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House 6-16 - Lockdown

"House confronts his worst nightmare – actually talking sincerely to a patient.”

House 6-16 - Lockdown

Airdate: Monday April 12, 2010


So now we're recycling "Lost" episode titles? Anyway, Princeton Plainsboro is locked down when a newborn infant goes missing. The episode description makes it sound like every door in the hospital is locked individually trapping everyone with whomever they were with at the time. Which makes sense for a space ship or a submarine (or a funky underground hatch with blast doors), but not so much for a hospital where I'd expect security/police to secure the exits until a thorough search took place. Of course given the past state of PPTH security, perhaps Cuddy has installed blast doors all over.

The Overstory:

A newborn infant disappears in Princeton-Plains Teaching Hospital. Cuddy locks down the whole hospital, freezing everyone wherever they were at the time of the lockdown. All this is an excuse for throwing characters together and watching their interactions.

Cuddy and the parents

The parents with the missing baby are a blended family, Sarah and Donald Lozenski and Donald’s son Walker, whom Sarah adopted when they married. Sarah worries that Walker, who’s getting in fights at school, is jealous of the new baby. Cuddy questions him, to no effect. Sarah voices many of her fears for their family as Cuddy listens patiently. Cuddy notices extra towels in the bathroom and wondering why, questions the housekeeping staff. One of the staff goes into a seizure when Cuddy questions her, leading Cuddy to think that person may have intentionally, or inadvertently (weak?) taken then baby – the point is never resolved. But Cuddy searches her linen hamper and finds the baby under some more clean towels. Lockdown over.

House and Nash

House ducks into the room of what he thinks is an unconscious, dying patient so her can watch his television. But the man, Nash, is still awake, since his condition is resistant to the morphine drip he’s been given to ease the dying process. Worse, he earlier applied to be a patient of his and was rejected, and now House is forced to talk to him. Nash is a professor who ran out on his wife and daughter because he couldn’t handle his wife’s physical problems, and now s dying alone and wracked with guilt. He says he’s waiting for his daughter in Atlanta to come home from work at nine o’clock so he can phone her. When he does so, however, he gets a recording and hangs up. House correctly deduces that Nash was actually waiting for his daughter to leave, so he could hear her voice on the recorder but not have to interact. He presses ‘redial’ and tells Nash to say what he really wants to say. Nash blurts out a brief “I Love You” to his daughter.

Nash feels House owes him a secret since Heroes has penetrated his, and House tells him “I like being alone. I’m better off this way. Then I met a woman in a psych hospital of all places. Then she went away. We suffer, then we die.”

Chase and Guess Who

Cameron shows up in the hospital asking Chase to sign divorce papers, just in time to get locked with him (in a room with a bed – see Checkov’s mantelpiece rule of drama.) They talk about their marriage and why it went wrong. Chase repeatedly asks her if she ever really loved him. His theory is that she didn’t and therefore it really wasn’t anything he did wrong that broke them up. Tearfully Cameron says she doesn’t know, which gives him the release from responsibility he wanted, and Chase signs the papers. Almost immediately she takes it back and says she doesn’t know why she said that. After the emotional catharsis, she asks him about the good times in the marriage, and after finding a few they end up in bed and have sex, just before the lockdown end. Will the romance rekindle? Stay tuned.

Foreman and Taub

Taub is in the records room, supposedly on a mission to pick up some patient records. Foreman come in on the same mission just in time for the two to be locked in together. But, aha, the doctors’ personnel files area also currently in the area, preparatory to being digitized and each is actually on a mission to excise something from his own file. At first they each prevent the other from doing so, but instead unite to look for something embarrassing in House’s file. House has beaten them to the punch, however, and all his records are dummies, all his patient’s being named Cuddy.

Frustrated, the two then decide to get high, like House, on a bottle of vicodin Foreman conveniently has confiscated from a clinic patient. Eventually they each get the other’s personnel file. In Foreman’s, Taub finds that the matter he wants exercised is a cheating incident n a lab report in medical school. Foreman confesses to yielding to pressure to compete with the elites because he didn’t really feel he belonged.

Strangely, Taub’s file is exemplary, and when Foreman questions him about this, he confesses to feeling like a failure for not achieving more, and working for House, instead of being House. When the lockdown ends, Foreman departs, and Taub takes the sheet about the cheating incident from Foreman’s file and shreds it.

Wilson and Hadley

Wilson and Hadley are trapped in the cafeteria with a few other diners and the cashier. To pass the time they play Truth or Dare. Wilson questions Hadley about her sexuality, Hadley questions Wilson about his dating relationships. Wilson eventually confesses he’s looking for a relationship with his first ex-wife but is afraid of what House will say. In a dare segment, Wilson dares Hadley to show Taub her breasts. She agrees to do so “sometime in the future”. In retaliation, she dares goody-goody Wilson to steal a dollar from the cashier. Wilson tried but fails miserably to the amusement of all in the cafeteria, except the cashier.

Lockdown over, as everyone passes through the lobby, Hadley encounters Taub and flashes her breasts at him, leading him to comment ‘interesting day’.

= Cecil =
Next Week:

House must cure a man who lives in medieval times. Not the restaurant.

Last Episode: 6-15 Black Hole
Next Episode: 6-17 Knight Fall

Special to MelaniteKing: If you’d like to read a medical review of House, written by a real doctor, go HERE.


Favorite Quotes:
Nash: You're House, aren't you?

House: Oh, God, don't tell me we used to date.
Thirteen: Truth.

Wilson: All right. Have you ever had a threesome?

Thirteen: No.

Wilson: You haven't?

Thirteen: Wait, just--just because I'm bisexual?

Wilson: Well, yeah.

Thirteen: Do you understand what bisexual means? It doesn't mean you have sex with two people at once.
Taub: [reading House's confidential files] Look at this one. Patient lost four liters of blood from a botched... penisectomy.

Foreman: On a patient named Lisa Cuddy? Damn it. They're all named Lisa Cuddy.

Taub: He's not even here and he's screwing with us.
Foreman: (Taub slugs Foreman in the face) I wasn't ready.

Taub: What were you gonna do? Flex your goatee muscles?
House: We're better off alone. We suffer alone, we die alone. Doesn't matter if you're a model husband or father of the year. Tomorrow will be the same for you.

Nash: But yesterday would have been different.
Wilson: That woman, the woman I'm not involved with, her name is Sam Carr. But in 1990 and 1991, it was Sam Wilson.

Thirteen: Your ex-wife?

Wilson: No, my mother. Yes, my ex-wife.

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-16, “Lockdown” Air Date 04/11/2010

Cast and Crew

Director:___ Hugh Laurie


Hugh Laurie ________ Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein _______ Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard _ James Wilson
Omar Epps _________ Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer _______ Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison ____ Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde ________ Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson ______ Chris Taub

Guest Stars:

Riki Lindhome ________ Sarah Lozinski
Neill Barry ___________ Donald Lozinski
Riley Thomas Stewart __ Walker Lozinski
David Strathairn _______ Nash
Al Foster _____________ Davies
Dava Krause __________ Daria
Vernee Watson-Johnson _ Nurse Smits
Shelly Cole ___________ Nurse Maldonado
Tom Billett ___________ Security Guard #1

Posted by Cecil on April 13, 2010 8:07 PM
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