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House 6-14 - Private Lives

"No operation until I finish mac's review!"

House 6-14 - Private Lives
Airdate: Monday March 8, 2010


House's team has trouble curing a famous blogger who won't get off the internet long enough to be diagnosed. Didn't we do this plot about 11 episodes ago? House and Wilson keep and discover secrets. Chase is persuaded to dip a toe in the dating pool.


Today's theme is secrets. Secrets we keep from our friends, secrets we keep from our lover, secrets we keep from ourselves. But we begin examining secrets by contrast - we meet a woman who has no secrets. Frankie, a blogger is at the computer well into the night. Her bf/bff/husband/? Taylor nags her to come to bed, evidently a frequent argument. She maintains she is a vegetarian despite eating salmon, apparently another old argument, and she tells him her readers agree with him, which provokes another old argument. Taylor doesn't like his life revealed on-line and tells her to erase references to their arguments and 'make it go away'. Before this argument can get any further there's a banging at the door. It's a walking clock, as in 'don't you people know it's two in the morning and I've got to be up in four hours?'. They sheepishly agree to hold it down, but when the clock sees Frankie he's on the phone to the cops. It looks like she's been beaten up with bruises all over her face. Taylor tries to explain it's not what it looks like and Frankie goes to a mirror to find out what all the concern is about. She's shocked when she sees her face and opens her mouth to find her gums bleeding heavily.

We never find out how much trouble Taylor had explaining himself to the cops, because we cut to the hospital where Frankie's been admitted. Sudden unexplained coalgulapathy. There's something you don't encounter every day. The doctors simultaneously debate diagnoses and privacy, which Taub says is a modern invention, since when no longer live in small towns where everybody knows everything about you. House is creeped out by the thought of sharing all his intimate secrets with the Internet crowd. Hadley thinks maybe some photo chemicals may be involved and so gets the assignment to search Frankie's place, along with Taub. Taub finds a locked drawer which raises his suspicions. Their searches are interrupted by a knock which turns out to be Mr. Clock who's ready to call the cops again. Bet he has their number on speed dial. Hadley disarms him with a smile and a "We're doctors." explanation. Mr. Clock tells them Frankie's had her hands on the rat poison he puts out to kill the rats attracted by her pile of recyclables, and Hadley gets an 'aha!' look on her face.

House and Wilson attend a speed dating session. Before the session commences the men and women ogle each other from afar, but House looks like he's being led to the guillotine. Chase has been dragged into the affair as well. House and Wilson gang up on Chase telling him he's ridiculously attractive. Chase begs to differ, thinking his other sterling qualities are what attract all the ladies. House bets him that he doesn't tell anyone he's a doctor, appears a little slow and unable to follow the ladies conversations, and loses his accent he still walks out with a dozen names - for $100. Chase takes the bet.

The gong sounds and the meet market begins. Wilson leads every conversation with "I'm an oncologist" and as a result gets cancer stories from every woman he meets. House leads with cynicism. Chase plays the game and is rather good at appearing dull. When they've finished House collects a couple of 'call me' tickets, Wilson collects a couple, and Chase collects a huge stack, as House holds out his hand to collect his bet.

Taub and Foreman finds their blogger patient blogging to a reader in the same room. And looking over her shoulder they find she's been blogging about her doctors, and not always complementarily. She interrupts their questions to day he has to pee, but keeps talking thought the open bathroom door as she proceeds. He philosophy is that people are dishonest because their lives are so private with no one to hold them accountable, so she turns the paradigm around and opens her whole life to scrutiny. So with everything on the record, she has to be honest as apparently, does anyone she comes in contact with. She walks out and says "I don't think my pee is supposed to be mud-colored (How long before that goes up on the blog?) Foreman says this means it isn't the rat poison.

