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House Fodder

House 522 - House Divided

House Episode 5-22 - "House Divided"

Airdate: Monday April 27, 2009


The Hook:

A young wrestler prepare for his match. His mom, also deaf, signs him encouraging words and displays her "Deaf Power" T-shirt. As the match begins, the wrestler collapses. He's hearing 'explosions'.

Act 1

House is awakened by the hallucination of Amber he first saw last week. She asks if he's surprised to see her. He replies that he's surprised she's not wearing a French maid's outfit. She says she's a hallucination, not a fantasy. And that last sentence is grammatical or not, depending on how you pronounce "hallucination". She asks him if he knows why he's hallucinating his best friend's dead girlfriend. She wonders if he still feel guilty about her death. House's alarm rings and he wakes a second time - but he still sees Amber.

House come into the office in bad shape - Hadley presents the latest case - a 14 year old wrestler who 'hears' explosive sounds. He's been deaf since contracting meningitis at age 4. Amber is in the room, making suggestions and trying to write on the White Board O'Symptoms. "Damn these ghost pens," she complains. The speculation is a seizure disorder which Hadley and Foreman are to test for.

House enters Wilson's office and asks for a prescription for sleeping pills. Cameron is there looking over a file with Wilson and they shut the file quickly. Wilson quickly agree to give House a prescription. Too quickly. House smells a rat and deduces Cameron has drafted Wilson to plan Chase's bachelor party. "There wasn't a retired minister available?" House asks. House takes the prescription but also declares he'll take over the job of setting up the bachelor party.

Hadley and Foreman are wondering why House hasn't yet mocked the deaf boy for not having surgery to cure his deafness. It's because Amber is doing all the mocking for him but they can't hear it. They're flashing lights at the deaf boy. He has no seizure but it becomes apparent, as the boy's mother points out, that the boy can't seen the flashes - he's blind.


Foreman and Hadley needn't have worried. House comes down the hall in full mock, carrying a boom box playing loud rap music, wearing 'blind' glasses, and using his cane like a blind man's cane. He places the boom box on the boys belly and folds his hands over the speaker. The boy signs to his mother that he can feel the vibrations in his belly, but not with his hands. New symptom, House says, "Neuropathy."

Act 2

House taps on the patient's window, to no notice from the patient. It's like a zoo, he says, where you can tap on the cages. Foreman wants to know how House guessed about the neuropathy. House says he doesn't know. But Amber knows.

House's theory now is that the deafness isn't from the meningitis, but from a brain tumor, which he assigns Taub to go test for. He gives Foreman and Hadley a different sort of assignment.

Hadley and Foreman canvas strip bars for potential strippers for House's party. Foreman asks one if they know how to do a 'broken cowboy'. [Don't ask me. I don't know either.] Hadley says she might end up doing a stripper at the party - or being one. Rowr.

Taub explains to the patient how, if the cause of his deafness is cancer, an operation to remove the cancer could also cure his deafness. The patient says he'd like his cancer cured without curing his deafness. Taub says it doesn't work that way.

Wilson is tells Chase that he and his third wife eloped specifically to avoid House's bachelor party. House asks Wilson for a consult and Wilson concurs that the patient might have a cancer but needs a biopsy to confirm. Wilson tells House he's not coming to the party. House accepts that rather meekly, surprising Wilson.

In the OR, Chase finds no evidence of cancer in the biopsy. House and Amber are surprisingly OK with that. House tells Chase to, oh, by the way, put in a cochlear implant on his way out. Chase objects it isn't in the paperwork. House says that's just a mistake. After a little resistance, Chase goes along with House.

Act 3

The patient wakes up to strange symptoms. Only gradually does he realize that he's hearing things for the first time since he was four.

House is in Cuddy's office with the boy's mom who insists the implant be removed. House 'apologizes' for curing her son, but says he can't take more surgery until he's recovered from the one he just had. Amber points out that the mom is reacting rather calmly. House accuses her of secretly wanting the surgery for her son, but being afraid to push for it herself. She denies it. Cuddy say House is to report to Wilson on this case from now on.


House wears a blue-tooth as he walks the hall so he can talk to Amber while pretending to be on the phone.

The patient is running a fever now. Foreman decides to test for Epstein-Barr.

House asks Wilson why Wilson isn't chastising him for the unauthorized surgery. "Because you did it out of kindness" Wilson tells him, to cure the boy with no ulterior motive. Wilson says "You can't make me go to the party." House doesn't object.

Seth is bitter abut the implants. His mom asks him to give them a try. Seth is the militant deafie here, not his mom as I'd suspected. He softens a bit when she says his name. He asks her if that was what it was, and asks her to repeat it. She hugs him Just as Taub comes in, she straightens and exclaims "I think he just wet the bed."

Act 4

As the team discusses the latest turn in the case, House sets out containers of 'ice cream' on the table and asks everybody to sample them and help him decide what to have at the party. The flavors are Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon, etc. The doctors seem to be in favor of all of them.

House justifies his party as making sure that Chase's first married day is better than his last bachelor day, so that marriage is an improvement. It makes a strange sort of sense.

Chase comes to House "We need to talk about the bachelor party." Cameron will be very much against it, he says, and he loves her so... "I need you to kidnap me."

House has been trying to remember the name of the stripper he got before for Wilson. Wilson related to her because she had a cat. Amber finally comes up the name "Caramel". "With a 'K'," House says.

Seth is talking with his deaf girlfriend, Laura. She tells him he'll go far with his new implants. He's afraid he'll have to go to a hearing school and will be forced away from her.

