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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Aldrin Justice

Lily is still on quest to find herself, Older Ted says. She comes in over and over again over time and thinks that she has figured it out. While she does this she is being a waitress. The whole gang goes to Big Wave Luau where she is working and dressed as sterotypical Hawaiin islander. Robin doesn't want to make fun of her but says that today is in fact her birthday!

Marshall is aparently having a bad semester. The professor, he says, just needs to get laid. This gives Barney an idea - he takes it on as a challenge. Lily has quit since she got sick of people asking her for a 'lay'. Ted meanwhile says the administrative assistant quit due to her feeling uncomfortable - she took out a whole chicken once and everyone thought she brought lunch for everyone.

Lily starts right away and they look at the phallic building model. His boss tells him he has promise but needs to design some styrofoam trees for the model. He has to get the trees 'just right' or he will be fired. Lily says the guy is a total... and then points at the model.

Barney points out all the different ways we know that Marshall's professor is a 'cougar', out looking for prey as it were. Marshall is uncomfortable with the idea and Barney says a cougar is a less preferable grader than a satisfied purring kitten. Barney eventually gets the professor to agree to meet in two hours. Later, Barney is quite pleased whereas the professor gives him a C-.

Ted brings the trees and presents them to his boss, who says they are too green. Suddenly his boss notices his thrice autographed Pete Rose baseball has been stolen. Suddenly the trees don't matter. Ted goes out to look for some paints and sees that Lily has the ball in one of her drawers. He meets up with her in a bar and asks her why she took the ball. We have a series of flashbacks of the boss being a jerk. It distresses Lily to no end and so she took the ball. He needs to be taught a lesson - analogy to her being a teacher in kindergarten. Robin comes in and Ted tells her about it. She says she left him a note and when Ted says he doesn't think it was a good idea she takes off with the ball.

Marshall is disappointed by his grade and Barney says he will surely make up for it this evening. Later we see she is disappointed again.

Ted plots to replace the ball but Lily stands by what she did. The manager reads the note - it says other things will be stolen unless the manager gets nice. He throws a tantrum and says three people an hour will be fired unless it is returned. Ted insists she replace the ball and when she doesn't he fires her.

Barney has an energy bar and a six pack of energy drinks and swears no mercy on the professor. She lets him in.

Mr. Druthers (the manager) thinks that perhaps Lily was deranged and encourages Ted to say it loudly and then when he does the manager teases him. When the company doesn't like the model, it being penislike, Ted shows the company his design. It obviously goes over well because they all celebrate at the bar later. Ted offers Lily her old job back but she has decided she knows what she wants to do - Kindergarten teacher (again.)

Later, we find Barney in the hospital - he dislocated his hip. He got Marshall a B+. Barney says he can't wait to show them the slides.

Posted by Gordon on October 24, 2006 12:26 AM
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