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House Fodder

House 6-08 – Ignorance is Bliss

"What part of ‘NO!’ don’t you understand?”

Season 6, Episode 8: " Ignorance is Bliss "
Airdate: Monday November 23, 2009


House’s team must save the mind of a genius. Meanwhile House plots to break up Cuddy and Lucas. When he’s not getting punched out by Chase, that is.

The Hook:

The camera pans across a shelf of physics books in a bookstore. The proprietor is tidying up shelves when a deliveryman comes in with cartons of books. The deliveryman asks for a signature, but the proprietor is distracted - he reaches for one of the physics books and says "this guy - James Sidas - looks exactly like you. (it's a much younger and unbearded photo). Wait a minute, this guy is you!" Youngest student every to graduate MIT, 179 IQ, published three books and hundreds of papers before the age of 18. The deliveryman [Jim, according to his shirt] modestly demurs that "standards were lower back then." The proprietor asks for his autograph in the book and 'Jim' finally agrees to but his hand trembles as he tries to sign and the proprietor asks him is he's OK and Jim says "no" and looks around dazedly.

Act 1

House runs in to Cuddy in the cafeteria and asks about her Thanksgiving plans. Dinner at her sister's, she says, and hands him the case of a fifteen year old with recurring migraines and blurred vision. He takes it, to her surprise. So she promptly gives him Sidas's case instead.

House presents the case to the team. Chase is absent. West Nile? Sickle Cell? TTP? Everybody but Taub thinks TTP is a good fit, so House says to go with that.

Hadley and Taub examine the patient, while his wife, Dara anxiously asks questions. Sidas assures her he’ll be OK as they draw blood for a confirming test. Taub questions the genius’s choice of career – does it indicate mental problems? Sidas says he works as a courier because he wants to - it’s easy and he doesn’t have to think. He’s content with his life with Dara and has decided he’d rather be happy than smart.

Foreman finds Chase lying down in the doctor’s lounge. Chase says he’s OK but Cameron has left him and gone back to Chicago. Chase shrugs off Foreman’s attempt to help.

Taub and Hadley discuss the case, Taub mentions his wife is cutting him off over his career move. Taub finds confirmation of TTP, which concerns him as being too easy and House doesn’t take easy cases, so it must be something else.

Taub and Hadley brief House on the results. The normal treatment would be plasmaphoresis, but Sidas has an allergy that prevents them from doing that, so the next choice is a spleenectomy – pretty drastic if they’re wrong, as Taub suspects. House ducks into a men’s room, and Hadley and Taub follow him in. House is searching for Wilson, who’s not there. Hadley and Taub convey their hesitancy of doing a spleenectomy, but House tells them to go ahead.

House finds Wilson in the cafeteria and asks him if he knows where Cuddy’s sister lives. He discloses he’s decided to break Cuddy and Lucas up. Wilson considers it a childish thing to do. House says he’s doing them a favor by testing their degree of commitment. Wilson is not helping.

Chase has removed the spleen and the wound seems to be healing nicely. Sidas begins speaking as if he’s gotten synesthesia. Chase diagnoses a stroke and calls for help.

Act 2

House says the case is now more interesting. Now what’s the new diagnosis? Taub suggests vasculitis. As the team discusses the issue, House makes a phone call fishing for Lisa’s sister’s address, by calling all twelve Julia Cuddys in a 100 mile radius. Acquired pancetophenia? House directs them to do another more thorough tox screen and to search Sidas’s home for toxins.

Taub and Chase draw the search chore. Taub invites Chase for Thanksgiving dinner. Chase demurs. Taub finds mouse droppings. Chase finds a closet with complicated notebooks full of math and physics notes – very advanced stuff. Chase finds a bottle of vodka hidden in a vent.

House is doing voluntary clinic duty as part of his ‘sway Cuddy into an invite’ campaign. A patient gushes over how wonderful House has been. Cuddy is amazed. A nurse says House has seen six patients already. Cuddy is suspicious of a hidden agenda. But she invites him to Thanksgiving dinner.

