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House 6-15 - Black Hole

"Didn't I see this hat used before in Back to the Future?"

House 6-15 - Black Hole

Airdate: Monday March 15, 2010


A student is mysteriously dying and the clue to why may be locked in her subconscious. House's only chance may be a magic trick.

The Episode:

The theme of the week seems to be the subconscious. The main patient of the week is Abby, a senior girl with plans to go to Stanford and major in physics. She's at a planetarium show with her class and her boyfriend, Nick, passes her a thermos of vodka, on which she chokes a little. Shortly thereafter she stops breathing and the boyfriend yells for someone to call 911.

The doctors' first thought is a reaction to the alcohol, and they run blood tests and a heart scan that finds suspicious spot on her aorta. Now they're suspecting an infection. Hadley proposes a transesophogeal echocardiogram, but they worry it may trigger a heart attack. The find nothing but they do get the heart attack and have to do open heart surgery - the heart doesn't respond to defibrillator paddles, but heart massage does restart the heart.

Now they're thinking perhaps of allergens. They ask Nick for a sample of his sperm - in front of his dad, which leads to some awkward moments. They run a test for allergic reactions (it's negative) but in the middle of it her kidneys begin to fail. Chase proposes cancer, but he can't be specific. Foreman proposes a full body scan, which we know House hates, but he's so tapped for any alternative he OKs it.

As the scan proceeds, the machine Abby is enclosed in begins shaking. She calls to the doctors and tells them something's wrong with the machine, but we hear Foreman's voice tell her it's not the machine, it's an earthquake. [You know, one of those frequent New Jersey earthquakes?] As they begin sliding her out of the machine, Abby panics and begins to hallucinate that she's in space and sliding into a black hole.

Now they're wondering if there can be a brain problem. House wants to know more about the content of the hallucination. He proposes using the 'Cognitive Pattern Recognition Program', an experimental tool for imaging thoughts, to find out what Abby is thinking of. Foreman is thinking along more prosaic lines, beginning with an MRA.

Abby wakes up with Nick by her bedside, and begins hallucinating seeing her younger self. Her younger self tells her to "tell him" and when she doesn't "You deserve to die."

The MRA found nothing so House wants to use the CPRP. He says the equipment is already set up in the Cognitive Science Lab. The protocol is to watch video clips for six hours while the machine maps her brain, then later use the machine to monitor her subconscious when she dreams or hallucinates. At the end of the mapping process they're watching random images flicker across the machine's screen. They ask Abby to concentrate on one particular thing. The image is blurry at first but becomes recognizable as a baseball player. They ask her what she's thinking about and it's 'Nick playing baseball'. The other three doctors are amazed, but Foreman yawns, "Now all we have to do is hope her subconscious is completely rational and went to medical school."

"Does anything get you excited?" Chase asks on behalf of all the other doctors. Foreman just shrugs.

House joins the four as Abby begins to sleep. Sometime later Foreman says "Well, it's taken us just over an hour to prove she has a really boring subconscious."

"Did anyone ever tell you you can be a real buzzkill," House asks. "Yes" reply Drs Chase, Hadley, and Taub simultaneously.

A star field takes shape on the monitor. Then a male figure. Hadley guesses it's her dad, who died in a private plane crash when Abby was eight.

Back to the diagnosis room. Hadley proposes there could be a problem with the liver. Foreman says the pineal gland is calcified (normal in a patient her age) but it could be hiding a tumor their scans couldn't see. House says they should go get a better look with an MRI and other tests. The MRI is negative, but blood tests show some elevated levels that they'd expect with allergies, but they've been unable to find an allergen in her body. Foreman mentions a specific middle eastern parasite but House interrupts that she's never been close to there, and no one in her family has travelled overseas. and all their scans and urine samples come back clean and yet her systems are still failing.

House pores over scans and x-rays, but finds nothing. Talking to Taub, he gets a flash of inspiration and asks if her boyfriend's father travels a lot. House says he's the one in her visions, not her long dead father.

House confronts Artie and finds that (a) he travels extensively in Europe and the Mediterranean (b) reluctantly admits that he had sex with Abby once, when she had broken with Nick, and she was crying in his arms, and he was dunk, and, and , and… Nick catches the last of his explanation, just as House is saying it's a good thing, really, because now they know what to treat.

Peter and Rachel Taub subplot

Taub is late to work and phones in to say he's had a flat but House correctly discerns he's having a fight with Rachel, as indeed he is. Rachel wants Taub to take a yoga class with her, and they argue about it, Rachel saying they never do anything together (except of course for the things they do do, together, which of course don't count.) Finally Taub says OK, he'll go to yoga, but course now Rachel doesn't want to, because what she really wants is for him to want to go with her. He says he's not going to work until they work out this problem, but she says (passive aggressively) that she's fine and for him to go.

