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House 6-12 - Moving the Chains

"Man, this little piggie had a lot of roast beef!"

House 6-12 - Moving the Chains
Airdate: Monday February 1, 2010


House and team treat a football player who wants to get back in the game. What if it's not in his best interest? Foreman's brother shows up - wasn't he in prison?

The Theme:

The theme of tonight's set of interlocked stories is "Family". Even the stories that don’t seem to be about family will turn out to be after last minute revelations.

A story

The primary story is of a young college football player, Daryl, who wants to break into the pros and is having an outstanding time at try-out camp, with his mother Glenda proudly pointing out his finer qualities to scouts. But at one practice session Daryl breaks into a rage and can’t hold back. The docs send him to the hospital. He gets a clean tox scan, clean psych screen, but still can't remember a thing

Cynical House of course assumes steroids, but the other doctors think it might be a pituitary problem. He's tested and his pituitary is fine, leading House to crow, but it's not steroids either, as they discover when he goes into tachycardia.

With the new clues, the team has divergent hypotheses, lymphoma (cancer) or Takayasu's disease. They do a drip test to decide one way or the other, The test generates itching, which seems to indicate lymphoma and they surgically remove Daryl's spleen, only to discover that the spleen is OK and the liver was inflamed, not the spleen.

Taub suggests viral hepatitis from a dirty needle used by the team doctor. It doesn't bear out. They find Daryl's blood has a high proportion of immunoglobulins - it's thick and needs thinning. But the process will take weeks to work, and Daryl would miss the make or break tryouts for the pros. But he could easily die if he played without the

Daryl breaks off his treatment to go to the tryouts. He says he's better, and won't listen to Foreman or his mom, who begs Foreman to go to the tryouts with him. Foreman does so, and talks to Daryl in the hallway leading to the field. Daryl explains how his mo, sacrificed everything for him and he wants to repay her. But Daryl nearly collapses with blurred vision on the way out, and requests Foreman take him back to the hospital.

The vision problem was the result of a spiked water bottle by Foreman. But House no0tices on his readmission that Daryl only lost a single pound on his first admission, and that normally a patient that size would lose at least 10. Now the team suspects cancer, nut they can't find any. Yet Daryl's kidneys are failing which would be consistent with cancer.

House has a flash and examines the patients skin, suggestion that melanomas can be overlooks in black patients, which is indeed the case, as he finds a cancerous mole on the sole of Daryl's foot, which can be removed and he'll be better in just a few weeks. Daryl despairs over this solution too late to save his football career, but House suggests he's no worse off than all those student he studied alongside, in fact better for having no student loans to pay off.

B story

In the secondary family plot. Foreman's brother Marcus is getting out of prison, but Foreman won't deal with him won't pick him up or even talk to him. House does instead, brings him back to the hospital and installs him in a job, pissing off Foreman. Foreman tries to get Marcus to quit, but he won't. He invites Marcus to diagnostic sessions and pays attention to what he says without ridicule. He gives him his own desk. Foreman is of course humiliated and complains to Cuddy, but to no avail.

Foreman doesn't trust Marcus because he's reverted to his old ways multiple times on release before, including stealing from his parents and pulling stickups. Marcus swears he's reformed this time but Foreman doesn't trust him.

House does his best to dig up dirt he can use to embarrass Foreman, but is frequently disappointed as big brother Marcus defends his little brother, even dismissing the famous grand-theft auto House is always bringing up as a fourteen year old and a sixteen year old joy riding and getting only a few blocks before being picked up by the police, but disappointing their mother immensely. Marcus swears Foreman turned himself around that night vowing to never disappoint his mother again. Marcus says they lost their mother recently, surprising House that Foreman told no one in the group. Marcus begs House to never bring up their mother as a goad to Foreman.

So immediately in their next session, House reveals Foreman's mother's death to the group, leading to expressions of sympathy from the other's but more abuse from House. Marcus leaps to Foreman's defense and seems about to come to blows with House, but angrily quits instead.

