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House Fodder

House 6-17 - Knight Fall

"What a beautiful moment… Now how can House screw it up?”

House 6-17 – Knight Fall

Airdate: Monday April 19, 2010


So this week we're recycling "Lost" co-stars?

House has to treat a patient who voluntarily lives a medieval lifestyle. I mean, you can take dungeons and dragons too far. Hadley is impressed by his standards of honor, which I would have thought would turn off a liberate, modern woman.

Meanwhile, Wilson tries to reconcile with his first ex-wife who us – guess who! - Lost Fans – LIBBY! (Or at least Cynthia Watros.) I wonder if Wilson bought her a sailboat?


Setting: A medieval tournament. Knights. Fair damsels. Jousting. It’s a RenFair! Queen Shannon chooses Sir William to champion her, while King Miles chooses the captain of his guard the Black (naturally) Knight. Is it the SCA? After a lot of back-and–forth, William vanquishes his rival, but as Queen Shannon rushes to congratulate him, he falls to th e ground with pupils shrunk to tiny points. King Miles whips out his… cell phone and calls an ambulance to Camden fairground, stat.

The Knight’s Tale (Sir William)

House strides into the diagnosis room bearing a broadsword and making everyone nervous, telling them they’re taking the case of Sir William, who doesn’t just perform but lives the medieval lifestyle for months a time, and now has a seizure. House thinks the cause is environmental and sends Hadley and Foreman to check out the grounds. Chase and Taub are to get an MRI.

Chase and Taub talk with William who says a knight is what he IS, not something he pretends to be. He throws up and is hastily pulled out of the MRI machine

Foreman has little patience with the pretend part of the RenFair. Hadley is a little more open minded. After hearing about the vomiting they’re looking into food poisoning. The king and queen show them to William’s tent. More vomit in the straw. The king makes the knights eat disgusting things before the tournament - cow eyes, etc.

House tells them to run scratch tests for food allergies and treat with epinephrine in the meantime. William has a reaction immediately after the first scratch Chase and his heart becomes irregular. House speculates William is allergic to a preservative in the epinephrine. Now the speculation is that perhaps William has MRSA, the super-infection all hospitals dread.

Chase and Taub disprove the MRSA hypothesis, and now House speculates William has inhaled fumes from poison ivy being burned unintentionally in bonfires. William’s heart rate becomes very slow, and Chase takes a risk injecting epinephrine, but it works.

House still thinks it’s environmental, and says to treat for trichinosis while confirming with a muscle biopsy. That come back negative. Foreman suggests retesting every sample they took looking for fungal infections.

House, gobbling more ibuprofen, still insists on an environmental cause, sends Hadley and Chase off to search William’s apartment. In a locked room, they find what looks like witchcraft paraphernalia.

Taub and Foreman find what looks like dozens of tumors on the patient’s liver.

House finds the medieval figures from the apartment are made of lead, and speculates lead poisoning as a cause. But no lead found in his blood, while William gets worse.

House invades the RenFair (in costume) with Hadley (ditto). He smells the apothecary shop, and finds an incompetent apothecary there who doesn’t know what’s actually in his bottles, e.g. hemlock the apothecary thought was wild carrots. But the only person who bought it was… not Sir William, but King Miles,

House confronts Miles and accuses him of attempting to murder William. Miles said it was for the food challenge. Shannon fears he did it out of jealousy. House reveals this to William, but William maintains Miles would never do anything so base. Taub says William is getting worse despite their treating him for hemlock poisoning – there may be some in his system, hospital says, but it’s not what’s killing him. House plays with William’s sword, kisses it, and has an epiphany.

House tells the team that the lesions on the liver are a different type, which, with the erratic hear rate, indicate anabolic steroid abuse. Taub points out the rabdo points to the same thing. Hadley is disappointed in William but concedes the point with a shake of the head. The ancient poison, House says accelerated the effects of the modern one.

William and Shannon

Shannon spends a lot of time visiting William in the hospital. Miles very little.

