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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Single Stamina

Future Ted says that looking at the snow is awesome. Everyone but Barney is looking at the snow when Barney comes in on various occasions trying to get everyone out. In a final attempt to get people out he tells everyone his brother James is coming up. Apparently, it is necessary to get a heads up that he is gay. There is no need for a heads up that he is black, however.

Robin asks how it's possible that this never came up. James is very much like Barney and shows off his suit. Robin asks how they are brothers and there are lots of stories over the years including that their mother had chocolate ice cream. Barney tells Ted that James will be his wingman now.

James is apparently the perfect wingman because they don't interfere with each others goals. James tells them all they are young and attractive people in the best city in the world and they should be living the dreams of people in Who Cares, Wyoming. They all go to a bar and start hitting on people as a tag team.

Apparently you can tell the difference between singles and couples. Couples sit down a lot more. Someone hits on Lily and they discuss who has it worse: the people that hit on people or the people that are hit on. They all notice that James keeps blowing people off and wonder if he's in a relationship. They are worried that it will upset Barney.

They tell Barney all this and he can't believe it. Barney goes over and confronts him about it. James finally admits that he has a fiance. James thinks he is against gay marriage but no, he is against marriage - and he tells Barney he wants him to be his best man.

Barney is worried that gay marriage will cause single life to die out because once gays do something, everyone else wants to do it. Barney decides to take James out to celebrate his commitment by going to a gay bar. Barney keeps getting people to hit on James but he gets fed up. Barney says he won't let him abandon their cause and suddenly James says he and Tom are going to have a baby. This is what brings Barney to be happy for James.

They show a year later at James' wedding ceremony and Barney toasts James. Apparently Lily and Marshall are married. Robin and Ted are still together, or so it seems. Barney gives the baby advice on life and says that in 21 years they will have to go to bars together. A woman cries to Barney that Tom once loved her breasts and Barney says she shouldn't go for men that aren't available and they start making out. Barney gives the baby a knowing "see how this is done?" look.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 27, 2006 10:08 PM
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