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House Fodder

House 6-07 - Teamwork

"Do you want to be a 120 lb weakling forever?"

Season 6, Episode 7: "Teamwork"
Airdate: Monday November 16, 2009


House is back in charge. And we get to treat a porn star. And House wants his old team back. (Peter Jacobson and Olivia Wilde?)

The Hook:

An actor checks his makeup and massages his temples in front of a mirror. He tells his director he has a bit of a headache, but nothing he can't handle. He exult at the fine life they have, making movies. The set is the interior of a mansion. We see other actors. Other female actors. Other scantily clad female actors. Now we know what kind of movie this it. Just as the director yells "Action," and the bright light are turned on the actor, he grimaces and holds his eyes closed, saying they "feel like they're exploding."

Act 1

Chase and Cameron have a domestic moment at home that may make them late for work. Cameron doesn't care. She wasn’t to tell Chase that she accepts all that he revealed last week (about Dubala) but thinks they need to leave Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in order to put it behind them.

House and Foreman over what patient to take next. Foreman favors an infant with a limpness problem. House wants the porn star. Foreman says he's in charge so it will be the infant. Cuddy walks in and hands House his renewed medical license. Chase and Cameron walk in and Foreman tells them "House is back in charge, and we get to treat a porn star." Chase and Cameron announce they're leaving the team and the hospital effective immediately. They leave, and House reels off a whole list of tests to make and a history to gather, with Foreman the only team member left to do them.

Hank, the pornstar, tells Foreman he's tested regularly for STDs, as are all the people he 'works' with. Foreman says 'we'll just make sure.' Foreman is surprised to learn Hank is married. His wife is 'in the business' also, and he doesn't get jealous because it's just a job. He says he defies all the stereotypes and is happy in his work which he finds fulfilling and useful. In the middle of his exam hi arms begin to ache and Foreman alls for assistance.

House describes the symptoms so far to… Taub(?) as he plays with the camera in Taub's office. He tells Taub that he has four candidates for three positions - of course two of those candidate have just resigned and the other two haven't applied and don't want the job - but when did reality ever deter House? Taub says the link must be in the brain - tumor, seizure - as he shows House firmly out.

House describes Taub's theories to (you guessed it) Hadley. She tells him she's interviewing with a community clinic, and closes the door in House's face.

House describes the others' opinions Foreman who suggests cerebral vasculitis, and House sends him off to test and treat for that.

While chiseling lunch off Wilson, House describes his 'which three of the four' problem. He says he consider all four qualified but thinks five would be an unwieldy team.

Foreman begs Chase and Cameron for help with the brain tests before the go. They resist, but Foreman plays the 'you owe me' card and Chase crumbles. Cameron think a vitamin D deficiency is more likely, and Chase agrees to treating for that before making the invasive vasculitis tests.

Hanks wife is there and Chase and Cameron quiz them on the mechanics of a two pornstar marriage as the ultraviolet therapy is set up. The see their profession as a public service 'helping couples' overcome their hang-ups. Ex-seminarian Chase, a bit hypocritically, says no one can make up their own rules nor escape the consequences of their actions. Hank develops a nosebleed after only a few minutes in the UV booth. Bit when he comes out Cameron notices patikial hemorrhages in Hanks legs which, according to Chase means "We were wrong. And so is Foreman."

Act 2

Coming back to the diagnosis room, Cameron reports the patient's blood won't clot. The cheesy music coming from House's laptop leads her to ask "Is that…?", to which House replies "He's not without talent?" Cameron proposes some sort of blood infection - meningo-toxemia. House sends them to treat and test for that.

House calls Cameron back for a one-on-one, reasoning that Chase's relaxed manner and the easy relations between the two of them mean's Chase told her about killing Dubala. Well, if he didn't she sure knows now. Cameron tells him she's forgiven House. House doesn't believe it. She counter-reasons that House plowed along with the case despite having a staff of one, in order to get Foreman to ask, Chase and Cameron for help, giving House more time to blow up their marriage. House says the marriage will blow up in any event, and when it does it remove the only obstacle to her continuing to work there,

Chase treats hank and cautions that meningio-toxemia is spread by person to person contact and maybe he might reconsider his line of work. Hank says Chase doesn't have to pitch that hard since his wife isn't there, and he thinks from Chase's questions that he’s more like Hank that he wants to admit. Ch says he's a guy, he looks around, but he doesn’t act on his impulses because he loves his wife. Hanks says he's committed to his wife, to "in every way that matters. Chase notices Hank has a fever, meaning the antibiotics aren't working.