Now that cancer's off the chart, House reckons some sort of heart problem is the cause of Seth's difficulties. The team points out that his heart charts show no abnormalities. Because it only shows up under stress, House says, 'so lets put him on a treadmill. ' Foreman refuses to OK this since the kid's recovering from brain surgery.

House strides the hall talking to Amber, who he recognizes is his subconscious playing his own thoughts and theories back at him. Amber suggests if they can't use physical stress, how about psychological stress. Tell Seth his girlfriend dumped him. Or that they killed her. [Man, House's subconscious is evil.]

As they approach the patient's room, however, there is a cluster of emergency personnel around his bed. Seth has ripped out his cochlear implants when he was left alone for a few minutes, and is writhing on the bed. Amber points out that their stress levels have been achieved and the results are clear on his heart monitor - arrhythmia.

Act 5

Foreman concedes House was right about the heart problem. But it still doesn't explain all the symptoms. Taub suggests a possible pulmonary embolism. House tells him to make a CT scan to look for that.

House is rehearsing some alcohol pouring tricks involving fire in the only place he can be alone in the hospital - the morgue. Alone with Amber that is. He succeeds in catching a corpse on fire. She asks him what all the bad episodes of the patient had in common. "Heat" is the answer. House deduces the patient has MS and tells the staff to put the patient on double doses of interferon.

Chase and Cameron are leaving the hospital with Foreman when they are confronted by two uniformed Immigration Officers. The officers quiz Chase about his application for a marriage license. The tell him that his visa has expired and he'll have to come with them. Cameron says she'll come too, but one of the officers says "Sorry, illegals only." As Chase is led off, Cameron tells Foreman :Don't let House get him into too much trouble."


The Party. Strippers everywhere. Pole dances. Drunk doctors. Hadley dances with a stripper and takes a drink from a shot glass cached in her cleavage.

Wilson shows up. House tell him "I knew you couldn't stay away."

Wilson responds "It's my apartment! Where's my furniture?"

"Out back somewhere."

Wilson hears his name called, and peering through the party he sees: "Karamel? How's your cat?" Wilson begins to have a good time, too. House finds himself alone in the bathroom, in the tub (clothed) with Amber. They congratulate themselves for solving the case.

Out in the party, Chase is taking a drink from Karamel's belly button by dragging his tongue through it. He pulls up short - "What's that taste - strawberry?" And passes out.

Foreman bangs on the door to tell House that Chase has passed out in anaphylactic shock because he tasted strawberries from the stripper's body wash. Foreman say one of the doctors had an epi-pen and administered it to Chase and they've taken him to the hospital and he should be OK.

House worries that he knew that Karamel used a strawberry wash and that Chase was allergic to strawberries, so when Amber, who is really him, suggested Karamel, it must mean he, House, was subconsciously trying to kill Chase. He can no longer trust suggestions from 'Amber'.

House gets a more serious call. His diagnosis of Seth was wrong, and Seth is dying.

Act 6

Cuddy has called the rest of the team in and is trying to sober them up, and wants House as well. He says over the phone that he can't come in until gets some sleep. He admits he hasn't gotten a full night's sleep since Kutner died. Amber suggests "eopific pneumonitus" [hey, it's close.] House, in his new distrust, tells the team "It's not eopific pneumonitus."

Foreman decides to test for that anyway, which should cause the patient's voice to be hoarse. He goes to Seth and apologizes but he'll have to remove Seth's breathing tube briefly. He does so, and through his mother's signing, requests Seth to say a few things. Seth manages to say a few words. His voice isn't hoarse.

As Foreman cleans out Seth's throat in preparation for replacing the breathing tube he notices yellow deposits on Seth's teeth and asks if Seth smokes. "Not that I know of" his mother says. Seth signs that he used to chew tobacco to make his wrestling weight class. [Yep, that'll kill an appetite]. That was the final clue Foreman needed. He explains how nicotine, or rather withdrawal from nicotine, could trigger sarcoidosis, and Hadley explains how they can treat it.

Cuddy relays the diagnosis to House, and also mentions that Wilson was picked up by the police trying to walk home - from a party in his own apartment.

Seth's mom tells him as soon as he's well he's getting another cochlear implant, no if's, and's or but's. It's her decision to make, she says.

Aided by Wilson's pills, House finally gets his full night's sleep. He awakes refreshed. Amber is still with him.

= Cecil =

Next week:

A ballet dancer collapses on stage. Something is making her skin fall off. She may lose both her hands and her feet. And House may lose his mind. And there's what looks like a prelude to a kiss with Cuddy.

Last Episode: 04/13/09 Saviors
Next Episode: 05/04/09 Under My Skin

Cast and Crew Ep. 5-22, "House Divided" Aired 04/13/2009

Cast and Crew

Director:____ Greg Yaitanes
Writers:____ Liz Friedman
__________ Matthew V. Lewis


Hugh Laurie________ Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein_______ Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard_ Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps_________ Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer_______ Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison____ Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde________ Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson______ Dr. Chris Taub

Recurring Role:

Bobbin Bergstrom____ Nurse

Guest Stars:

Ryan Lane ___________ Seth Miller
Clare Carey __________ Ellie Miller
Anne Dudek __________ Amber (R.I.P.)
Tresheille Edmond _____ Laura (gf)
Becky O'Donohue ______ Karamel (Wilson's Stripper)
Andrew Johnson (II) ____ Referee
Jorge Gonzalez Borrelli __ Deaf Coach
Noah Schuffman _______ Immigration Officer #1
Italia Ricci ____________ Immigration Officer #2

Fight the Power _____ Public Enemy)
Spread the Love_____ Vibrolux)
Do What You Wanna _ Mr. Scruff's Soul Party Remix

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