House displays his pleasure to Wilson over achieving his devious goal. Wilson points out that the address is a three hour drive and might be fake. House says he checked it though the DMV. I wonder how the New Jersey DMV lets people just ask for anyone’ address. “This cannot end well,” is Wilson’s pronouncement.

Act 3

House tries on ties as the team reports. No surprises in the tox screen but vodka in a hideaway spot. The team thinks it’s alcoholism with liver failure. House thinks that’s pretty simple for such a complex guy. Foreman says the liver biopsy can wait until after Thanksgiving, but House directs Taub and Hadley to do it today, which I guess is Thanksgiving, show time.

Sidas denies being an alcoholic. He says he drinks, but not a lot. Drinking at all is news to Dara. He tells them the liver biopsy is a waste of time.

House arrives at Julie’s house. His arrival is intercut with scenes of Turkey being served by Lucas. The house is an attractive Tudor in an nice neighborhood. Did Cuddy intentionally give House the wrong time? Will he arrive to be greeted by a turkey carcass? He knocks on the door and Cuddy appears to turn her head at the sound. OK deception over, House is greeted , not by Julia, but by a house sitter. Julia’s family is in Hawaii for the week, she says. “You must be Dr. House. I was told I should offer you a turkey sandwich.” Ouch. Sartor resartus.

Hadley brings Taub a tuna salad sandwich in the lab. “Closest they made to turkey.” They find no cirrhosis or scaring in the liver sample, but elevated albumin in the blood. Taub speculates the problem elevating the albumin is in the kidneys rather than the liver - which they now have to stay and test.

Lucas returns from the dinner, wherever it was, to find House in his apartment. He tells Lucas that he’s not right for Cuddy. House is drinking wine and seems drunk. He gets maudlin about how he’s used up his “832 chances” with Cuddy, and now the better man has won. “I’m pathetic, I don’t deserve her,” House says and collapses. Lucas says he can crash on the sofa bed, and House says “I love her.”

Act 4

The team meets in the cafeteria surrounded by Thanksgiving decorations, but House is absent, having sent notice he won’t be in. Diagnoses are tossed out and shot down. Chase wonders “What if his cough is more than a cough.” No one else has heard a cough, but Chase points out it’s in his history and they found a new bottle of cough syrup in his home.

Now they’re hooking up Sidas to a dialysis machine, temporary, they say, until a kidney transplant is available. Dara questions the ever changing diagnoses. Hadley says the problem is definitely kidneys, they just don’t know why.

In the hall, Hadley asks if there’s any word from Cameron. “Nope,” is Chase’s clipped reply. She offers him the number of her counselor. Chase rejects the offer.

Cuddy comes to House to ask what he said to Lucas. Lucas has offered to bow out. Cuddy tell House to bug off. “There is no ‘us’. There never will be.”

House tells Wilson “It worked.” He was faking being drunk to fool Lucas into believing his profession of love for Cuddy. “You’re right, it’s his fault for being stupid,” Wilson says, and House gets that thoughtful epiphany look, saying “It certainly is.”

House confronts Sidas: “You’re stupid.” He says Sidas is a DXM junkie (the active ingredient in the cough syrup). Taken in high doses, it makes you dumb. Dara starts to say he obviously isn’t dumb, but House tells her “He’s smart, compared to you, but he’s dumb compared to what he was.” Robo-tripping” House says, can damage the brain unless taken with a moderate amount of alcohol as well – that’s what the vodka was for.

Dara asks Sidas why he would throw away a gift. He says he didn’t throw it away, he just “turned it down a little.” It made life bearable, he says. Dara says she thought she did that, and he tells her “You do.”

House says they’ll clean the pollutants out of his system and he’ll be the “unhappiest little courier” in no time. Sidas says he doesn’t think he can live without it. House says “You’d be surprised what you can live without.” And to the team, “Make him a genius.”

Act 5

Dara compliments Sidas on how much better he looks already. He’s drawing in a notebook, and when she asks him what it is he says “just doodles”. She presses him, and he says it’s a “toroidial helicom plasma device” and a very nice, detailed freehand cutaway drawing, as well. Isn’t this guy supposed to be a scientist, not an engineer or draftsman? The look on Dara’s face says she’s sorry she asked. “It determines the amount of energy expended by the subatomic particles,” he adds. He asks her for a juice, and she kisses him and goes to get it.

