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House Fodder

House 603 - The Tyrant

”Chase treats Dibala.”

House Episode 6-03 – “The Tyrant”

Airdate: Monday Oct 5, 2009

The Hook:

Two black men ride in a limousine, one is the other’s assistant, and urges him to stay in the UN compound, but the boss wants to go see his son in a major university. They’re stopped by a van. The assistant thinks it’s an assassination attempt, but instead it’s an attempt to serve a civil subpoena, charging “President Dibala” with genocide. The assistant says it can be ignored. But Dibala begins coughing up blood.

Act 1

The Princeton-Plains Teaching Hospital staff debate the ethic s treating a foreign dictator.

Foreman walks in to find House in the diagnosis room. He objects to Cuddy, but Cuddy says Foreman is still in charge, but will consult with House, who will not directly treat or meet with patients.

Foreman proposes treating the patient for malaria but House thinks intentional dioxin poisoning is a more likely diagnosis. They treat for that.

Dibala quizzes Chase about his accent and background, commenting favorably when he hears Chase spent a year in seminary, about the good Catholic missionaries who lived in the village where he grew up.

Foreman offers to hire Hadley back, now that House is back in the picture, but she rejects his offer.

A man encounters Chase in the hall and tries to persuade him not to treat Dibala, telling him of the awful things Dibala has done to his people. Chase is not persuaded.

House returns to Wilson’s apartment where he’s temporarily staying, and comments on Wilson’s lack of garlic in the chicken, and not wearing shoes. Wilson confesses that his downstairs neighbor has been complaining about noise and cooking odors, and he’s a power on the condo’s board and Wilson is seeking board approval for an expansion of the garden and doesn’t want to offend him. Plus the guy is a wounded, decorated Vietnam veteran and untouchable.

House is paged as Dibala suffers a heart attack.

Act 2

House now proposes Lhasa fever as a diagnosis. Foreman says he’s checked and there’s no Lhasa fever in Dibala’s country. Aha, but House has found that Dibala attended a recent meeting of African leaders, and one country’s diplomatic corps has come down with Lhasa. Foreman starts treating the dictator with ribovirin.

Dibala, who can be quite charming when he wants to be, questions Foreman about his social life, and correctly divines that the young lady he sees in the widow is Foreman’s sweetheart

Hadley tells Foreman she’s received an offer from New York general, when just last week they’d told her they had no openings. Foreman says he put in a good word for her.

House, returning to the apartment, encounters the downstairs jerk, whom he is surprised to find is even a bigger jerk than he, House, is. House’s every overture of friendship is rebuffed, and the jerk cautions him to keep the noise down.

Dibala introduces Cameron to Ama, native of Dibala’s country who has recovered from Lhasa fever. Dibala’s advisors have told him that the blood plasma of someone recovered from Lhasa is a more effective treatment that ribovirin. Cameron smells a rat, and asks the woman if she’s being forced to donate by threats. Ama insists she wants to donate for Dibala. Cuddy overrules Cameron’s objections, saying a needle prick should hurt her conscience less than a murder.

Chase sees the person who confronted him earlier about Dibala dressed in hospital scrubs and headed for Dibala’s room pushing a cart. He calls for him to be stopped, but ends up grappling with the would-be assassin himself.

Act 3

As they wait for security, Chase talks with the would-be assassin he’s just beaten down, and here’s more about how the man, as a teen-ager, was forced to commit atrocities by Dibala’s men, and now he says the same will be done to an entire ethnic minority.

The team has a new symptom, enlarged lymph glands and House maneuvers Foreman into a diagnosis of lymphoma.

House tell Wilson he thinks the jerk is faking, and he intends to prove it. House asks him to just lay off “It’s easy to be nice to people you like, but being nice to people you hate, that’s a real skill. Just do it!”

Dibala thanks Chase for saving his life. Chase asks Dibala if he’s planning a genocide. Dibala says that’s just scurrilous rumors spread by his opponents.

House arranges to accidentally “fall” against the jerk’s door, breaking into his apartment.

Chase asks Cameron how it’s going, Cameron wonders if it would be a bad thing if Dibala died in their care.