The teams tosses around new theories that account for kidney failure as were as coagulaopathy. (It's fun writing that). House dashes out of the room to demonstrate his own disregard for privacy "Hey Wilson, I can't find my porn." After Wilson gets over his distaste for discussing the subject in the public hallway, he asks if House has tried offering a reward. Finally Wilson says he returned the disks to the store they were rented from. Back in the room, Chase is pushing Sjogren's disease, Foreman is pushing rabdo. Wilson says he had to remove the porn because he was hoping he's get lucky and bring a woman home that night and didn't want the mood killed.

Wilson walks into House's office where House stares at his laptop. He asks if House is reading his patient's blog from which he might learn something. House says there's too much information there - just like whole body scans which he also disdains, they'd be chasing too many false leads. House says he stopped by the rental store and found Wilson had only returned two of the three disks, and said he'd lost the third. So House naturally drove all over town to find another copy. It's playing on his laptop at the moment. Wilson freaks.

House turns the laptop around and we see Wilson in something like Indian buckskins with an antler headdress dancing around a roaring fire. Wilson sputters out an explanation that his college roommate was a film minor who later turned into real director, and enlisted all his friends to make a film of non-prurient content, but later recut it with a Wilson lookalike actor to turn it into a porn film. (Most famous line "Be not afraid" to a pioneer maiden he 'takes' in the woods.

Wilson demands a vow of silence and House agrees "From this moment on, my lips are sealed," and we can all see the loophole in that a mile away. A Wilson leaves the room he bumps into Hadley and apologized. Hadley replies "No harm done - and be not afraid."

Hadley joins Chase in the diagnosis room, and they discuss the blogger. Chase has been reading her blog, and says he's found nothing terribly relevant to the case, but she certainly doesn't hold anything back, discussing even her sex life and how unturned on she was after an argument. Hadley says her followers are so devoted one of them phoned from Singapore to discuss donating kidney.

Chase turns the conversational direction by asking "How attractive am I?" He explains bet of the night before. Hadley says we're all physical as well as emotional and don't classify her whole gender by one night's experience. Chase has a House-like epiphany and wonders if Frankie's lack of arousal was a physical, rather than an emotional experience. Sjogren's disease could lead to that.

Chase dashes off to test Frankie for Sjogren's even though it's the middle of the night, and she says no problem because she's a night owl. The discuss their respective relationships, and Frankie says she she's not comfortable lying flat on her back for the x-ray.

Chase tells the team he's booked the patient for heart surgery, because not wanting to lie flat on the back is a frequent complaint of people with heart valve problems. He bases his diagnosis on the not lying flat AND the angiogram he gave her after that complaint. House looks at the tests and says her mitral valve (and therefore her life) are nearly gone.

Taub and Chase lay out the options to Frankie and Taylor. She needs a new heart valve and he choices are 'pig or plastic'. The valve from a pig is a better choice if she ever wants to have children, because the plastic valve requires her to take anti-coagulants which can cause birth defects. On the other hand the pig valve wears out faster and would require more heart surgery in ten years. The doctors leave Taylor and Frankie alone to talk it over.

Taylor tells Frankie it's her call, but he objects when she asks for her laptop, saying he wants her to make the decision, not her extended support group, many of whom are vegetarians and will object to the pig valve for reason extraneous to Frankie's priorities. He begs her not to tell them, but she says if she starts picking and choosing what to share she's being dishonest.

Wilson finds his movie posters in his office replaced by posted for the soft-core porn, each prominently featuring Wilson. And his nurse see's them, too. He gets real quiet and tells her to get his Vertigo posters back. Even the cashier in the cafeteria tells him to "Be not afraid, it's exact change."

Wilson seeks out Chase, and tells him he's looking to get some embarrassing inside information on House. Chase starts to tell him it's impossible because House isn't embarrassed by anything, but stops and chuckles. He's lately noticed House reading "The Golden Bowl" by Henry James. But the book he's reading behind that paper jacket is not thick enough to be The Golden Bowl, so they both wonder what House is hiding.