With Dar out of the room, Sidas tells Foreman “I told you. You know what the difference between her IQ and mine is? Ninety one points. She’s closer to a gibbon than she is to me. Having sex with her would be an act of bestiality.” So smart and nasty go together? But he redeems himself by admitting “I’m the one who’s a jerk, but I owe her everything. I want to want to be with her, but when I’m clear, I … can’t.”

House is seeing another clinic patient. He tells her he’s diagnosed her as a ‘rat’, a person pretending to be ill to check up on doctors for insurance companies. She asks him if he’s this rude to all his patients. “Yes,” he says, “ don’t think you’re anything special.” But, he says, he’ll give her twenty bucks to pretend that he’s not when she leaves the room. She cocks her head, considering the deal, and leaves all bubbly with insincere gratitude. House asks the nurse where Cuddy is, and he says she’s left for the day. House sees Cuddy scurrying out the door, but is too late to intercept her.

Dara talks to Foreman in the hall. She’s afraid Sidas hates her and never really loved her at all. Foreman tells her to give him some time to adjust, but they’re interrupted by Sidas calling for help – he can’t feel his legs.

Taub and Rachel are talking in their bedroom. He says they have to talk. Rachel says it’s late and she’s tired. She says she’s not concerned about the difference in money, and only a little miffed he didn’t consult her, but the real problem is that in his private practice he was the boss, and now he’s a 40-year old doing grunt work again.

The team considers the new developments. House throws out all the suggestions from Taub, Hadley, and Foreman, them rides Chase to “give me SOMETHING, or I’ll get your ex-smarter half on the phone and ask her.”

Chase sighs wearily, “House…” then rises, strides casually over to House, and punches his lights out. The rest of the team stand mute, cheering only on the inside, as House groggily rises and Chase leaves the room. If I recall correctly, isn’t this the second time Chase has punched House?

Act 6

Cuddy comes to House in Wilson’s apartment and asks if he’ll be pressing charges. “Against the ottoman I tripped over?” House says. He’s got a bandage on his nose, a black eye, and bruises all over the left side of his face. She wants to know if Chase is stable enough to continue, but House continues to stonewall and asks her out. “I’m not doing this anymore, House, it’s not fun anymore. Just do your job.”

House comes to Sidas’s room to ask for help. He wants some data analyzed. To Sidas’s question about his face, House says “I was mowing the lawn when the phone rang.” Someone will have to explain that one to me.

Sidas asks him “You going to feed me twenty years worth of medical knowledge, too? It doesn’t work that way.”

“I know,” House says, “but I don’t have anyone else to ask.”

Sidas recognizes a kindred spirit and says “It’s lonely, isn’t it?”

“It’s not that bad,” House responds.

“You’re not that smart,” Sidas says. “ You ever tied to kill yourself?”

“Not quickly,” is House’s reply.

“I did. Twelve years ago I jumped off the top of my eight story building into a dumpster bin the day before pickup.” Broke his collarbone, a leg, and three ribs. In the hospital the narcotics they gave him made everything “just better”. He no longer felt isolated and lonely. That’s where he met his wife. “She was happy and dumb, and I was smart, and miserable.” He fell in love with her “buzzed out of my head” and knew he wanted to stay that way forever.

House is thinking of firing the person who took his history, but instead hands Sidas a bottle of cough syrup and says “enjoy.” He turns to leave then comes back to ask which ribs Sidas broke in the fall. On the left side?

“Yeah, bottom three, but that was twelve years ago.”

The team finds House about to MRI Sidas. He’s administering ferrous oxide contrast solution, which would be absorbed by the spleen, if Sidas had one, otherwise it goes to the liver and fries it. Taub asks if they’re killing Sidas. But when they look at the MRI, they see multiple ‘auxiliary’ spleens. The fall ruptured the spleen and cells migrated through the bloodstream, attached themselves elsewhere, and began functioning again. So it was TTP all along, they just didn’t remove “all of his spleens.” Sixteen to be precise.

Chase pursues House in the hall and apologizes for the punch. He says it was because people keep bugging him. “Fair enough,” says House, which seems to be becoming his new catch-phrase.

