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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: World's Greatest Couple

Apparently nobody has ever set foot in Barney's apartment - up until Lily did, that is. We see her waking up in bed with him and how did she get there, anyhow? It all started, aparently, with her housewarming - her tiny closet of an apartment, that is. It is smaller than Gene Kelly's apartment in An American in Paris. Her roommate, apparently, is a raccoon. Everyone wants to get her out of the place but Barney is reluctant.

Marshall has an extra ticket to the Alanis Morissette concert. He bought it many moons ago when he was still a couple. It's one of the things he misses about being a couple. Apparently you can't go to brunch as a single, either.

Somehow Lily gets into Barney's apartment. She says she felt she had no other choice. Apparently when she was pulling down her bed the wall came apart and she came face to face with her neighbor. Lily points out that he lives in a two bedroom apartment. He finally agrees to let her stay for two days so long as she doesn't change anything. She says the apartment is perfect other than a lack of television and he turns the entire wall on. Of course we don't see this because the show's budget must not be that awesome.

Marshall ultimately says he went to the show with a friend from law school - and we find out he was invited to brunch. Brunch, says Robin, is girly.

Back at Barney's, Lily made breakfast. Uh oh! Barney said there were to be no changes. He gives her the big tour of the apartment which is quite obviously for a very single person. He even has professionally lit porn and a full sized Storm Tropper, which in fact is just awesome.

Marshall and his friend go to brunch - and his friend invites him to Mamma Mia. Who doesn't like Mamma Mia?

A woman over at Barney's is actually admiring all of the things he thinks will turn women off. Suddenly Lily comes in and the woman thinks that Lily is his wife. Oh, this is when Barney decides Lily isn't going anywhere. She is in fact better than porn. He offers to let her stay so long as she pretends to be his wife.

Ted and Robin can't believe that Marshall is going to see Mamma Mia with his friend. They tease him and say it's a third date. Marshall says they are taking back Broadway.

Barney is at it with another woman and Lily puts on another great performance. He finally admits that it's nice to have food around and she says she wants to make the place more homey. We see changes to the apartment including putting books on the shelves and hiding the storm troopers.

Marshall finally admits it was a date and it got weird, right around when he got chocolate on his chin and Brad swabs it off with a moist napkin. He then puts on his coat (later) and has offered to take him to a wedding. Oh yes, and the wedding is in Vermont and they are to stay in the Walt Whitman suite. Robin suggests that they should 'break up'.

After having finished with the apartment Barney says he is going to go out but it seems he does not. Barney says he can't believe he slept in the same bed as a woman without sex. Barney says that they must surely be in a relationship now - and this ultimately is how Lily furnished her apartment.

Marshall sees Brad with flowers and assumes they are for him - they are not for him, though. They are for his ex-girlfriend, with whom he got back together. Marshall sulks off and Brad tells his girlfriend that Marshall is in love with him.

Later, Marshall and Ted run into Brad and it is awkward. Marshall asks Ted to tell him he looks fat.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 16, 2006 9:54 PM
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