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House Fodder

House 605 - Brave Heart

”Seeking a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem.”

House 605 – Brave Heart

House Episode 6-05 – “Brave Heart”

Airdate: Monday October 19, 2009

The Hook:

Cops chase a fleeing suspect through the streets and alleys. He runs with a Jackie Chan-like athletic grace. And a touch of Spiderman, too. The chase ends when the youngest cop attempts to duplicate his leap between rooftops, only to fall to the street below.

Act 1

With his cop partner standing by his bed, the athletic cop, Donnie, gets a review of his injuries from Cameron. She asks Donnie how he can take such risks. His partner tells Cameron he takes risks because he figures he’s going to die by age 40 anyway, just like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather all dropped dead of heart problems right after their 40th birthday. Cameron tells him she’ll put him in touch with a good heart doctor. But Donnie says he’s already seen several, to no avail. Cameron says she know a doctor who can find it.

Said doctor is sleeping on Wilson’s couch. Wilson tells House he’s ordering a bed for the spare room in his apartment so he can have his couch back.

House and team talk over the detective’s case. Chase is distracted by memories of the dead dictator, Dibala. The team hasn’t a clue what’s the problems with the detective’s heart.

Cuddy tell House he needs to complete 120 hours of rounds to requalify for his medical license.

The team examines remains of the detective’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather – just bones.

An old girl friend of the detective comes to see him – not because she wants to rekindle the romance, but because, unknown to Donnie, she’s born his son, and wants to know it there’s a chance he has the same genetic problem as his father,

House beds down in the spare bedroom at Wilson’s apartment, surrounded by memories of the departed Amber. He hears something. He walks down the hall and looks in on Wilson. He goes back to bed and hears something again.

Act 2

The team deals with the new fact of a son in the mix, but gets word that House 3ill be gone for oh, 120 hours.

The boys doesn’t want bone marrow test done on her son. Cameron pulls the mother aside to tell her the boy needs to know about his father. The mother reluctantly agrees.

House is making rounds with residents and students, performing his usual jack-assery.

The mom reveals the fact of the son to the detective. Donnie doesn’t want to meet his progeny, remembering how painful it was for him when his father died at forty and not wanting to inflict the same on his son. He reluctantly agrees to one meeting, but rebuffs the boys attempts to take the relationship any further.

Chase is too distracted to participate in diagnosis sessions.

House tells Chase he needs to “talk to someone”, and gives him the name of his psychiatrist.

House goes to the detective’s room and gives him a bafflegab explanation of his ‘Ortolli’s syndrome’, and how it’s completely curable, a prescription for some sugar pills, and signs his discharge papers.

House beds down in Wilson’s apartment and begins hearing a voice whispering, then a knock at the door. Wilson calls from his room that the knock has to be for House, he never gets late visitors. The visitor is Foreman - he tells House that four hours after being released from the hospital the detective collapsed and died.

Act 3

House and Foreman ponder where they screwed up on the detective’s case.

Chase wakes up Cameron. He’s going to tell Cheryl that Donnie died. Cameron senses something else s wrong, but Chase isn’t telling.

Foreman has the paramedics bring Donnie’s body to Princeton-Plains Teaching Hospital for an autopsy. House is in the room and picks up a saw. Foreman says he can’t do an autopsy with no medical license, but House doesn’t care for such rules but Foreman stands fast and makes in cut in the chest of the body preparatory to examining the heart. The ‘body’ bleeds at the cut, them, the ‘corpse’ sits up screaming – freaking House and Foreman right out. House says the autopsy will have to be postponed.

Act 4

Now the team tries to figure out what so slowed Donnie’s heart that the paramedics declared him dead. House is distracted because he begins to hear music. They look for an auto-immune disorder.

Cameron talks to the patient. He says his jaw aches.

House gets a hearing exam. The audiologist gives him a perfect score. House says he’s been hearing voices and music. She tells him that he hears everything he’s supposed to hear – if he’s hearing things he’s not supposed to hear, that’s mind, not ear and he needs a brain doctor, not an ear doctor.

House goes to Cuddy and, without explaining why says he’s not ready to be a doctor again, yet.

Wilson finds House sleeping in the living room again, and when asked why, House declines an offer of an friendly ear to listen to whatever House wants to talk about.

The patient tells his nurse his jaw still hurts, a lot, but she says he’s maxed out on his pain meds and can’t get any more. When she leaves the room he rips out his IV and searches cabinets until he finds a forceps, reaches into his mouth and pulls a tooth out trying to relieve the pain.

