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House Fodder

House 521 - Saviors

House Episode 5-21 - "Saviors"

Airdate: Monday April 13, 2009


The Hook:

A group of environmental protesters link arms around large pieces of mining equipment. Angry exchanges take place between miners and protesters as state troopers try to keep order. I think somebody said it was coal mining but given the equipment it looks like strip mining and I wasn't aware of any extensive coal mining operations in New Jersey, strip or shaft. There are strip mines in Pennsylvania, but no mountains that look like these. One of the women protesters slumps and is examined by a trooper. He says she has no pulse. He tells the male protester next to her to release her arm immediately, or have his own broken, and "This protest is over." As she's being picked up she recovers but now it's the male protester who collapses, shouting "I can't stand up!"

Act 1

Cameron tells Chase she needs to delay the start of their planned three day vacation because she owes another doctor O'Niell from Philly General a favor and needs to get the protester, Doug, seen by House. Chase thinks he can wait the five seconds it'll take to hand House the file, but Cameron says she needs to stick around long enough to see House doesn't drop the case as soon as her back's turned, and Chase agrees to give her a day.

Cameron presents the case to House's group, and House gives in rather easily, but in seeing Cameron is sticking around accuses her of angling for the recently deceased Kutner's job. She denies it, but House says since she's sending him so much business she has to run the tests herself. The first is a vestibular caloric test - ice water in the ear canal to see if the vertigo he's experiencing is physical or psychological.

When Cameron enters Doug's room, he objects to the fresh flowers the hospital puts there - commercial growers being big polluters. As soon as she gives him the test he's violently ill and nauseous, throwing up on her smock and her shoes.

House meets Wilson in the cafeteria and wonders out loud what Cameron is angling for. Then he's distracted noticing that Wilson's ordering an omelet with and no 'pig'. He wonders why Wilson's suddenly eating healthier and accuses Wilson of feelings of mortality brought on by Kutner's death. Wilson says he doesn't need an excise to eat healthier, and notices House is avoiding pig and everything else - he says he's not hungry and orders nothing.

Foreman, Taub, and Hadley discuss Cameron's behavior and wonder what she's angling at. Cameron and House join the group and Foreman proposes stress as a possible cause. But the MRI Doug's already had was negative. House orders Cameron to run a Holter and a carotid Doppler.

As Cameron is running the tests, Doug hiccups and mentions he's doing a lot of that lately. Like hours a day.

Chase catches Cameron in the hall and asks her when they can begin their vacation. Cameron says she needs more time, and she has a reason but she can't tell him what it is. "So you admit you lied to me, and you're asking me to trust you?" he asks. "OK."

Act 2

Cameron repots negatives on the latest tests. House asks Cameron if she still has the hots for him, and she denies that's why she's hanging around. Since the other tests were negative and with the new 'hiccups' symptom, House suspects MS and orders her to do a lumbar puncture to confirm. But how can one person do a spinal tap on a hiccupping patient? Your problem, he tells her.

The problem is solved when Foreman violates House's orders and sneaks in to help her. She asks him how House is doing. Fine, but House's standards he says but why are you avoiding Chase to be here? She evades the question.

Chase approaches Cuddy with s series of questions. Have she and House discussed a replacement for Kutner? Does she think Cameron is in love with House? Does Cuddy love House? She deflects all the questions, from which fact he says he can draw his own conclusions.

Doug's heretofore unknown-of wife, Franni, finds House stealing Wilson's lunch from the staff refrigerator. But House gags when he finds the lunch is rabbit food - kale to be specific. (I'm with House - what is kale anyway? I've never seen a kale patch.) Franni asks what's wrong with her husband. Aside from being an idiot and a liar (he said he wasn't married) House says, he doesn't know, but he's interested in how Franni tracked him down. Asked the Doctor in the office next to yours, she says, which somehow indicates to House that Foreman's disobeying his order.

House tracks down Cameron and Foreman, but he's really not so much interested in Foreman as Cameron. House wants to know if she's spying on him, specifically for an oncologist in North Jersey i.e. Wilson. Their conversation is interrupted when Foreman notices swelling on Doug's neck, which House feels and pronounces "Ca-runchy!"

Act 3

So they've ruled out MS, and the next candidate is sarcoidosis, perhaps from the toxic wastes Doug's protests have exposed him to. House orders an intravenous steroid to see if the condition improves, but he no longer requires Cameron's services, telling her she's free to go just to see what she'll do and thus satisfy his curiosity.

