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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Atlantic City

Marshall and Lily are finally back together and Lily compliments Marshall on his pancakes and asks him to make supper - it has to be pancakes, though. Awkward moment when Lily says she's marrying a guy who can make pancakes. Lily asks if he still wants to get married and Marshall says it was a poor proposal and they quibble about this including the necessity of a speech prior to proposing. He finally accepts the proposal but jokes he won't put out sans ring.

Later, clearly post coitally, they are excited that they are getting married. They are then left with a little regret because they realize that Marshall (seven months earlier) had called the whole family after the wedding was cancelled. Marshall wonders if she is only now just realizing that cancelling the wedding might have ruined things. They make a joke about how much easier on everyone to just go to Atlantic City.

Robin is doing her news report and is interrupted by Marshall and Lily. They then get Ted and Barney, but not before they all get pedicures. It's not long before they're in Atlantic City where Barney is warmly greeted. They suddenly stop because Lily realizes she doesn't have a veil or a bouquet, and Robin has to get a worse looking outfit than her.

Barney finds a veil and wonders about their bachelor party. There won't be time, Marshall says, for a party. 18 minutes later, they have already gone to a strip club. Marshall and Lily go to register for a quickie wedding. Apparently it will take a few days before they can get married due to state law. Apparently the waiting period can be waived in some circumstances at the courthouse and so they go there. A couple of Chinese men approach Barney and have a conversation in Chinese. Unfortunately only a judge can waive the waiting period and there are none. They decide to wait for a judge to use to toilet to grab the judge and ask him to waive the wait.

Ted proposes a quickie romp perhaps due to his liking her bikini shirt. Meanwhile Lily sees a judge and runs after him and they meet up in his office. The judge detects something is wrong and when he finds out they briefly broke up it's a no go. Lily has an idea that in international waters they won't need a NJ license and go to find a ship captain. Robin asks why it is so important to do this today and Lily says she is trying to avoid Marshall's angry family. Marshall meanwhile finds a ship captain. He agrees for the fee of five thousand dollars. Barney says he can win the money and Robin says they won't let him gamble the money away. Barney says he's sure he will win. It's a strange and seemingly made up Chinese game but in any case with Marshall's help he finds the jelly bean and wins.

Out at sea the captain asks what version they want and they go for the serious version. While the ceremony is going on Ted says he can't believe she won't ever want to get married and she said she didn't say never. HMMM. Lily and Marshall exchange looks and we realize that they want to get married in a serious whole family way. The captain pronounces them man and wife only to unpronounce them twelve seconds later. He wasn't paying attention too well.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 14, 2006 12:31 AM
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