Hadley successfully diagnoses the William is in love with Shannon, but William says a knight cannot be in love with his king’s fiancé.

William tells Shannon not to bother Miles about coming, but he certainly wants her to keep doing so.

Hadley chastises William for compromising his ideals to win a fight but not to win the woman he loves. William says Miles is a great guy, rich and smart, and can give Shannon more than he can so he’s standing out of the way. Hadley says this confirms House’s “idiot” diagnosis as well.

House + Sam + Wilson (What, no Alice?)

House walks into the kitchen naked and gobbling ibuprofen like he used to gobble vicodin. He runs into a hot blonde who’d just as soon she rubbed that image right out of her eyes.

At the hospital, House confronts Wilson as to the identity of the blonde, and digs out that it’s Sam (Samantha) Carr, Wilson’s first ex-wife. House thinks she’ll rip his heart out – again. Wilson says people can change.

House goes to tell Cuddy, not about the MRSA but Wilson’s dating his ex-wife. Cuddy is already on board. She remembers how badly Wilson came off in his last romantic round with Sam, but tells House to keep his nose out of it like she does. “You force him to choose, you might not like the answer.

Sam prods Wilson to invite House to dinner so they can get better acquainted. Wilson agrees reluctantly, and extends the invitation, telling House not to be protective of him, but just to be his normal self. House shows up with a transvestite prostitute, Sarah, for a date. Amazingly enough, Sam and Sarah hit it off.

Wilson and Sam come home for Wilson to change before the theater, but are interrupted by House cooking in the kitchen – he’s made it for them, as a piece offering, he says, for his juvenile behavior at dinner the other night. They dine together. But when Wilson leaves the room, House lays it on the line – he doesn’t trust her and is going to break them up. Sam accepts the challenge in the spirit it was intended.

Into House’s office strolls Lucas with a dossier he’s compiled on Sam at House’s request, including a sealed copy of her psychiatrist’s report. Sam walks in as they talk, but apparently never overheard Lucas and House’s discussion of her. She sincerely begs for a chance to show she’s reformed and find out where her and Wilson’s relationship is going.

In the ends, as “Just the Motion” provides the sound track, House contemplates his detective’s report at his desk. He breaks the seal on another bottle of ibuprofen – I guess that’s to show us he’s not cheating with vicodin in an ibuprofen bottle – and fingers the unopened psychiatrist’s report and a letter opener – the discards the report unread.

= Cecil =
Next Week:

A woman with an ‘open marriage’ may be paying for her lifestyle with her life. “How much truth is too much.” Wilson snaps at Libby Sam. Taub and his wife discuss their marriage.

Last Episode: 6-16 Lockdown
Next Episode: 6-17 Open and Shut

Favorite Quotes:

House: You're new.

Sam: You're naked.

House: (glances down) And for the record, a little bit cold.
Foreman: House, what are you doing?

House: (wielding a sword) Filling in for Rabbi Shmuhl at the Goldstein Bris.
Taub: [Diagnosing] Could be a sub-dural hematoma.

House: You’re forgetting to demonize.

Taub: An evil, satanic sub-dural hematoma.

House: No, “two demon eyes” – hemorrhaging in the schlereae.
House: I bumped into your babe, naked.

Wilson: I told you to stay out of my bathroom.

House: I was in the kitchen.

Wilson: She was naked in the kitchen?

House: I was naked.

Wilson: Why the hell were you naked in the kitchen?

House: Uh, it's not important right now.

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-17, “Knight Fall” Air Date 04/19/2010

Cast and Crew

Director:___ Hugh Laurie
Writer:____ John C. Kelley


Hugh Laurie ________ Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein _______ Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard _ Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps _________ Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer _______ Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison ____ Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde ________ Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson ______ Dr. Chris Taub

Guest Stars:

Cynthia Watros _____ Sam Carr
Noah Segan ________ Sir William
Sarah Jones (II) ______ Queen Shannon
Wesley A. Ramsey ___ King Miles
Carey Embry _______ Sarah


Just the Motion ____Richard & Linda Thompson

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