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House: 518 - Here Kitty

House Episode 5-18 - "Here Kitty"

Airdate: Monday March 16, 2009

The Hook:

House is in the clinic, playing with plastic race-car figures and constructing ramps that would turn a skate-boarder green with envy. Cuddy interrupts his fun with an actual patient. Morgan is a nurse in a nursing home who tells him she's had colds all winter and is still feeling out of sorts. No, no sore throat. No, no fever. She suggests several tests she thinks would be appropriate. Before House's history gathering can go any further, she collapses in a seizure, and voids green pee.


Act 1

House presents the patient's chart to the team. Several suggestions are shot down, Taub asks why they're taking the case - she's had no subsequent seizures, her neurological exams revealed nothing, and it's simplY not an important case, he says.

House begs to differ, saying Taub's not important either, so he and Kutner should go and do a tox screen, and that he, House would recognize a fake seizure.

Kutner asks Taub why he's being so argumentative with House as they search. Taub denies it was an argument. Kutner says he's just inquiring about a friend. Taub's not sure they are friends. Kutner says he considers Taub a close friend, even if they don't pal around after work. In triumph, Taub says he was right, holding up a drug bottle.

Taub reports the drug [which I'm not even going to attempt to spell here], and says it cause green pee. House says its not surprising to find that anti-Alzheimer's drug in a retirement home.

House says they' treat Morgan with phenol. An 1850's treatment for gout? Taub boggles. And other things, House says.

Taub leaves the team on his way to start the treatment when he runs into an old friend in the lobby. The friend tells him he's an entrepreneur in medical equipment. He says he banged his leg. Taub tells him he's always got time for an old friend and takes him into a clinic room and works a 'miracle cure'. The friend is astonished, and invites Taub to lunch, which Taub declines, and they discuss their lives since high school for a while.

House enters Morgan's room with a flashy thingee, telling Morgan he'll have to flash a few lights in her eyes. She recognizes he's trying to give her another seizure, but says to go ahead. A few flashes and she seizes again, but apparently this time House recognizes a fake and cries 'damn'. He tells her she'll have to come up with some better symptoms to stay in his hospital. She cries that a cat predicted her death. House is unsympathetic.

House returns to his office and locks the door, but Morgan continues begging though the glass door for him to see her. She says the cat's predictive powers are documented and holds up a videotape (guess the nursing home can't afford DVD) and begs him to watch it before dismissing her. She collapses with hyperventilating breathing. Foreman rushes out to check her and says she's having bronchial spasms and you can't fake that.

Act 2

House and the team watch the video, apparently taken from a news feature, about Debbie the cat. Whoever Debbie sleeps next to dies next in the nursing home. House asks the team for possible explanations. These run the gamut from cat allergies to cat scratch fever, with a large side order of skepticism.

As the diagnosis takes place, House also reveals he's deduced that Taub's finances are in disarray (aren't everybody's, now?) from such clues as Taub no longer ordering a muffin (on a diet, says Taub) and the investment portfolio he left open on the office computer one day. House is mouthing a huge cigar and asks Taub why some rich guy would sent Taub a box of Havana cigars. House tells the team to go check her (Morgan, not Debbie) for worms.

Taub and Kutner discuss Taub's financial situation. Taub says he's mostly worried about it's effect on Rachel (Mrs Taub). Kutner tries to sympathize but is clumsy about it.

The report comes back. No worms.

House has the cat! And takes the cat and the team to a coma ward. He says he's conducting a scientific experiment to determine the cat's predictive powers. In the course of waving the cat around, Kutner shies away from it, triggering House's curiosity. While they're distracted discussing Kutner's fear of cats, the cat settles in on the bed of a Mr. Limpert. House tells the unconscious man that he's going to contribute to science by not dying that night.

Cuddy comes into House's office and tells him to get rid of the cat. Some one has tattled. He denies having one. She deduces otherwise from the presence of a cat litter pan, and also 'Oh my God are those the lab's genetically modified mice?' House tries to argue that the presence of mice argues against the presence of a cat, but it's no go. Cuddy takes the cage of mice back to the lab, and again orders him to get rid of the cat, and to verify the patient is actually sick or discharge her.