Foreman after witnessing Daryl's willingness to take risks with his own life to provide for his mother, visits Marcus at the halfway house where he lives and, though insisting on no promises from Marcus, only day-by-day coping. Invites Marcus to come live with him.

In the background observing all this, Wilson concocts a theory that House has nice motives in all the harassment, designed to get Foreman to engage with his brother. House of course is offended by this, but Wilson insists he wins.

C story

Wilson and House engage in internecine warfare. House insists on bathing in Wilson's tub because it's bigger and he says it soothes the ache in his leg and he even installs his own grab bar over the tub.

The next time he bathes, the grab bar pulls out of the wall smacking House in the head and launching the war.

Wilson comes home to find a possum in the tub (true Yankees, House and Wilson both pronounce it o-possum.) Total cost $250 for removal and $1500 for repairs.

House insists he didn't do it and an unknown harasser must be pranking both of them. They stay up late to try and catch the intruder but Wilson tires after 2AM and goes to bed, only to have the fire sprinklers go off and soak the apartment, including a huge flat-screen TV which convinces Wilson it wasn't House, because "You would never sacrifice the flat screen."

The next day House holds an inquisition doing a bad Inspector Clouseau imitation trying to find the culprit but he's going after Foreman really. It turns up no truth, but is the venue for Marcus's resignation.

In an 11th hour out-of-nowhere revelation it turns out the culprit is Cuddy's boyfriend Lucas the private eye. He's retaliation for House and Wilson buying the condo out from under himself and Cuddy. But tells them the war is over and there will be no retaliation unless they want him to tell Cuddy what they did.

Later we find that Cuddy knew all along.

D story

A young soldier, Jim Dunnagan, comes to the clinic claiming vision problems, but House dismisses him as a malingerer who just doesn't want to go to the Middle East. The soldier says he's been there three times already but now, his enlistment up, he and his wife had planned a baby due soon, only to have the Army invoke "stop-loss" clauses of his contract and schedule him for a fourth. He thought House would be sympathetic because he assumed House's limp was from Vietnam. House says that in his days dodgers fled to Canada or shot themselves in the foot and dismisses the patient.

So the next day Dunnagan comes in shot in the foot. House tells him it's worth at best a few days off. Dunnagan complains about the unfairness of it, saying he has a wife now and a baby on the way and doesn’t want to risk leaving them husband- and father-less.

Later the shot toe becomes infected and House tells him they are switching him to different antibiotics but he'll still lose the toe. Dunnagan is actually relieved until House tells him the Army doesn't have a problem with nine toed infantrymen. Of course, House says, we could leave you on the old antibiotics and end up amputating something… bigger.

In the final scene of the show, House sees Dunnagan being wheeled out of the hospital, foot amputated at the ankle.

= Cecil =

Next Week:

The hospital is in danger of losing a major funding source and Cuddy feels like she's the only one trying to keep the hospital from closing. A dishonest employee tries to leverage her dishonesty as a lever on Cuddy.

Last Episode: 01/25/10 6-11 Remorse
Next Episode: 02/08/10 6-13 5 to 9

Favorite Quotes:

“Everything hurts all the time. That's football." Daryl explaining the sports facts of life to the doctors.

“Maybe you self-pranked.” “I don't masterprank.” House inventing a new word to say he didn't prank himself as a method of justifying his 'retaliation' against Wilson.

"Do you know why you're black?" "Because God loves me more that he loves you?" Daryl, topping House.

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-12, “Moving the Chains” Air Date 02/01/2010

Cast and Crew

Director:___ David Straiton
Writer:____ Russel friend
__________ Garret Lerner


Hugh Laurie ________ Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein _______ Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard _ Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps _________ Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer _______ Dr. Robert Chase
Olivia Wilde ________ Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson ______ Dr. Chris Taub

Guest Stars:

Davon McDonald __ Daryl
Denise Dowse _____ Glenda
Shon Little _______ Scout
Harry Zinn _______ Coach Denning
Orlando Jones _____ Marcus Foreman
Trever O'Brien ____ Jim Dunnagan
Michael Weston ___ Lucas

Posted by Cecil on February 2, 2010 12:49 AM
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