Cuddy discusses Chase's concerns with Cameron. Is she still in love with House? Cameron denies it and wonders if Cuddy is marking her territory. Cuddy says 'no one' should be involved with House.

Franni begs Doug to stop protesting, seeing what it's doing to his health, and their relationship, and his relationship with his son. Doug says he's doing these things for his son, he wants him to have clean air and water.


House shows up after 10PM at Wilson's apartment, inviting himself in and heading for Wilson's fridge. Wilson accuses him of wanting to investigate the Wilson's new eating habits, formulating "A single omelet theory."

"But," House says, "when the single omelet overlooks the grassy knoll lunch..." Wilson points to ice cream, bacon, and chips in and on his refrigerator as evidence he hasn't gone all healthy. House points out the containers are unopened and he can't infer things from food Wilson hasn't eaten. Well if you want to theorize based on food I have eaten Wilson says, it's the second door on the right.

This comedy exchange is interrupted by a phone call for House. He opens his phone to hear the sound of Doug screaming. In the background Franni is becoming frantic, wanting to know what the doctors are doing to him, but the answer is basically nothing - he's experiencing severe pain from no cause they can see. Taub speculates on osteomylitis and House orders IV antibiotics and X-rays to confirm.

As they examine, the X-rays, Hadley asks Taub what he and his wife talk about. "Other than sex?" he says. Yes, that's what she means. Taub guesses that that means Foreman is not exactly "chatty Cathy", and tells her if she insists on sleeping with men, she has to be prepared for communication in limited amounts. (And grunts.) They find an unlikely fractured femur - the strongest, thickest bone in the body - fractured while the patient was in bed. Another symptom.

Act 4

Given all the new symptoms, House's best guess is cancer, and he proposes to start chemotherapy, undaunted by the fact that they haven' actually found any cancer. Foreman objects that the chemotherapy, on top of an immune system already compromised by the steroids they've given him, could kill the patient (and isn't that exactly what Foreman did a couple of seasons back?) Figures he'd be sensitive to the problem.

Foreman goes to see Chase, who's about to operate on Doug to place a pin in his femur to help it heal, and asks Chase to take a biopsy of bone marrow while he's in there. Chase asks him if Cameron concurs, and Foreman tells him Cameron is no longer on the case, which is news to Chase.

House talks to Cameron. Accusing her of being emotionally hung up on him and things being over with Chase.

Cameron spills the beans, telling him she found a ring in a sock in Chase's drawer - he's going to propose to her on their three day vacation. She's scared because they're all still in shock over Kutner's death, and she doesn't want him to propose to her on an emotional rebound.


In an interlude, House treats a clinic patient, a woman with headache, fever, exhaustion, and tender breasts - all symptoms described by her domineering husband who's in the room. House asks them if they have a hot tub or have used one in a hotel or exercise spa. No all around.

Cuddy interrupts to ask him what's going on with Cameron. He tells her Cameron's not looking for a new job or to jump his bones. Cuddy accepts that, but House is all over her reaction, saying she didn't really want to know what was up, only what was not up, i.e. any monkey business with House, the inference being... Cuddy leaves.

Returning to the couple, he prescribes vinegar wraps for the pseudomonas folliculitus condition cause by excessive hot tubbing - with someone other than the husband.


Foreman talks with Franni as he checks Doug's incision from the leg surgery. It's bleeding excessively, and Foreman checks lower down and finds several subdermal bleeding sites on the legs, he calls for plasma, stat, because Doug is bleeding out.

Act 5

The biopsy was negative for cancer, Foreman reports. House proposes whole body radiation, a really radical step for a cancer they still can't find. Foreman really objects to that. House says they have no choice. Just as he starts to leave, Taub says "I'd rather make his cancer worse." This stops House. The idea is that they apply some drugs (which ones I didn't catch), the cancer gets worse and easier to find - then they know how to treat it. House approves.

House goes to Wilson and says he's 'lost my mojo'. Wilson, who has a big bag of carrots on his disk, gets cute and asks him if he's retraced his steps. House says he didn't catch Kutner in time, or figure out what Cameron's motivation was, and now Taub has suggested an approach he, House, should have thought of.

Franni's really thinking these doctors are crazy now - they want to make Doug worse? Doug is OK with it, though and says he knew what he was getting into. But under treatment he arrests and the doctors call for the crash cart and the paddles.

Chase confronts Cameron. "You asked for a day and I gave you two." Cameron says she just needs a little more time, and it has nothing to do with House. Chase says it no longer has anything to do with him, either, and to let him know when he can come over and pick up his things. [I'm wondering if these characters watch too much "Lost" and have absorbed the non-communication genes over the airwaves.]