Act 3

House wheels the patient outside for a talk and lights up his big cigar, blowing the smoke in her face as they talk. He observes a rash on her arm that wasn't there before. He's put together enough facts to conclude there's been recent stress in her life, starting with the sudden choking death of her step son at school, followed by the falling apart of her marriage after the death. She begins choking and House asks another doctor conveniently nearby to verify that she's having bronchial spasms, and wheels her back into the hospital.

Now the team has two symptoms, bronchospasms and rash. In the course of the session he tells Taub to clean out the cat box. Taub asks if he's still being punished for arguing with House. No House says, for ratting him out to Cuddy. Taub leaves - "I'm outa' here." Foreman asks Kutner to do the cat box and says he'll take the next turn.

Taub goes and visits the rich guy in his expensive office. The rich guy shows him a prototype laser scalpel. Taub suggests a few changes based on the fact that most surgeon's and all nurses have smaller hands, like Taub's. Rich guy is flabbergasted wondering why his expensive consultants didn't come up with that.

In the patient's room, Hadley is visiting and Morgan shows her the toilet bowl to show she's now peeing brown and swears she hasn't taken anything.

Act 4

Another diagnosis session. Hadley says Morgan still could be faking. They go over all the possible causes of brown urine, ruling them out one by one. Foreman comes up with the idea that maybe she's still peeing green with something added to it that makes it brown. What combines with green to make brown? [I admit I was stumped on that one.] House's answer is "purple".

House has rigged the room with a series of superstition tests - a ladder to not walk under, an umbrella he opens inside, and for the last straw he spills the salt right in front of Kutner. Kutner doesn't react, and points out he didn't react to the umbrella, either, but thinks cats might have some special sense that accounts for this ones' predictive capability. Then Taub comes in late Asking "why's there a ladder here?" as he walks under it. He apologizes for his lateness. House speculates he's a coward who doesn't like his job, but is too cowardly to quit and so is trying to get fired. As the meeting breaks up, House is amused to see Kutner edging around the ladder to avoid walking under it.

House talks to the patient and says the coma guy didn't die despite the cat settling in next to him. Morgan says maybe the cat is disoriented in the new location. She's still sure something terrible's going to happen to her.

House and Wilson ride the elevator. House has the cat concealed in a large bag. He brings the cat, with Wilson trailing along, to a pediatric cancer ward, telling one of the kids he's a therapeutic animal. The kid says therapeutic animals are dogs, not cats. Wilson gets nervous and ends this little experiment tout suite.

The team reviews a colon scan of Morgan. No sign of cancer. Kutner speculates it might be a flat lesion not visible in the scan. House says to check for that. As Kutner goes to leave, the cat is blocking his way. He opens another door and lures the cat through it.

House is at home, asleep. Kutner calls and wakes him up to tell him the patient has a new symptom - spider veins on her back. House says this indicates Cushing's disease, but it hardly a reason to wake him up. Kutner reveals the other reason for his call - Mr. Limpert has died - the cat was right!

Act 5

House and team search for the cat (which Kutner let out) on the hospital grounds. Kutner speculates that the cat could possibly smell kidney or liver failure. House quibbles with this, but begins breathing heavily and collapses, then spews something red all over Kutner. He hands him a note that says it's cranberry juice, you idiot.

Taub is away from the hospital, asking his rich friend of a job. Rich guy says he's already got a medical chief and Taub would have to come in at a much lower salary, and most of his people are also investing in the business. Taub says his portfolio has taken some hits, but he's still got some investment money. Rich guy says for most people the minimum is two million dollars, but for Taub he'll make an exception. Taub says he needs to change his life.

Chase reports to House that the patient arrested while they were taking venous samplings, but they brought her back.

House goes to conduct an autopsy on Mr. Limpert to find just what he died of. Wilson tells him it's a fool's errand in pursuit of proving (or actually disproving) a trivial hypothesis. "I don't know what you're doing here."

Chase explains to the patient that what they now think is wrong with her can be controlled but not cured with drugs. The alternative is to remove the pituitary gland, deep in her brain and very dangerous surgery. The patient immediately opts for the surgery. She says she knows there's a reason she got sick, and for all the bad things happening to her. Chase says he'll schedule an OR.

Act 6

Taub is in House's office when House returns. He announces he's quitting. House says he won't accept the resignation. "Bye" says Taub, leaving. House tells him to be sure and bring some nice pastries when he slinks back.

