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House Fodder

House 523 - Under My Skin

House Episode 5-23 - "Under My Skin"

Airdate: Monday May 04, 2009

The Hook:

A ballet company prepares to practice. A male dancer complains the orchestra is playing too fast. Offstage, someone says he's just nervous because he's not completely recovered from an injury. As the music plays and the dancers begin, the male and the prima ballerina dance close and she mentions the big lift is coming up. It comes and he lifts and holds the girl high over his head - for a second. He collapses in back pain and the girl tumbles to the floor. He'll be OK but the ballerina is in distress, barely able to breath.


Act 1

House eats cereal in his apartment. Nearby, Amber plinks on a ukulele as House pointedly ignores her. He knows she represents his subconscious and he doesn't trust anything she/his subconscious says after nearly killing Chase last week.

Foreman comes in and drags House to work, saying Cuddy will fire him is he doesn't do his job. Foreman presents the case of the collapsing ballerina with respiratory distress, who still has only about 60% oxygenation in her blood. 'Amber' suggests the dancer could be dehydrated. House tries hard to come up with another possibility, but finally caves and tells the team to test her for that, and start her on antibiotics for the infection he thinks the dehydration is masking, and runs to Wilson.

He interrupts Wilson breaking the news to a patient that he has kidney cancer. House tells Wilson he is having hallucinations and doesn't trust his own judgment and wants Wilson to sit in on his diagnostic sessions as a reality check. He lies to Wilson that it's Kutner he is hallucinating and says he thinks the hallucinations come from sleep apnea, Wilson puts him to bed in the hospital with a sedative. Next morning House wakes after an adequate sleep, but with no improvement - he stills sees Amber.

Chase and Cameron dine in her apartment. Cameron makes a confession. She still has on deposit a vial of her first husband's (the one who died from cancer) sperm. She got it when he got sick and saved it 'just in case'. Chase asks if she wants a similar 'deposit' from himself. Yup.

Having no success with other diagnostic tests, House tell his team to try a tracheal irrigation - injecting water directly into the patient's trachea which will help hydrate her but give her a brief sensation of drowning. Her boyfriend Jeremy, the male dancer who dropped her, helps the doctors hold her while the procedure begins. The ballerina can't tolerate the procedure - she raises up despite the restraining hands - and her skin sloughs off in the hands of her holders.

Act 2

The ballerina has lost nearly eighty percent of her skin. The doctors try to replace it with artificial skin as fast as they can. House wants to ultrasound her liver. Foreman wonders why he's ignoring the symptom of the skin sloughing off. House doesn't think it's a symptom, but rather a side effect of the antibiotic doses she was given for a non-existent infection.

Talking with Wilson, House says he's feeling guilty about the antibiotic treatment he prescribed. Either he really does feel guilty, or it's a false feeling meaning there's something wrong with the limbic region of his brain, possibly an indication of MS. Wilson points out that other possible reasons for his hallucination are mental illness and Vicodin addiction, but House would rather pursue the MS theory first, because the other possibilities lead to him no longer being able to treat patients.

To test whether his guilt is real or not he says he will apologize to the patient, and if he feels relief the guilt was real. He lays the facts out for the patient (and boyfriend) and apologizes for rushing into the antibiotic treatment which had such drastic side effects. His apology generates no feeling - he concludes he must have MS.

House want the patient to have a liver biopsy but that can't be done directly because of her skin problems - she'd bleed out. So he has Chase do one though a vein - if her liver bleeds, the blood stays in the body. They've used that trick before.

Chase and Foreman perform the procedure. As they work, Chase tells Foreman about Cameron's personal sperm bank. The patient becomes tachycardic and they cannot complete the procedure.

Act 3

Foreman finally asks why Wilson is overseeing all House's diagnostic sessions? Is Cuddy making House report to Wilson? No, then House is making House report to Wilson, he reasons, and wants to know why. Rather than admit the truth, House dismisses Wilson.

House tells the team to stop the ballerina's heart long enough to MRI it.

Wilson has run a lumbar puncture on House to confirm the MS diagnosis. He says House does not have MS, but there were abnormally high levels of Vicodin in his blood. 'Amber' tells House that his only choices left are severe mental illness and Vicodin addiction. House tells Wilson he wants the mental health treatment
Wilson says he knows a discrete clinic near Philly run by a classmate of his.

Chase stops Penelope's heart, and sends her into the MRI. The teams works fast, but they can only keep the heart stopped for three minutes before she will suffer brain damage. As they get to the three minute limit, Foreman thinks he's beginning to see something on the scan, but Chase terminates the scan and restores her heartbeat,

House is afraid that the electroshock treatment in the mental health facility would damage his intellect, so takes chance in giving himself an overdose of insulin, another method of shocking a person out of a mental state, but one rarely used now. He calls Wilson to tell him he's already administered the insulin. Wilson rushes to him, calling for glucose to counteract the insulin as House collapses. As he fades out of consciousness he sees the image of Amber withdrawing and fading as well.

Act 4

As he watches House awaken in a hospital bed, Wilson chastises him, "You could have died. This was not the next rational step."

