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House 6-19 - The Choice

"♫You gotta have heart! H-e-a-r-t! All ya' need's a little heart!♫”

House 6-19 – The Choice

Airdate: Monday May 3, 2010


Another patient who keeps secrets from his fiancée.

Last week Lance Reddick - this week Hugh Laurie sings! Also Jesse Spencer and Omar Epps. At least it's not noir.


A bride has a few loving words with her dad before the ceremony. Then it's down the aisle, flower girls, sweet music and a handsome groom waiting at the altar. The ceremony goes fine right up to time for the groom's vows. He creeks and croaks and can't get "I do" out, then collapses.

Ted and Nicole and Cotter (What, no Alice?)

House walks in to the hospital and exchanges snide words with Nurse Jeffrey as Cuddy begs for a replacement doctor for one she's just lost and tries to draft House into clinic duty, but House spies Chase with a 'case here!' look in his eye and accepts the case sight unseen to get out of Cuddy's clutches. Cuddy worries that House is getting drunk and passing out in strange apartments.

House goes straight to the patient, groom Ted with bride Nicole at his side. That's bride and groom. Future tense, not past tense, as the ceremony couldn't be completed with a non-talking groom. House diagnoses fakery, jabbing the patient with a syringe when he wasn't looking and drawing an "Ow!", followed by professions of a miraculous recovery.

Taub follows House out of the room and say he thinks the patient wasn't faking.

Ted and Nicole are leaving the hospital, Ted asking Nicole if she believes him and Nicole saying 'of course' in a not very convincing fashion and Ted proposes they troop right down to city hall and get hitched. As soon as she starts to agree he collapses, coughing.

Now Ted has plural effusion (fluid in the lungs) and the team stares at x-rays and tries to figure out what could account for that, inability to speak, and fainting. Now they're looking for an environmental cause and Foreman and Chase go to look at the lovebirds new apartment while Hadley and Taub are sent to look at his former apartment - which somebody else now lives in.

So now Taub and Hadley are breaking and entering someone's home who isn't even the patient. And naturally he walks in as they check the ceiling for asbestos. Before he can call the cops, they ask him if he knows Ted, and the resident, Cotter becomes very concerned, saying Ted was his boyfriend for three years. Whoopsie. Bet this is news to Nicolle.

Confronted, Ted says he's not homosexual, or even bi, but that Cotter was and had a crush on him, so he left. After three years? Taub reports that Ted tested positive for mononucleosis, which House wonders how he could catch without sex or a compromised immune system. Ted allows as how there might have been some "contact" but no sex, and says they can test him as long as they don't tell Nicole.

Chase, Hadley, and Taub debate the ethics of telling vs. not telling, which I would have thought were perfectly clear, especially in this day and age when the hospitals ask for your permission to tell family members your medical status. Chase is on the ethical side (except when it comes to murdering despotic dictators) while Hadley is arguing for 'right' vs. ethics.

Hadley has a talk with the patient and reports to the group that he took "aversion therapy" to "cure" his gayness - taking emetics while watching gay porn - just which chemicals she doesn't know, and when that didn't work they used massive doses of male hormones and ECT (electro-convulsive therapy.)

Hadley tells Nicolle they've found a cause for Ted's symptoms, some past 'head trauma' and she can't say any more and she should ask Ted about the details. But before he can do so Ted launches into a heart attack.

The EKG shows no electrical abnormalities in Ted's heart, so House has Chase and Foreman look for unsuspected bleeds.

Nicole visits Ted and he tells her his "head trauma"' was falling off a ladder. Hadley and Taub arrive to prep him for an angiogram, and when they hand him a sedative to take, he faints. He wakes quickly and when he attempts to take the drug again, faints again.

The teams speculates that Ted has a syndrome that's posture dependent - causing him to faint when he raised his head to take the drugs.

Cotter shows up at the hospital to visit his 'old friend' Ted, while Nicole is there. His concern starts to seem a little creepy to Nicole, and she asks him to leave.

When Ted awakens and appears to be doing better, Nicole brings up his visitor. Ted shrugs him off as an old roommate, but he can tell Nicole's sensing something else, and she tells him "I need to hear it from you, Ted." He spins a story about getting drunk one night and finding Cotter in his bed, but denies being gay, but also says he was cured of 'thinking he was gay.’ Then he comes down with severe headaches. House direct Taub to do a spinal tap.

The CSF comes up negative, and the headaches get worse. House theorizes they created a leak in the cerebral-spinal fluid, and that cause the headaches to get worse, so find and plug the leak. As they do something to repair the leak, Ted begins stroking. Or so it seemed but it wasn't really a stroke, and now they have a new symptom.

House thinks they're not getting the truth in the patient's history, and so says to get Ted, Nicole, and Cotter all in the same room for a little Q&A.

Cotter brings up another previous fainting spell. Nicolle admits there have been some sexual misfires. (Cotter say they never had that problem.) Taub speculates that could indicate a vascular problem and proposes a test.

Taub and Hadley take Ted to the sex lab, where there'll be sensors on his penis, now all he has to do is choose straight or gay porn for a stimulus. He thinks he's so anxious nothing will work. Then they can give him a shot, they say - where he doesn't want to get one, Taub adds.