The cat shows up in House's office where House is reviewing the videotape from the nursing home. The cat hops on House's desk and settles on the computer. House looks back and forth from the real cat to the cat on video snuggling into a patient's bed. He gets an evil grin on his face.

House announces to Wilson that he's figured it out - the cat was not attracted to dying patients, but to heat, like his computer, like patients with an infection and elevated temperature, or like some in the nursing home who seemed to be failing and were given electric blankets.

Taub shows up at the rich guy's office only to find that the rich guy was not in fact a rich guy, but (a) a receptionist, (b) a temp, and (c) now in jail for investment fraud. Taub claims not to have given him any money yet, but I'm not so sure.

The team figures out where Morgan must have been hiding a cancer - in her appendix, one place the colon scans can't get to. The pituitary removal is called off. After she's successfully treated for that the cancer, House chides her for almost letting a piece of her brain be cut out for believing in death-predicting cats. Morgan is not quite ready of let go of her superstitions just yet, asking why that cat chose just that moment to jump on the computer.

House is sitting in his desk chair playing with his toy cars when he jumps up and sniffs the seat. He says there's cat pee in his chair and deduces Kutner is responsible, which Kutner doesn't deny. House stalks off saying Kutner is responsible for the dry cleaning bill. [Can you send a chair to the dry cleaners?]

Hadley is amuses, and asks Kutner how he's still standing. She answers her own question saying that House is impressed Kutner stood up to him. "And you got a cat to pee in his chair."

"Yeah... a cat." Kutner says,

As House stalks out he passes Taub coming in with a box of pastries. Taub sits at a table alone in the team room, a dejected look on his face. The cat jumps on the table. Taub contemplates the cat.

= Cecil =
Next Week:

They don't say it's a repeat, but the previews are clearly of the episode earlier this season where Cuddy gets Rachel.

Last Episode: 03/09/09 5-17 The Social Contract
Next Week: Rerun
Next New Episode: 03/30/09 5-19 Locked In

Cast and Crew Ep. 5-18, "Here Kitty" Aired 03/16/2009

Cast and Crew

Director:___ Juan J. Campanella
Writer:_____ Peter Blake (IV)


Hugh Laurie________Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein_______Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard_Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps_________Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer_______Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison____Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde________Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson______Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn___________Dr. Lawrence Kutner

Recurring Role:

Bobbin Bergstrom____Nurse

Guest Stars:

Judy Greer__________Morgan
Christopher Moynihan_Neil Zane
Lorene Noh_________Business-Suited Woman
Charlie Carter_______Billy


"I'm Not Drowning" by Steve Winwood

Posted by Cecil on March 16, 2009 5:21 PM
Permalink |

I was really looking forward to this episode, I love Judy Greer. But the instant they mentioned passing the appendix with the pill cam, I knew it would turn out to be the appendix. I also found the Traub fraud subplot cliche and boring. Here's hoping for better next week!

-- 1. Posted by: FenwayBen at March 18, 2009 8:11 PM

(ILBLxx was supposed to be first!) =]

Cats are scary. Bunnys are cool though -- especially ones with 8's on their backs. Actually, I lied, they're kinda scary too.

-- 2. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at March 18, 2009 11:03 PM

How do you fell about genetically altered lab mice?

Or hamsters on pianos:

-- 3. Posted by: Cecil at March 19, 2009 1:14 PM

Sorry ILBLxx, but FBIF!

Cecil, what did we ever do for entertainment before youtube and the like?

-- 4. Posted by: FenwayBen at March 21, 2009 2:05 PM

When House was playing with the toy race cars, I could have sworn he attached a toy shark to whatever the car jumped over. Either I'm making things up again or it was a hilarious little retort to those accusing House of having repeatedly jumped the shark.

-- 5. Posted by: Scooby-Dude at March 22, 2009 4:04 PM


That's correct, the writers having a bit of fun with us there. However, Cuddy stopped the car before it could jump the shark.

-- 6. Posted by: Cecil Rose at March 23, 2009 6:23 PM

FenWay Ben,

I can remember when just being able to talk with people all over the world instantaneously was entertainment enough.

-- 7. Posted by: Cecil at March 23, 2009 6:24 PM

I remember writing actual letters, and talking for hours on the phone. Or actually getting together with your friends to do things. No need to anymore with all of our technology.

-- 8. Posted by: FenwayBen at March 24, 2009 7:58 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- 9. Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 26, 2010 12:00 AM

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