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House 6-18 - Open and Shut

"My guess is you won’t be needing any sugar for your cereal, right?”

House 6-18 – Open and Shut

Airdate: Monday April 26, 2010


Libby Sam’s back and House Wilson’s got her!

House’s team treats a woman who’s open marriage may be killing her.

Wilson continues dating Sam, though House has his doubts about the relationship.


An amorous couple is preparing for sex in a high-rise hotel room. They’re interrupted by a knock at the door. Despite the ritzy location, it must be a really cheap hotel, because they talk through the door like it wasn’t there. Not the spot I’d want to tryst in. It’s the woman’s husband Tom. Her lover’s reaction is not panic but irritation. Tom explains he needs something for a business meeting,. She goes to get it leaving husband and lover alone in the room. Tom and the lover, Damien, introduce themselves and shake hands. Tom leaves, but before the extracurricular activities can resume, the woman, Julia, collapses with pains in the abdomen, telling Damien to “Get Tom!”

Tom and Julia and Damien (and no Alice?)

House is uninterested in the case until Hadley point out Julia and Tom have an open marriage. House philosophizes that it’s monogamy that’s unnatural. Taub says the only problems it that real open marriages are unworkable in practice, somebody always gets hurt. The team speculates on herpes as the cause of the intestinal blockage and is surprised when House volunteers himself to do the test.

House and Julia discuss her marriage. Tom and Julia have a six year old daughter, Evelyn.

The herpes test was negative so Taub ultrasounds her, taking the chance to talk about her marriage. She says they went ‘open’ after three years when they realized they made each other miserable. She still loves her husband, but there’s 10 percent, she says that she needs to get somewhere else. Her heart starts racing and Taub calls for a crash cart.

Chase interviews Tom, asking for a list of sexual partners from the last six months. Tom says he’s had none other than his wife, which he doesn’t tell her to keep her from feeling bad. Later House say, that if Tom’s not cheating sexually, he’s doing something else behind her back. Chase and Hadley are sent to search their house for clues. Hadley revealed her father had a lover as her mother was buying, and she’s now OK with that. Chase confirms Tom’s business trip to Nebraska. Hadley finds a loofa, possibly imported possibly a source of her parasite.

No parasites, nothing detected to explain Julia’s symptoms. Foreman suggests increased libido could be a symptom of adrenal-cortical carcinoma, which offends Hadley – “A woman who likes sex must be sick?” MRI her adrenal glands if House next tactic.

Things get tense when Damien comes in to visit with flowers when Evelyn is present. Tom throws him out of the room.

Hadley and Taub discuss Taub’s marriage as the review the MRI. They find thing in the cerebrum but notice something in the lungs. It looks like a clot. Cuddy walks in on House and Hadley to say that Julia has no insurance, their policy has lapsed.

Confronted, Tom says they’re behind in the insurance ad he’s spying for the hospitalization with their retirement plans, because he ‘lost’ all their savings. Guess they’re ‘open’ and then there’s ‘open.’ If it’s any consolation (probably not) he lost the money on risky business ventures, not gambling.

House sends Hadley to test Julia’s blood for the cause of her clotting disorder. They discuss the marriage.

Julia presents with dramatic abdominal pain again, and again they can find no cause. No their speculation is a ‘folded bowel’. Taub and Chase operate and Chase raises the possibility that Rachel is also going to use the privileges of their new relationship. The biopsy they take doesn’t explain the cause of the condition.

The next day, the white board is full of possibilities, but no certainties.

They come up with three possibilities but none of them work out. Tom has been avoiding the hospital, but Hadley tells Julia about Tom not really using his ‘privileges’ and how he loves only her, but allowed her so she would be happy, and urges her to call him.

None of the three possibilities the team came up with pans out. House sees the husband has brought lilacs from their own garden, leading House to wonder about bees. Sure enough, she said she was stung about a month ago. There should be a rash to confirm the diagnosis of “HSV”, and he finds one on the roof of her mouth. Now she should be fine, with treatment.