The test proceeds and the results are normal, but the patient seems to be sweating and Hadley asks if he feels feverish. She opens his robe and finds he's not sweating, he's lactating.

Taub speculates on a non-cancer pituitary tumor as a cause - House orders an MRI.

The MRI is negative, but on a hunch, House goes to the patient and holds his head up, the headaches get better, releases it, they get worse, hold it up again, better, down, worse again. He tells Ted he has a Chiari Malformation - restriction in his spinal column that can cut off the flow of CSF. It never gave him a problem until the ECT cause his brain to swell just enough to plug the opening. It's a congenital problem, and with surgery can be cured.

After his surgery, Cotter bring Ted some more of his favorite candy, but Ted says he's not coming back, he loves Nicole. Cotter leaves passing Nicole as she returns. Ted proposes they get married on her birthday in three weeks, but Nicole can no longer go through with it and breaks it off despite Ted's protests. Taub observes her leaving.

Taub and Rachel and Maya (yet still no Alice?)

House says he's skeptical that Taub really called off the open marriage Taub thought he'd had going, but was just mollifying Rachel. Taub responds by inviting House to dinner, which House declines saying it's just an excuse for Taub to slip out on Rachel, but Taub says Rachel has been insatiable since their reconciliation and he needs a rest. House agrees to go if Taub will invite his wife.

Taub shows up alone to the dinner saying his wife had a ceramics class, but House is way ahead of him and texted Rachel (from Taub's phone) to invite her - and when she shows up explains he was just leaving - to take a ceramics class, and tells her he talked Taub into taking one on Friday nights and Rachel should join him.

Next day, Taub reports he found a Friday night pottery class that was full, so Rachel couldn't join him. House says now he has to have some pottery to show for it. Later House tells him he's read the course description of Taub's 'pottery class' and it has a Fourth of July theme, so a mug won't do. Taub later reports finding a set of fife and drum napkin rings on line. He had to pay too much for them, he says, because he got into a bidding war with an idiot (who turns out to be named "House".)

Friday night. Taub is holding a package marked fragile. House comes to wish him bon voyage and Taub tells him he called his tryst off - for good this time. He gives the package to House. "For trying to wreck your marriage?" "For trying to save it," Taub replies. "And I get napkin rings?" "Expensive ones." House leaves the package on Nurse Jeffrey's station, and Nurse Jeffrey trashes it.

House and Sam and Wilson (and… still… no Alice!)

Wilson wakes up next to Sam. They nuzzle and contemplate another go-round but Sam worries about House next door. Wilson says House is sound asleep, and indeed he is. In a bed with stuffed animals and rocket ship bed sheets, and a three year old staring at him from the doorway.

A knock forces Wilson to stop nibbling on Sam's earlobe. Two cops have House at the door and ask if Wilson knows him. How strong was the urge to say "Never saw him before in my life, officers," I wonder? But Wilson takes him back.

Out of nowhere, Hadley invites House to help her check out a new lesbian bar that night. House smells a rat ad correctly divines Wilson put her up to it to give him something to do rather than get drunk alone. House allows his arm to be twisted.

House wastes his time in the lesbian bar trying to spot at least one straight woman, which Hadley assures him there aren't any, not even the bartender.

Next day Chase invites House out to karaoke with himself and Foreman.

Chase sings lead, with House and Foreman doing backup, with considerable animation. Catcalls, but admiring catcalls from the audience. They guys are actually having a good time, and toast 'To Wilson!"

Wilson comes in to congratulate him on actually having fun with Chase and Foreman. House denies it but bolts in the middle of the conversation as a revelation strikes him.

Cuddy stops by House's station to report she's hired a new PA and congratulates House on solving his case. She invites him out to eat, and doesn't understand when he asks if Wilson got to her. too. Lucas is working late. He turns down the date and in parting, she says "I just want us to be friends." "Funny," House says, "that's the last thing I want us to be." She leaves, House rubs his leg, and stares at his bottle of Ibuprofen, instead picks up a bottle of whiskey from his desk and pours and drinks a slug.

= Cecil =
Next Week: "Baggage"

House tells Dr. Nolan about the case of a woman who had amnesia and a disease, and how he had to help solve both mysteries. Sam is moving in and Wilson wants House to move out.

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-19, “Knight Fall” Air Date 04/19/2010

Cast and Crew

Director:___ Hugh Laurie
Writer:____ John C. Kelley


Hugh Laurie ________ Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein _______ Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard _ Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps _________ Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer _______ Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison ____ Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde ________ Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson ______ Dr. Chris Taub

Guest Stars:

Adam Garcia _______ Theodore
Eva Amurri ________ Nicole
Jonathan Murphy ___ Cotter Macklin
Gregory Franklin ____ Henry
Patrick Price _______ Nurse Jeffrey Sparkman
F. William Parker ___ Reverend Bowden
Cynthia Watros _____ Sam Carr


Canon_______________ Pachelbel

Midnight Train to Georgia
______________ By Gladys Knight & The Pips
______________ sung by Hugh Laurie
______________ Omar Epps
______________ Jesse Spencer

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