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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Arrivederci, Fiero

Ted and Marshall are excited that Marshall's Fiero is about to turn 200,000 and they note that the Cuban cigars he had in his glove compartment are actually paper wrapped chopsticks. Alas the car breaks down .8 miles before it hits 200k. Older Ted tells us about how sometimes Life makes us cling onto things to hold onto our youth. For some of us it is a belly ring. For Marshall it is his car.

The Super Fun Origami comes to the garage because Marshall and Lily are going to have lots of paper cranes at their weddings.

Marshall tells the story of how he got the car - it involved swallowing a lot of quarters and getting hot coffee at a drive through naked. Because of this story Marshall institutes a no food or drink rule.

The 100K fiasco is discussed. Marshall thought Ted was pretentious back then (college) and Ted thought Marshall was a slob. Ted goes with Marshall on a road trip to celebrate the 100k. They listen to everyone's favorite song I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) over and over again because the tape is stuck in the tape player. They alternate between getting sick of it and loving it. Life can be like that sometimes.

They decide on a game called Zich Dog for a long time and Ted talks about how they got lost suddenly. Marshall says he skipped a step in the story - the part where Ted decides that they should take a detour. Because of Marshall's rule of not having food or drink in the Fiero they are without food. Ted says Marshall can use his body but Marshall doesn't reciprocate. It gets so cold that Marshall finally says there's only one way they can make it - they cuddle. Marshall says he is going to some day marry Lily if they make it.

They are awoken by a homophobic man who yells at them. Lily is touched that he said he would marry her. A mechanic comes out and takes Marshall to the car and it must be that he gives him bad news because he hunches over onto the car. Barney says he probably needs a hug and suggests Ted give it.

Marshall says it will cost three thousand dollars to fix it and he needs the Fiero - without it he is just another suit. Many things happened in the car - a Waldo look alike and even a strange person that broke into the car and threw up in the back seat. Lily finally admits that it was due to her. First of all, the story is remarkably influenced by the scene in Pulp Fiction where they have to clean the dead man's brains out of the back. Also, they smoked the cigars.

Barney, as it turns out, hated the car. Ted tells the story of how he took Barney to a massage appointment. It turns out that Barney never learned how to drive. Ted says that he will teach him how to drive.

Barney is a very bad student as he slowly drives towards a dog that just lay in the middle of a parking lot. Learning did not go so well. Barney says he decided then to continue living life to the fullest. In other words, he decided not to change. Marshall says all the great things mean that the car has to die. Things don't always happen the way that we want them to. He has to accept that we have old dreams and old memories and they can get a new car to fill with new dreams and new memories. Marshall first wants to say goodbye. In saying goodbye the I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) tape.

Ted says they should push the car the last .7 miles. Alas, the back wheels are on blocks. As it turns out the scraps pay for beer for awhile. Good old Fiero.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 27, 2007 1:23 AM
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