House hears that Foreman saw a 'shadow' on Penelope's heart just before the scan was shut down. House says he's had an epiphany and thinks she has gonorrhea. The team says her blood tested negative for STD's. House says the disease is no longer in her blood, it's hiding in her heart. They can't test Penelope, but House has an idea. House is watching Jeremy, so attentive at Penelope's side, and say he detects guilt there - he must have given the STD to Penelope, so test his blood.

The blood tests come back positive, but don't support House's hypothesis. Jeremy is not guilty, he's angry, saying he's had no other partners and Penelope must have given it to him. Further his disease is much less progressed than hers, supporting his story. House is devastated. He thought he could read guilt in Jeremy's expressions, and if he couldn't then he was lucky, not cured. He's left with only Vicodin addiction as an explanation for his hallucinations.

Act 5

Wilson is preparing to drive House to a rehab clinic. House is packing. Foreman calls to say the patient is has dangerously low blood pressure and is unresponsive to fluids and they can't operate to remove the abscess in her heart. Wilson tells them House is off the case and cannot help.

House worries that he doesn't feel scared at the thought of rehab and Vicodin withdrawal. He reasons that he knows he can get around any system set up to deny him Vicodin. He needs another option.

The team ponders a number of bad choices and finally elects to go with dopamine therapy, the least bad choice.

House goes to Cuddy to tell her he resigns. She says she's tired and going home and hasn't time for his games. Just before she can leave, House tells her he's having hallucinations and he needs her. That's all Cuddy needs to hear, she phones the sitter and goes with House.

Act 6

House's plan is for Cuddy to see him through withdrawal in his own apartment. He feels only she is tough enough to not let him get away with anything, and to see through his tricks. The long withdrawal begins. Cuddy searches each room and finds all his stashes. In his more rational moments, House tells her of other places to look. Most she's found already.

At the hospital, Chase has bad news for Penelope. They've managed to remove the abscess from her heart, but her circulation problems have led to gangrene in her hands and feet, which will have to be amputated. Penelope absolutely denies them permission to do so, preferring to die than to not be able to dance..

House is puking in the toilet, Cuddy holding him and offering him some ginger tea for the nausea. He spots a dropped pill in a corner of the bathroom floor and at 'Amber's' urging sends Cuddy for some honey to sweeten his tea. He crawls toward the Vicodin, whimpering and trying to resist. Cuddy returns just in time to intercept the pill and flush it down the toilet, to House's distress.

Chase and Tyson, faced with Penelope's resolute opposition to amputation, try a careful administration of vasodilator drugs to her limbs. To their amazement, they succeed in saving her hands and feet.

House is now in the stage of irritability. He accuses Cuddy of lying to him. He says she was only there to protect the hospital's most valuable asset. Cuddy tells him "I haven't lied to you in twenty years." This piques his curiosity - so what lie did she tell him twenty years ago> She tells him she was never enrolled in his endocrinology class. But he has distinct memories of copying her notes. She says she audited the course because even then she was intrigued by this arrogant asshole. She was not here, she says to protect the hospital. House notices that Amber is gone - for good.

Soft music plays over the rest of the episode...

Penelope, recovering, asks where Jeremy is. Taub gently tells her he's gone.

Cameron congratulates a weary Chase on saving his patient - and her limbs. Chase tells her they're not ready to get married because she has doubts, whereas he doesn't. He says he'll wait until she's sure.

Cuddy is about to leave. House stands close.

"You want to kiss me, don't you?" she says.

"I always want to kiss you," he says.

He closes in and kisses her briefly.

They look at each other, then sink into a longer kiss. Cuddy begins undressing without releasing from the kiss.

= Cecil =
Next Week:

House is no gentleman - having kissed, he tells Wilson, eliciting a double "Wow", one for having slept with Cuddy, one for having withdrawn from Vicodin. The patient of the week has a hand with a mind of it's own - "alien hand syndrome". We see Cuddy saying "People who get close to you get hurt." The voiceover says "The biggest shock in House's history!"

Last Episode: 04/27/09 5-22 House Divided
Next Episode: 05/11/09 5-24 Both Sides Now (Season finale)

Cast and Crew Ep. 5-23, "Under My Skin" Aired 05/04/2009

Cast and Crew

Director: ___
Writer: ____


Hugh Laurie ________ Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein _______ Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard _ Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps _________ Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer _______ Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison ____ Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde ________ Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson ______ Dr. Chris Taub

Recurring Role:

Bobbin Bergstrom ____ Nurse
Anne Dudek __________ Amber (R.I.P.)

Guest Stars:

Jamie Tisdale _______ Penelope
Alex Schemmer _____ Jeremy
Charles Gavoian _____ Maury
Pamela Shafer ______ Company Manager
Scott Dawson _______ Ballet Master
Joey Gaynor ________ Len
Shelli Boone ________ Molly
Courtney Clonch _____ Burn Unit Nurse

Posted by Cecil on May 4, 2009 4:09 PM
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please tell me is this a real ballet and the name of it/the author or how can i find the music.........?

-- 1. Posted by: daniel at September 29, 2009 3:54 PM

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