily gives in and says she's sorry she made him go to her show. He wishes they would watch the rest of the show and it lasts another hour because friends stay - that's what they do.

Later Robin tells Ted she gave her dogs to her aunt for a few months - test run. They then have a huge fight for hours because he didn't get rid of the stuff - he brought it back. Somehow they eventually get to the point that they announce to the group that they are moving in together.

Posted by Gordon on February 22, 2007 3:59 PM
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