Taub and Rachel and Taub’s Imaginings.

Taub and a nurse Maya flirt in the halls. Hadley comes up and may departs, Taub saying they’re “just friends”, which Hadley sees right through.

Taub takes Rachel out for dinner and ‘casually’ mentions his recent case and her ‘open marriage’, which puts Rachel’s antennae up immediately. He discusses Nurse Maya, saying he’s not planning on having an affair, which doesn’t make Rachel feel any better at all. . He gets a page that Julia has become paralyzed, and starts to leave. Rachel feels betrayed that he can’t let someone else take care of it. Rachel finishes the meal alone and dying.

Rachel give Taub permission to fool around as long as she doesn’t have to know about it.

House immediately senses this the next day, and Taub announces it openly in the group. Chase and Hadley try to direct the discussion back to the patient, but Foreman and House want to hear more.

After Julia’s operation, House wishes Taub a bon voyage on is ne quest, but Taub gets a page – it’s Rachel in the parking structure – she says she can’t go through with it. She’s crying. Taub tells her hospital’s been an idiot and needs only her.

Taub gets mocked the next day but says he couldn’t hurt Rachel.

Taub finds Maya in the parking structure, apologizes for “the other night”, and they kiss and leave together in her car.

House and Sam and Wilson (What, no Alice?)

Wilson and Sam make breakfast, Wilson wishing for a tower of French toast, too rich for Sam and she chides him about cholesterol. House comes in to spoil the mood and Sam wishes him a nice day, to House’s scowl. Without much prompting, House predicts an early end to the relationship.

Sam is starting to get on Wilson’s nerves with little things. She places the milk in the door of the refrigerator instead of the body. She places the bowls face down in the dishwasher. She doesn’t use a coaster or replace her toilet paper when she finishes a roll and puts bananas in the bedroom trash can. Except she hasn’t one half these things, and Wilson figures it out – House sabotage.

Now the real friction comes out as Wilson and Sam address past wrongs from their marriage. It must be Festivus because the airing of grievances proceeds apace – can feats of strength be far behind?

Wilson shows up and says House has wrecked his relationship with Sam. House is unapologetic.

House presents Cuddy with an expresso machine as a symbol of his triumph in the Wilson/Sam affair. He signs out with a bow and a “Namaste” (Whoa, Lost reference!)

Sam comes back to Wilson apologizing and wanting another chance. They both say they’re different now and open to change. Hugs ensue.

Victorious House returns home to find Wilson and Sam made up. He sets the milk in the door of the fridge and heads to his bedroom.

= Cecil =
Next Week:

A groom has a ‘secret past’ that may be killing him. House, Foreman, and Chase follow Lance Reddicks’s lead.

Last Episode: 6-17 Knight Fall
Next Episode: 6-19 The Choice

Favorite Quotes:

Thirteen: I thought you'd be relieved. This gets you off the hook. It's just genetics.
Taub: I'm 5'6" and have a receding hairline. I hate genetics
Taub: Seriously? Our patient's dying and we can't move past my sex life?
House: Seriously, you think it'd kill her if we spent 15 seconds mocking you?

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-17, “Knight Fall” Air Date 04/19/2010

Cast and Crew



Hugh Laurie ________ Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein _______ Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard _ Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps _________ Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer _______ Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison ____ Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde ________ Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson ______ Dr. Chris Taub

Guest Stars:

Charlie Weber _______ Damien
Sarah Wayne Callies __Julia
Rob Evors __________ Tom
Erica Teeple ________ Evelyn
Cynthia Watros ______ Sam Carr
Jennifer Crystal Foley _ Rachel Taub
Danna Brady ________ Nurse Maya
Liz Benoit __________ Nurse Anne


The Way That You Want Me _ Jude

Posted by Cecil on May 3, 2010 1:44 AM
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