Frankie closes her laptop and says she's going with the plastic valve. Taylor that's not her decision but her group's, and he urges her to not let them have that much say. Or else he might not be able to stay in the relationship.

Searching House's office for the book, Wilson first finds a bunch more downloaded stills from his film, turned into PowerPoint presentations by House. Chase finds the book, and stripping off the dust jacket they find it's a collection of sermons "Step by Step: Sermons for Everyday Life," by an author they've never heard of. Chase asks "How can we use this, in a cruel, but funny way?" Wilson, however asks him not to breath a word of their find, and leaves with the book in his hand.

Frankie is prepped for surgery. She asks Taylor if he'll be there when she wakes up. She says she wishes he had his own tell-all blog so she'd know what he's thinking. Frankie tells her "Let's just get you through this surgery." As she lays there she gets an intense pain in her side and throws up. Foreman says to hustle her into the OR.

In the recovery room, Chase and Foreman tell Frankie and Taylor her appendix burst and had to be removed, and the biopsy afterwards indicated it was full of abnormal cells consistent with lymphoma. And when the appendix burst, the cells spread through her body, so chemotherapy is unlikely to be effective. However, they tell her, Cuddy has approved an experimental treatment where a vaccine is created targeted to her individual lymphoma cells. The heart surgery is on hold until they find if they can defeat the cancer. Without the treatment they guess she'd have no more than a year to live. Taylor vows to stand by her and Frankie says she'll start the treatment as soon as possible.

Foreman and Chase discuss the case in the hall, wondering if Frankie's quick decision is a form of denial or even a new symptom. As Foreman leaves, Chase approaches the cashier in the hospital gift shop and asks to borrow her car.

He talks it over with Hadley, how a casual acquaintance agreed to loan him her car. Hadley says it's because he's a doctor. Chase says he's been deluding himself that he's actually connecting with people. Hadley tells him her 'first love' turned out to be a 'total tool' who was just saying what he thought she wanted to hear.

Wilson sits at home reading "Step by Step" when House walks in. Wilson confronts him about the book, dismissing all Wilson's guesses, and asking for the book back because he hasn't finished it yet.

House enters the team room to find Foreman and Taub reading two of a whole stack of "Step by Step"s, complete with original dust jacket. They congratulate him on his choice of reading material. Chase wonders in, also with a book, and says Hadley's administering the first targeted vaccine to the patient, and he bought the books, which are out of print, by calling the author directly. House asks Chase what he said to the author and Chase says he said he know a bunch of people who could benefit spiritually from reading it. House asks if he mention him to the author. Chase says no just as everyone's beeper goes off. The antibodies generated and autoimmune response and the vaccine is killing Frankie, who writhes in pain.

The team discusses the case with Cuddy. House asks when the reaction began, and Hadley says she seemed fine when she woke her for her second vaccine dose that afternoon. House wonders who can sleep in a hospital in the afternoon (me for one) and Chase says she's a night-owl. House checks her blog and discovers that in the last six months her posts have been in the wee hours, but before that always in the daytime. That seems to indicate liver, and not lymphoma, but how to account for their previous diagnosis? House orders a liver biopsy.

The team delivers the news - liver disease not lymphoma. That's good news, right? Unfortunately, that means she's dying even more quickly, days rather than a year. Me, I'm wondering how the team delivers a diagnosis of fatal cancer without involving the hospital's chief oncologist (Wilson) especially since that diagnosis is now shown to e wrong.

Taylor holds Frankie after the doctors leave.

Back in conference, Foreman proposes that the fever is a new symptom rather than a reaction to the vaccine. The answer would seem to be infection, but they can't identify a source, and her blog would seem to preclude all the common ones. House says "There has to be something she's not telling us." Chase, however who's read the blog, says she's not only not withholding anything from them, she's not withholding anything from anybody. House orders broad spectrum antibiotics, then goes off to read the blog himself, over soulful music.