Taub asks Chase for advice but Chase says he's hardly the one to ask marital advice from, his marriage just having broken up. Later Hadley says Rachel's naturally worried about his fidelity since he's strayed in the past.

Taub asks Foreman how someone who's broken a trust (him) can regain it. Foreman say keep her with him 24 hours a day. Taub tries a version of this, sending numerous romantic texts to Rachel though out the day. House intercepts his phone and starts sending suggestive texts that appear to come from Taub.

Taub has another bright idea and invites Rachel to met him for lunch, but instead of going to the cafeteria leads her to the parking structure for a make-out session in the car. After reassurances that he's never done this before, she gets into it and the windows are steaming up, until House, taking the part of the patrolman in teen movies, raps on the window and tells them to break it up, Taub's got a diagnostic session to attend.

Wilson's Fear of Furniture subplot

Wilson finds House eating breakfast on the couch in the living room, their one piece of furniture in Wilson's new condo outside the bedrooms. House says if Wilson would buy a table he could eat there. Wilson says House should buy the table. House says no, it's Wilson's condo so the furnishings should reflect Wilson's personality and tastes, and his buying the table would just be 'wrong'. [Also House is a moocher and a cheapskate.] House says Wilson is scared to buy furniture. Wilson says he's furnished several houses. House says no, his wives furnished several houses and Wilson just paid.

When House returns from work, the house is completely furnished, with lots of lights. Wilson says "It was simple, you throw money at them, they throw furniture at you."

Wilson returns the next day to find the house bare again. When he confronts House, House discovered the furniture was only rented with a single phone call, so he sent it back. He challenges Wilson to buy one single piece of furniture at one store.

Wilson tours stores, trying out a lot of modernist hideous furniture without finding anything he likes. His nadir is when he finds he's been looking for a dining room table in the patio section.

Wilson paces Cuddy's office agonizing over his inability to buy furniture. Cuddy says 'so hire a decorator', but Wilson tells her that's against the rules House has set. Cuddy says the only thing worse than being unable to buy furniture is letting House tell him how to buy furniture. She gives him the name of a good decorator and tells him to go to it.

House comes home to a completely decorated condo again, and correctly deduces Wilson has hired a decorator. Wilson begs him to let him keep this set - he can't stand any more furniture buying. House spots a piece on one end of the room covered by a blanket and approaches it cautiously. Under the blanket is an organ. House tries a few notes and smiles. "The decorator didn't buy this," he comments. He sits and begins to play. "I like what this says about you, Wilson."

House breaks into "A Whiter Shade of Pale" on the organ, but is soon supplanted by Procol Harum over a montage of Abby having her brain operated on, Artie having a long talk with Nick (Nick gets up and leaves), Peter and Rachel Taub looking though wedding pictures, and Taub getting down on one knee and re-proposing to Rachel, complete with engagement ring, as a sign she's the one he wants to be married to, Nick and Abby making up as House and Taub look on.

House asks Taub how he made out with Rachel and he says she said 'yes', too. "Good for you," House says, but as Taub walks off he encounters a blonde nurse who seems overly friendly and House gets a worried look on his face as the final strains of 'Whiter Shade of Pale' play out.

= Cecil =
Next Week:

To Be Announced - the next two Mondays are repeats.

Last Episode: 03/08/10 6-14 Private Lives
Next Episode: 04/05/10? 6-16 TBD

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-15, “Black Hole” Air Date 03/15/2010

Cast and Crew

Director:___ Greg Yaitanes
Writer:____ Lawrence Kaplow


Hugh Laurie ________ Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein _______ Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard _ Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps _________ Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer _______ Dr. Robert Chase
Olivia Wilde ________ Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson ______ Dr. Chris Taub

Guest Stars:

Cali Fredrichs _______ Abby
Nick Eversman ______ Nick
Dennis Boutsikaris ___ Artie (Nick's dad)
Callie Thompson _____ Young Abby
Sunil Malhotra ______ Mr. Damon (teacher)
Molly Kasch ________ Jeanine
Michelle Duffy ______ June
Jennifer Crystal Foley _ Rachel Taub
Floriana Lima _______ Gabriella (Furniture Store)


Toccata & Fugue in D-Minor __ Johann Sebastian Bach
(performed by Hugh Laurie)

Overture to Phantom of the Opera
______________ Andrew Lloyd Webber
______________ Charles Hart
______________ Richard Stilgoe
(performed by Hugh Laurie)

A Whiter Shade of Pale _ Procol Harum
(instrumental by Hugh Laurie)

Posted by Cecil on March 16, 2010 1:47 AM
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