House has an appointment in Taub's clinic. He describes the new complications but Taub throws him out - only before throwing him out the says the antibiotics would be ineffective if the patient has clogged sinuses harboring am unreachable colony of bacteria. He suggests draining the man's sinuses.

Hadley is sitting in a lounge filling in her scrapbook of her Thailand trip when Foreman approaches. He says House didn't send him but he'd like her to come back. Hadley says she can't work with him. He says she can, because he was the one with the problems and he doesn’t have it any more.

Sinuses are getting drained by Chase in an OR. House tells him over the intercom that he's impressed that Chase came clean with Cameron, but it won’t work, Cameron won't be able to deal with the knowledge. Chase says she will because she loves him and has forgiven him. House says that would be inconsistent with all her prior behavior.

Wilson asks Cuddy what’s up with House? Cuddy says House is attempting to hire his old team back. Wilson says it's more like stalking and it's Cuddy's fault and what does she see in Lucas anyway? 'None of your beeswax' is effectively Cuddy's reply. Cuddy says it's her life and she won't change it because of any effect on House-- or Wilson.

Cuddy and Lucas discuss their relationship and House, and Lucas is very tender and understanding, and it's easy to see Cuddy's attraction to such a normal relationship after being around House all day.

Chase and Cameron start Hank on another course of antibiotics. Chase asks her why she forgave him. She says it’s because he felt shame for what he did. The patient begins moaning and Cameron palpitates his abdomen and announces his liver is failing.

House want to tell the teams about Taub’s and Hadley’s theories, but they say they don’t have time for his games and launch into a discussion of alternate diagnoses. And shoot down each as fast as raise. House finally decides to go which ‘blocked bile channel’ and tells them to treat and test that, plus tell the patient he needs a new liver.

House detains Chase temporarily to ask what Cameron thinks about Chase’s admission. House says Cameron forgave him so easily because she really blames House for creating the climate where it could happen. Chase asks him why he’s trying to screw things up. House says their already screwed up, and if Chase doesn’t stay she’ll never see he isn’t House’s sock puppet.

House invades Hadley’s gym. And he pumps her for some solution to his problem. Hadley says she’d rather go to the community clinic. He says she’s too good for the clinic. She says he’s trying to get people to commit without actually asking them because he fears rejection, and leaves.

Cameron tells Hank and wife he’ll need a new liver at some point and no transplant committee will grant one to a pornstar. Hank rejects the control over his life and says he won’t live like his parents made him do as a boy, “never playing outside and God forbid that I should get a scratch."Hank’s wife tries to talk sense into him.

Foreman counsels Chase not to listen to House as they send a camera down Hank’s vein toward the liver. They find his liver full of worms

Act 4

Chase and Foreman inform Hank of his worms. There’s a pill to cure him of them and his liver will be fine.

Lucas is waiting for Chase in the doctor’s lounge. He says Chase’s notes are an art form, but he hasn’t been writing any for four weeks. He asks why Chase and Cameron are leaving. Lucas thinks it’s because of something he did or didn’t do and advises him to stay and face the problem. He’s doing this, he says, to help “his girlfriend” with a problem. Chase brushes off the advice.

Hank is foaming at the mouth and coughing up fluid. Apparently the pills aren’t working so hot.

Back to the diagnosis room. Chase reports the patient’s lungs are severely compromised and his liver is still failing. Maybe the worms were holding hands?

Foreman’s latest idea is lymphoma. House says to prep the patient for chemo and fax the latest to Taub and Hadley. Cameron rebels at this and says if he agrees with the diagnosis, then they need to get to work, if he doesn’t, they need to keep talking, and not play games.