Wilson interrupts to say he picked up one of the books Chase bought, and having seen the picture of the author, recognizes him as the man House pointed out to him at his father's funeral as being his real father (from his mother's affair.) Wilson asks why House didn't just go talk to the man if he wants to know more about him, but even House apparently has some limits. Wilson says House has always thought of religion as 'crap' which gives House and idea and he takes off.

House dashes into the patient's room and starts asking about her poop. Chase introduces him as "the wizard." The patient's poop has changed to soft greasy floaters since her 'vegetarian' diet began. House diagnoses malabsorption of her ersatz vegetarian diet leading to all her other troubles and Chase and Hadley blurt out simultaneously "Wibble's disease". He leaves and Chase tells her that she still needs a new heart valve and she'll be in meds for a few years, but basically she's OK. He leaves and Frankie and Taylor embrace. She says she thinks she'll take the pig valve. Taylor brings her laptop - "I know you'll want to tell everybody."

Chase and Hadley have another chat about relationships in the doctor's lounge. Chase still can't figure out if he felt anything real for Cameron or was deluding himself. Hadley says he was feeling something real, and 'no' he can't borrow her car.

Wilson and House meet in the elevator, and Wilson asks if he found anything he could connect with in the reverend's book. "Underneath the God stuff," House says, "more God stuff."

Cuddy orders maintenance to remove the giant movie poster that now stretches across the hospital entrance.

= Cecil =
Next Week:

“A student is mysteriously dying and the answer may luie in her subconscous.”

Last Episode: 02/09/10 6-13 "5 to 9"
Next Episode: 03/15/10 6-15 "Black Hole"

Favorite Quotes:

Wilson: What are you doing tonight?
House: Masturbating. I'd invite you, but people are already talking.

Wilson: Pathetic. You divide your nights between porn and the Discovery channel.

Wilson: Come out with me tonight. I'm going speed dating.
House: You mean you're dating on meth? Count me in.

House: You do realize things don't have to be socks to go in a sock drawer? (House wondering why Wilson had to return his porn to get it out of sight.

House: You completely ruined my morning. I had to pull out your old family photos. Your mom is pretty hot. (House on the pornless life.)

Wilson: I don't get it. I mean, okay, he was a friend of the family. You'd only known him when you were a kid. But if you wanted to meet him now, get an idea of what he's like, why not just go talk to him?
House: "Hi, it's Greg. You slept with my mother."
Wilson: You're capable of it.

Wilson: Because you're not ordinary, House. You're way out there on the fringe somewhere. I'm you're my best friend, and half the time I don't understand you. You're alone. Been alone your whole life.

Wilson: Because you're not ordinary, House. You're way out there on the fringe somewhere. I'm you're my best friend, and half the time I don't understand you. You're alone. Been alone your whole life.

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-14, “Private Lives” Air Date 03/08/2010

Cast and Crew

Director:___ Sanford Bookstaver
Writer:____ Doris Egan


Hugh Laurie________Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein_______Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard_Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps_________Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer_______Dr. Robert Chase
Olivia Wilde________Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson______Dr. Chris Taub

Guest Stars:

Laura Prepon _______ Frankie
Adam Rothenberg ___ Taylor
Gonzalo Menendez __ Stuart
Pamela Rooney _____ Mary
Tina Sanchez _______ Elizabeth
Lindsay Halladay ____ Nicole
Annie Weirich ______ Dionne
Tonya Kay _________ Chloe
Anise Fuller ________ Melodie
Tracy Esposito ______ Leeanne
Christina Vidal ______ Sandy
Elena Evangelo _____ Belinda
Catherine Kresge ____ Joan


Chasing Pirates __________ Norah Jones)
What's It Gonna Be _______ The Dynamites
The Sun is Shining Down _ JJ Grey and Mofro
Lochloosa _____________ JJ Grey and Mofro

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