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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Monday Night Football

The kids are reminded of all the major holidays but one - Super Bowl Sunday. They are reminded of February 2007 when Ted gives tasks to everyone but Barney who needs to control his gambling problem. Word comes to the table that Mark died, and his funeral will be during the Super Bowl. After they realize they can't go because of the game they see the bar owner throw someone out for saying they're not going and they say of course they are going to go.

It's Sunday at 4:30 and they plan to record the first hour of the game using the almighty Tivo. Ted leads a prayer to the Tivo and promise to destroy it should it not record the Super Bowl. Barney shows up wearing street clothing and when Ted asks why he did not suit up he explains how suits are cheerful and therefore not to be worn to funerals. At the funeral they hunch over the casket and realize who he is.

Robin says they'll be back at home by eight. At two thirty six a.m. they are at the bar and the bartender goes to get some drinks. Barney wants to just look at the score and Ted reminds them of how their traditions started. They look back to 2003, 2004, and 2006. It seems that Marshall is the cause of Barney's gambling. Ted proposes they have a media blackout and have their Super Bowl at exactly six o'clock the following day. Barney is so excited by the idea that he offers a high five and they remind him that they are at a wake still so he changes it to a quieter low five.

We have a split screen created started with just Ted, then Robin and Marshall, and everyone else. Ted says he is going to work from home. Barney comes over and locks himself to the blackout. Robin has a particularly hard problem since she works with the news. She stops the head newsanchor from going to sports. They finally get to Sports.

Marshall goes into Lily's class for Show and Tell which is then to be followed by Arts & Crafts. Marshall tells a child he doesn't want to know who won the Super Bowl and the child wants money for it.

Ted tells Barney he's going to get the wings and explains how he has constructed sensory deprivation glasses that don't let him hear or see anything out of the ordinary. The newscast is on and talking about the Super Bowl and we go to the newscast where Robin has been covering her ears and making noise to not hear anything.

Ted comes home and finds that Barney has escaped - and worse, the bar didn't include dipping sauce. Oh, mercy.

Back in kindergarten, the child breaks something and pins it on Marshall. He has to take a time out.

Robin talks about the mayor of whatever team lost sending 15 pounds of whatever the city the losing team is from has as a delicacy to the mayor or the winning team.

Marshall gets fed up with the child tormenting him and he squirts him with juice and threatens to tell the class he wet his pants.

Barney tries to find someone to tell him who won the Super Bowl but even three time winner Emmit Smith can't tell him.

Ted goes back to the bar and asks for the dipping sauce.

At four o'clock, everything goes wrong. Ted trips over a cue ball, Barney finds a newspaper, Marshall and Lily hear a radio, and Robin hears a colleague talking about a panda being named after the winning team.

Barney gives it away and Ted says they may as well not watch it at all. They come to realize that the beer is still there, the wings are still good, and the commercials are still good.

Future Ted tells us that 23 years later, he doesn't even remember who played the game. Probably to do with the fact that shows like these are made months in advance. Great, great episode.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 6, 2007 1:32 AM
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