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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Scorpion and The Toad

We begin with a quick recap - after 9 years, Lily left Marshall. It took a long time but he got over it - or did he? We begin with Marshall looking at Robin as she leaves the bar. Barney notices and says this means he's finally getting over what's her name - oh yes, Lily. First Barney tells Ted that Marshall looked at Robin's ass and then Ted tells her when he calls her - and of course this is when we see Lily approaching Robin. She agrees with the ass-sessment.

Barney takes Marshall out and does his "have you met Marshall" game with a random woman. The next day he congratulates Marshall on how well he did and Marshall complains that the woman went home with Barney. He says yes, but hypothetically it could have worked had Barney not been there - and he offers Marshall a hypothetical high five.

Robin comes and tells Ted about Lily being back in New York. Apparently according to Lily she had the best summer of her life, and the art program was amazing along with San Francisco. She met a lot of fascinating people and we flash back to the fascinating people. Ted gets increasingly annoyed, saying she should have had a miserable summer and it's unbelievable. Marshall walks in to ask what is unbelievable - well, it's Ted's penny story that he tried telling earlier. 1939 penny, to be exact. Robin says that Lily has moved on already.

Later, Barney reviews his rules of dating with Marshall. He goes up to a woman with glasses and predictably, the next morning Barney is already apologizing.

The next day Ted goes out apartment hunting with Robin and Lily. When Lily goes to get a key Ted and Robin make a bet over whether Lily is happy or not. He suggests they use tequila to get the truth out of her.

This whole episode Barney uses magic tricks to seduce women and now Marshall demands he removes all his magic tricks. At a new bar it seems that Barney is about to hit on the woman that Marshall is talking to but he offers a piece of paper to the woman so she can write down her phone number. Barney soon takes it in a cab so that wasn't that great. Marshall and Barney wrestle over the phone number and then Barney says if they can't agree they may as well throw it out. Marshall gets angry and has the cab stopped and gets out.

At the drinking session with Lily, she seems perfectly fine until she gets a phone call saying she didn't get the first apartment she wanted because she waited too long. Ted thinks this is clearly a metaphor for Marshall but Robin is determined there is no deep meaning to it. Ted was right.

In hangoverland, everyone has their own solution: Lily has a Tuna melt and milkshake, Ted has gravy (with nothing) and oddly enough, Robin is still drunk.

Lily then says she hasn't stopped thinking about Marshall and recalls the entire summer and how it was really miserable. All the interesting people she met were really one really weird multiple personality disorder individual. She was too embarassed to admit that even the art program was a failure - would Marshall even think of taking her back, maybe? Ted says that unless she is absolutely sure she should stay the hell away.

Marshall is super angry with Barney and not only that he hates that he is so bad at being single. Barney says, what if he could relive the same night but with things going his way? This is possible due to the girl's identical twin. They go out and things go well and they click. They go well up until Barney announces he is going home with both of them.

On his way home Marshall runs into Lily who admits that going to San Francisco was the worst mistake she ever made. They both say it was the worst summer ever and she asks if they can get back together. He says that she broke his heart three months ago, and she was right about everything she said so at least right now they shouldn't get back together. Also if they got back together right now there would be absolutely no dramatic tension and this would be a purely cheesy comedy. However this is not the case and this show is awesome. At the end Lily asks if there is anything she can do to make it at all better and he makes one request. We soon see Barney with the twins. Lily comes in and yells, "You gave me chlamydia, you jerk!" and splashes a drink on his face. Barney tries to regain his composure but about thirty seconds later Lily comes back in wearing a hat and says, "You gave my twin sister chlamydia, you jerk!" and leaves. The twins take off after this.

You know what else is awesome about this show? Despite the fact that there are no lyrics to the theme song you can put the music to Twisted Sister's "We're Not Going To Take It" and substitute the title of the show as the sole lyrics. It works, I promise.

Posted by Gordon on September 27, 2006 1:43 AM
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I loved Alyson Hannigan's hair! I'm kinda disappointed that Lily and Marshall aren't getting back together yet, I guess I've just gotta be patient.
Barney was in fine form this week, loved the magic tricks!

I made a quiz for this episode that HIMYM fans should enjoy. It includes Bonus questions too worth extra points.

Enjoy :D

-- Posted by: Sophie at October 1, 2006 3:53 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 10:39 PM

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