Act 6

The echo test has shown no problem with Doug's heart. House says they'll have to put in a defibrillator to keep him alive long enough to find some tests that do indicate something,

House meets Wilson and reels of a long list of internal organs (presumably all those that are going wrong in Doug.) Wilson decides House is playing "Pyramid" and guesses "Things you use to make bratwurst?"

Wilson is examining a vending machine, but House tells him there's nothing good in there. Nevertheless Wilson makes a choice - gummy bears. House says Wilson hates gummy bears. More to the point, House hates gummy bears. Aha! Says House, you're eating stuff I don't like so I won't steal your food. But that makes no sense since Wilson doesn't like it either. He comes to another conclusion - Wilson's eating stuff neither he nor House likes just to mess with House.

He calls Wilson a 'manipulative bitch.' Wilson confirms it, with a grin. He says when Amber died, he withdrew and House drew him out by messing with him and he now recognizes that that's what he needed so he's returning the favor by helping House get back to normal after the loss of Kutner, by - messing with him - what could be more normal? House calls Wilson a 'manipulative bitch" again, but he breaks into a grin despite himself. The idea somehow sparks an epiphany in House, and he heads for the patient's room. I thought this was going to turn out that that Franni was poisoning Doug. I was wrong.

Taub and Foreman are briefing Doug on the defibrillator plan, but House says he's come to spare him the unnecessary surgery. He asks the patient if they grows a garden. Nope, apartment dwellers. Window box? Nope. Potted plant? Nope. No greenery in the house.

House thinks a bit and then concludes "Your marriage sucks." He gets Doug to admit that he'd bought Franni roses to apologize for neglecting her for his protests, but she hadn't been there - packed her bag and gone - and he'd thrown them away. "You have sporo-trichosis," caused by scratches from the rose thorns. He'll be fine with treatment but House can't say the same for their marriage.

House goes to Cameron and tells her her debt is repaid and not to give him any more cases as a way of avoiding Chase. He accuses her of cowardice for making Chase dump her instead of dumping him herself.

Cameron finds Chase in the locker room and says she never should have postponed their vacation. Chase says he's the fool for planning it. She says she found the ring and didn't want him to propose as a knee-jerk reaction to the loss of Kutner. Chase asks if she's proposing to him? No she says, she's proposing that he propose to her. 'She expects him to do that now?' he asks. Not expecting, she says, just hoping. Chase drops to a knee and proposes, wordlessly, and Cameron says "Yes".

A tinkly, jazzy piano version of "Georgia On My Mind" breaks out as we see:

Wilson and House laughing.

Doug and Franni not so happy.

House stealing Wilson's French fries.

Cuddy, Cameron and Chase hugging.

And finally that House is the one playing the piano alone in his apartment.

He switches to playing one-handed and accompanies himself on the harmonica.

Did I say alone? Amber is leaning over the piano, and congratulates him on figuring the case out, and the Wilson thing. DEAD Amber, leaning over his shoulder, whispers in his ear "Looks like you're not losing it after all." House's eyes widen.

- Cecil
In two weeks:

House sees dead people as the Amber apparition continues - "I'm a hallucination, not a fantasy." And strippers. And doctors. And shots. Oh my. "It's the wildest House ever!" So they say,

By the way, speaking of Amber, have you seen Anne Dudek in HBO's "Big Love" with a very different look (Jack-Morman female chic), but still the Cutthroat Bitch personality?
Last Episode: 04/06/09 Simple Explanation
Next Episode: 04/27/09 House Divided

Cast and Crew Ep. 5-21, "Saviors" Aired 04/13/2009

Cast and Crew

Director:____Matthew Penn
Writers:_____Thomas L. Moran
___________Eli Attie


Hugh Laurie________ Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein_______ Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard_ Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps_________ Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer_______ Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison____ Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde________ Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson______ Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn___________ Dr. Lawrence Kutner (R.I.P.)
Anne Dudek________ Amber (R.I.P.)

Recurring Role:

Bobbin Bergstrom____ Nurse

Guest Stars:

Tim Rock__________ Doug Swenson
Lindsey McKeon____ Franni Swenson
Jill Remez_________ Sandy
Parisa Fakhri_______ Susan (protester who collapses)
Bruno Oliver_______ Paul
Grinnell Morris_____ Mine Employee #1
Paul Benz_________ Mine Employee #2
James McAndrew___ State Trooper #1
Cory Blevins_______ State Trooper #2


"Georgia on My Mind"
by Hoagy Carmichael & Stuart Gorrell
performed by Hugh Laurie

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