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House 6-16 - Lockdown - Preview

"Why is there a camera in my office? Oh, I'm directing this episode, am I?

House 6-16 - Lockdown - Preview

Airdate: Monday April 12, 2010


So now we're recycling "Lost" episode titles? Anyway, Princeton Plainsboro is locked down when a newborn infant goes missing. The episode description makes it sound like every door in the hospital is locked individually trapping everyone with whomever they were with at the time. Which makes sense for a space ship or a submarine (or a funky underground hatch with blast doors), but not so much for a hospital where I'd expect security/police to secure the exits until a thorough search took place. Of course given the past state of PPTH security, perhaps Cuddy has installed blast doors all over.

In any event, it's a new House here to relieve our doldrums. Enjoy! Tonight!

Posted by Cecil on April 11, 2010 10:55 PM
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