As Chase and Cameron walk the hall, he asks why she’s mad at House and not him. “Because House is an idiot” apparently isn’t good enough for him. The seed House planted is showing fruit Chase’s dignity is offended and he wants credit and blame for his actions, not to be thought of as House’s surrogate. And he says for right or wrong, faced with the same choices he’d do the same again. “If that’s how you feel, OK,” is Cameron’s reply.

Act 5

House discusses the situation with Wilson. Wilson tells him he’s reaching out for comfort in hiring someone familiar, due to his rejection by Cuddy.

Foreman and Chase talk as start the chemo on Hank. It isn’t working, his BP skyrockets, he’s peeing blood, and going into arrest.’

Back to diagnosis. Cameron describes the situation. Red and white cells compromised. House’s next wild stab is radiation, ablating the patient’s marrow, which horrifies the others.

Hadley and Taub both receive faxes which they ignore.

Cuddy finds House leaving the hospital – at 11AM? The case is almost done, he says (but not in a good way, he doesn’t say). She wants to know if he’s ‘killing the patient’ because of her and Lucas. She wants alternative. Me too is House’s response.

Chase meets House on the hospital steps and says he wants to be on the team.

Act 6

Foreman and Cameron wheel Hank down the hall, his wife hovering.

Hadley gets a phone call from the clinic offering her the job. She picks up a fax from Foreman saying they’re beginning marrow ablation.

Taub is hearing from a not-bad-looking woman about the plastic surgery she wants. He turns and pick up one of his discarded faxes.

House is watching the ablation begin I unusual for him to be there. He tells Foreman it’s because he’s afraid their diagnosis is wrong, meaning something will go wrong. The procedure is interrupted by a conference call from Taub and Hadley. They say to stop the ablation, because the correct diagnosis is extra-intestinal Crohn’s disease, which Hank got from being raised in too-sterile an environment, and the worms were helping him, not hurting, by stimulating his immune system. So the answer is methyl prednisolone, and a heaping dose of new worms.

House is watching more of Hank’s work when Taub walks in. Taub wants back in the team. House says he’ll let him know.

Chase and Cameron talk in the lounge, and Chase tells her he wants to stay on the team, and encourages he to do so as well.

Cameron goes to House and accuses him of knowing the correct diagnosis long ago and risking his patient’s life to bait his little mousetrap, Cameron says he’ll poison Taub and Hadley the same as he has Chase – who, she says, is no longer capable of telling right from wrong. So she’s leaving – both him and Chase. She leaves with a sniffle and a proffered handshake that House doesn’t take, so she kisses him on the cheek instead.

House crows a little to Wilson about having his sanity back, his license back, and his team back – well three out of four, anyway.

Hank drinks his worms and begins the process of recovery. Taub explains to Rachel. Cameron hugs Chase and leaves. House watches Cuddy and Lucas from the hospital balcony and contemplates his one failure of recent weeks.

= Cecil =
Next Week:

House’s team has to save the mind of a genius. Naturally he choose this moment to decide he’s going to break Cuddy and Lucas up. Chase punches House. [ATTABOY]

Last Episode: 11/09/09 6-6 Known Unknowns
Next Episode: 10/23/09 6-8 Ignorance is Bliss

Favorite Quotes:

"Oh, it's just you. Hope you're good a multitasking."
--House pretend-noticing Foreman is now his whole team.


Cast and Crew Ep. 6-07, “Teamwork” Aired 11/15/2009

Cast and Crew

Director:___ Eli Attie
Writer:____ Eli Attie


Hugh Laurie________Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein_______Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard_Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps_________Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer_______Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison____Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde________Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson______Dr. Chris Taub

Guest Stars:

Michael Weston ______ Lucas Douglas
Bobbin Bergstrom ____ Nurse
Jennifer Crystal Foley _ Rachel Taub
Jolene Blalock _______ Lexa
Ben Giroux _________ Rick/Director
Troy Garity ________ Hank Hardwick
Deborah Quayle _____ Phyllis
Paul Hayes _________ Mr. Klingman


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