Act 5

Foreman says the dentist found nothing wrong with the tooth Donnie pulled. Foreman, Chase and Cameron talk over the possible causes of the pain and settle on bone cancer as a possible cause.

House lays on the couch hearing a dog barking, then goes to the bedroom and examines the heating grate. He hears breathing, then whispering. He gently opens the door to Wilson’s room. Wilson is in bed whispering to Amber, telling her about his day.

As the patient slides into a scanner, Cameron asks Foreman what’s going on with Chase. Foreman tells her he’ll give her the same advice he gave Chase – “Talk to your spouse.”

House confesses to Wilson that he’s hearing voices in the night and is thinking of checking back into Mayfield psychiatric. Wilson offers to drive him. When House blows up and asks if Wilson would really let him go back to the nut house rather than reveal he’s talking to his lost love in the night, Wilson responds “I miss her. Talking to her makes me feel better. You don’t.”

House intercepts Cuddy on rounds and tells her he’s all better now and ready to be a doctor again, without explaining why. Cuddy hauls him out in the hall to talk this over further, to the amusement of the interns she was escorting.

House is back in diagnosis, proposes they look for a nerve problem to explain the pain. Hereditary sensory autonomic neuropathy - type 1. Chase is AWOL from the session.

House finds Chase sleeping in the doctors’ lounge and tells him to stop hiding and do his job.

Chase talks to the patient and ask if he ever shot anyone. (Yes, twice) Did he ever kill anyone. (No). But, the patient volunteers, he knows two men who have killed in the line of duty. One doesn’t give it a second thought, the other was driven to alcoholism. Suddenly, the patient exclaims “Oh, God!” - he’s lost control of his bowels.

Act 6

With the loss of bowel control, the team debates a new diagnosis. Auto Immune? Wilson’s disease? Liver?

Chase goes to confession and confesses everything to the priest. The priest is a hard-liner, and tell him that the only way he can receive absolution for his sin is to confess everything to the police.

Cuddy tell House she’s signed the papers for the medical board and he’ll get his license back.

House goes to the patient and tells him he’s not gonna die. House has figured out he has an aneurism on the brain stem that grows until it stops his heart, as it did his father and his grandfather, and would, eventually, his son. An operation will cure them both. But house says he doubts that Donnie will see his son even after his excuse for remaining distant is removed. Donnie says he’ll see his son. Later.

Donnie visits his son in recovery. Donnie asks his son “What kind of movies do you like.”

Chase comes in drunk at 2AM, finding Cameron calling missing persons. She begs him to tell her what’s eating at him. “Nothing” Chase says.

House lies in bed. He talks to his dead father. For a few moments. Then he yells to Wilson that this is a stupid idea. In his bed, Wilson tells Amber ”You see, he really is getting better.”

= Cecil =
Next Week:
“Relationships shatter: Chase/Cameron House/Wilson/”

Last Episode: 10/12/09 6-4 Instant Karma
Next Episode: 10/26/09 6-6 Known Unknowns

Favorite Quotes:

“He’s only agreeing with you because he wants to have sex with you. By the way, I agree with you too, especially in those pants.” House to Cameron, in an agreeable mood.

“No wonder she hates him.” “That’s not hate, that’s foreplay.” Interns observing Cuddy/House interaction.


Think the scenario in this episode far-fetched? From the Raleigh News and Observer:

Man Wrongly Declared Dead

Medical examiner J.B. Perdue was startled when he saw the body he was examining take a shallow breath.

Larry D. Green was lying in an unzipped body bag in the morgue at the Franklin County Sheriff's Department complex Monday night while Perdue began documenting his injuries to certify a cause of death.

"I had to look twice myself just to make sure it was there, that's how subtle it [the breath] was," Perdue said.
Published: News & Observer, The (Raleigh, NC), January 26, 2005, News A1

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-05, “Brave Heart” Aired 10/19/2009

Cast and Crew

Director:___ Matt Shakman
Writer:____ Lawrence Kaplow


Hugh Laurie________Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein_______Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard_Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps_________Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer_______Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison____Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde________Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson______Dr. Chris Taub

Guest Stars:

Judith Morton Fraser
Marcus Toji __________ Michael
Samantha Colburn
Sanjay Madhav _______ Dr. Singh
Jon Seda ____________ Donnie Thompson


Faithfully Remain By Ben Harper & Rentless 7

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