House and Taub are checking the patient. He thanks them, and says after he gets out he’s going back to his life – the one with his wife in it. “Tell your brain I said goodbye, ” is House’s exit line.

Taub later confronts House about the ‘self lobotomy’ he’s countenancing. House says ‘Ignorance is Bliss”.

Taub whips out a cell phone and takes a picture of House’s face, saying he’ll “start the T-shirts and mugs, and we’ll see how it goes.”

At home Taub shows Rachel the picture and implies he did the damage. Rachel is impressed. The love-strike is over.

House catches Cuddy in the hall and offers her tickets to the petting zoo. Not with him, but as a peace offering. Cuddy turns him down.

House tells Wilson “They didn’t split up.” Now he’s sure Cuddy and Lucas didn’t ever break up, and he’s OK with that.

Cuddy tells Lucas that “House knows I lied.” And yet will not do anything about it. Lucas figures that means they have House’s blessing. “That would be nice, wouldn’t it?” she says

- Cecil

Next Week:
“Wilson treats a dying friend, but when time runs out, he does the unthinkable. Cuddy moves on, but will House let her go?”
Last Episode: 11/16/09 6-7 Teamwork
Next Episode: 11/30/09 6-9 Wilson

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-8, “Ignorance is Bliss” Aired 11/23/2009

Cast and Crew

Director: ___ Greg Yaitanes
Writer: _____ David Hoselton


Hugh Laurie________Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein_______Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard_Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps_________Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer_______Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison____Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde________Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson______Dr. Chris Taub

Recurring Roles:

Bobbin Bergstrom _____ Nurse
Jennifer Crystal Foley __ Rachel Taub
Michael Weston ______ Lucas Douglas

Guest Stars:

Esteban Powell ___ Dr. James Sidas
Vicki Davis ______ Dara Sidas
Larry Cedar ______ Bob Beringer
Andrea Gabriel ___ Ronnie
Patrick Price _____ Nurse Jeffrey
Dava Krause _____ Cashier
Cheryl Carter _____ Dianna
Gabrielle Thomas _ Woman


Games People Play _ James Taylor
Enditol ___________ James Taylor


House: Put it on Dr. Wilson's tab.
Cashier: I don't know who Dr. Wilson is, and we don't have tabs.
House: Do you know who I am?
Cashier: No.
House: Good. (walks away)

Taub: It could be sickle cell.
Foreman: Guy's white.
Taub: Whites can get it.
House: Come on. We get tennis elbow and all the money. Let them have sickle cell.

Thirteen: You're sure you want us to take out his spleen.
House: Is that what a "spleenectomy" is? I thought it was an ice cream treat. Yuck.

House: Do you know where Cuddy's sister lives?
Wilson: You see, this is why I don't answer your urgent pages. Because they're not urgent pages.

House: I've decided what I'm going to do about Cuddy and Lucas. I'm going to break them up.
Wilson: Of course.
House: It's given me a purpose in life. A goal, a raison d'etre.
Wilson: Albeit a selfish, mean-spirited, childish raison
House: I think of it more as benevolent.

Wilson: (about House) How you manage to elevate your narcissism to beneficence is masterful.

Wilson: This is a three-hour drive. Have you considered the possibility that this is a vacant address?
House: Do you think she'd send me to a vacant lot for Thanksgiving dinner?
Wilson: If she's smart.

House: Sorry. I can't remember if I mocked you for being a male nurse.
Nurse Jeffrey: I think this counts.
House: Fair enough.

House: Sorry to inconvenience you. Dying patients can be so thoughtless.
Taub: Don't.
House: Great comeback. Is that Oscar Wilde?

Chase: Sorry about the nose. And the eye, and the, uh... eyebrow.
House: Guess I deserved it.
Chase: Well, if I thought that, I wouldn't be apologizing.
House: Your fist slipped?
Chase: Everybody kept bugging me, asking if I was okay.
House: So you busted my nose to keep people off your back.
Chase: Pretty much.
House: Making people even more worried about you.
Chase: Maybe. But at least they're not talking to me about it.
House: Fair enough.
Chase: Cheers.

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