House confronts the jerk and accuses him of faking because he is Canadian and Canada sent no troops to fight in Vietnam. The jerk replies that Canada sent troops to police the 1973 peace accords, and that was what he was doing when he lost his hand trying to save a boy who’d stepped on a land mine.

Act 4

Chase confirms that Dibala’s ailment is not Lymphoma. Dibala begins to have short term memory problems.

Foreman and Hadley have dinner and talk over Foreman’s decision to fire Hadley. Foreman still insists he made the right decision.

Cameron tells Dibala’s assistant Col Joseph that she can’t tell if Dibala will ever regain his full rationality.

House now proposes sclera derma as the diagnosis, but Foreman insists on blastomycosis. Treating the wrong one could possibly kill the dictator. Foreman puts his foot down and insists Dibala be treated for blastomycosis.

Dibala explodes on Cameron daring her to inject a bubble into his IV and kill him directly, rather than by indirection in telling his Colonel that he was a sick, dying old man who’d lost his senses. Cameron rejects the dare, Chase tells Dibala to keep his hands off his wife. Dibala, says he did her a favor, making her recognize who and what she was.

Act 5

Wilson chides House for breaking into the jerk’s apartment. He says the guy will press charges unless House moves out of the complex.

Cameron tells Chase they need a blood test to confirm blasto-mycosis before the kill the dictator treating the wrong disease. Chase says he’ll arrange for it to be taken.

House ambushes the jerk in his own apartment, ties him up and tapes his mouth, them forces him to participate in a ‘magic box experiment’. House has a box with two holes and forces the jerk to push his stub in the right hole, and his good arm into the other. He tells the jerk “better do what the crazy guy says’, and for the moment, the jerk complies. The box has a mirror so that the good left arm is reflected and it looks like there is a whole right arm in the box as well. [This is a reproduction of a classical psychological experiment, by the way.] House then tell his victim to clench both fists, hard, and we see that happen. Then he tells the man to pray if he believes in God, and relax both fists. When he does so, he collapses in tears. House removes the tape and the man tells him it’s the first time in thirty five years his missing hand hasn’t hurt.

Cameron asks Foreman if he’s told Hadley me made the wrong decision about her. She says that decision hurts only them, but a wrong decision about the patient could kill him. She shows him the blood test results, and Foreman agrees to switch the patient to steroids, the treatment for sclera derma.

Dibala has a heart arrest. They shock him, but to no effect, and multiple blood vessels burst, sending blood out his mouth and nose. Dibala dies.

Act 6

House offers Foreman solace, of sorts, saying Foreman is like House and either he killed his patient by sticking too long to his own theory or switching too soon. Foreman wanted to do a post mortem, but Dibala’s body is guarded and will be sent back to his own country for an autopsy.

Foreman confronts Chase, whose name he has found on the sign-in log for the morgue – where there just happened to be the body of a patient who died of sclera derma. Chase admits submitting a false blood sample, causing the wrong treatment for Dibala.

Wilson tell House his neighbor called, spoke nicely, he’s approved the garden expansion, and no longer insists that House move out. “What did you do to him?” “I was nice,” House says.

Dibala’s son weeps over his dead father’s body.

Chase slips into bed next to a sleeping Cameron.

Foreman burns the morgue log sheet.

= Cecil =

Last Episode: 09/28/09 6-02 Epic Fail
Next Episode: 10/12/09 6-04 Instant Karma

A rich man tries to bribe fate for the life of his son.

Cast and Crew Ep. 6-03, “The Tyrant” Aired 10/05/2009

Cast and Crew

Director: ____ David Straiton
Writer: _____ Peter Blake (IV)


Hugh Laurie________Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein_______Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard_Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps_________Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer_______Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison____Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde________Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)

Guest Stars:

James Earl Jones ______ President Dibala
David Marciano _______ Murphy
Garikayi Mutambirwa __ Ruwe
Roger Aaron Brown ___ Joseph Ntila
Christopher Fairbanks __ Agent Bass
Kelly Scott ___________ Ama
Jason Nash ___________ Long Hair
Jarell DuBose _________ Dibala's Son

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