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House Fodder

House 515 - Unfaithful

House Episode 5-15 - "Unfaithful"

Airdate: Monday February 16, 2009

I really must apologize for last week's faux pas. Here is the real review for "Faithless". I don't know how I possibly could have mistaken Barrack Obama for Foreman. Obama has much more hair.

The Hook:

A priest straightens up after a day serving food in parish soup kitchen. He retires to his quarters exhausted, settling down to a steady process of drinking, smoking, and praying. A knock on the outer door rouses him from his lethargy. He answers it to find Darryl, a homeless man asking for a warm coat for this bitter cold night. When Darryl makes a joke about the sports team exhibited on the coat, the priest responds without humor, then returns to his nightly ritual.

Another knock drags him out of his stupor, and he stumbles to the door. To what meets his eyes he says "That's not funny, freak." The camera shifts to show us what he sees - it's Jesus, fresh off the cross complete with crown of thorns, flagellations, and stigmata. ""No one is laughing, Daniel." Jesus says.


Act 1

In the Patterson Plainsboro Teaching Hospital hallways, Cuddy invites House to new daughter Rachel's naming ceremony. House blows her off with cynicism.

House sees Cameron and gets a case from her - our priest. Presenting the case to his team, they wonder why he'd take such an open and shut case as 'a drunk priest who hallucinates Jesus.' He tells them it's because his team is disrupted and couldn't handle a real case. He sends Taub and Kutner to check for tumors and epilepsy, Foreman and Hadley to check for toxins in the church.

He holds the latter two, however, to give them an ultimatum - either break up or be fired. He says Foreman's judgment was impaired by their relationship. He gives them to the end of the current case to make a decision.

Taub and Kutner interview the patient. Fr. Dan has been moved frequently and doesn't want to talk about why. Finally he admits that he was accused of 'improper contact' by a teenager. He denies anything happened, just says the teenager was 'confused'. Taub immediately assumes Dan is a pedophile priest, Kutner wants to withhold judgment.

House and Wilson discuss Cuddy's party. Wilson is going - he's part of the ceremony. House accuses him of being a wuss for going.

Foreman and Hadley discuss the ultimatum. Foreman thinks House is just messing with their minds and wouldn't dare fire them. He proposes they do nothing.

Kutner and Taub report no physical cause for Dan's hallucination - Taub thinks the alcohol explains everything. 'Great', says House, case over, 'tough luck for Hadley and Foreman, though.'

Hadley and Foreman confront House, who tells them their deadline has arrived. They tell him neither one is quitting. House promptly fires Foreman and makes him hand over his badge. It's on a clip. [Have we seen anyone wearing a badge up to this point? Not that I can recall.]

Kutner and Taub are telling the patient they plan to discharge him. He protests that he's really sick with something and has numbness in his feet and feels lousy. Taub thinks he's making up new symptoms, but Kutner puts on a pair of rubber gloves and prepares to examine Dan's feet. Lifting the sheet, he exclaims in amazement and holds up a shriveled object. "What's that?" Dan asks. "Your toe fell off, " Kutner tells him.

Act 2

House examines the toe, and reexamines his assumptions in the light of this new symptom. To Taub's question as to why Hadley and Foreman aren't present, House explains he just fired Foreman, and Hadley is undoubtedly in a snit. He tells them to put the patient in a hyper baric chamber before something else falls off.

Hadley and Foreman are in the locker room discussing the situation, Hadley says she should quit, and allow Foreman to keep his job. Foreman says no, he'll be OK.

Taub and Kutner discuss the case some more. Taub still thinks the priest is not leveling with them.

Cuddy meets House in the elevator and again invites him to the ceremony. House says she's trying the old reverse psychology on him, inviting him so he'll turn her down, which is what she really wants. Cuddy denies this and House accepts - "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Cuddy storms into Wilson's office "You idiot." Not because he came up with the idea - that was all Cuddy - but because he talked to House, and gave him the idea to accept, and it's Wilson's job to talk him out of it again, she says.

In the hyper baric chamber, Dan begins to convulse complaining of difficulty breathing. Kutner calls is as a probable heart attack.

Foreman goes to Cuddy for a letter of recommendation to aid in his job search. Cuddy takes a hard line, says House was right to fire him and she won't give him a letter.

Act 3

House, Hadley, Taub, and Kutner ponder the 'heart attack that wasn't a heart attack' in 'priest that isn't a priest.' Tests have ruled out heart attack. Other suggestions: Clotting disorder? Kutner is assigned to do blood tests. House decides he has to meet this patient. House debates faith and belief with Fr. Dan. Dan holds his own. "God, I wish you weren't a pedophile," House exclaims.

Kutner starts a test, saying 'This will hurt.' But it doesn't. House is concerned. He prods somewhere, and Dan can't feel that either. Now we have a new symptom 'regional anesthesia'. House tells them to do a nerve conduction test.

Wilson confronts House about wanting to go to Rachel's ceremony only to be disruptive, telling him he shouldn't go. "OK," says House calmly. "OK, you won't go?" "No, OK, you've discharged your duty to Cuddy." House feels he has to go, lest Cuddy's attempt to manipulate him succeed "And then the terrorists will have won."

Hadley goes to Cameron and Chase asking them if there's a spot available in the E.R. For Foreman?, they ask. No, for her, she figures if she quits House will take Foreman back. Chase advises against it, saying office romances are risky, and he and Cameron lucked out.

Kutner and Taub find some nerve damage and describe it to Fr. Dan. He asks them if that would account for his going blind in the right eye, which he just has.

Act 4

The team mulls over this new symptom. Hadley suggests an auto immune condition. Nope. Cancer? Nope.

House launches into a complicated metaphor involving rock bands and their fans, and why the fans might not show on a different date (the fans are the antibodies you'd expect if there was an infection.) Taub finally gets the point and guesses "The Spleen". House wonders why he bothers to construct metaphors if everybody is going to expect unambiguous communication, but finally gives in and responds "Yes, the spleen." More tests.

Hadley sticks around to volunteer to quit if he'll take Foreman back. House asks if Foreman's OK with that. Hadley doesn't answer but gives the impression Foreman has blessed the plan. House says "OK". [I myself am wondering why no one's pointed out that the deadline never actually has arrived - the case isn't over, so everybody should be OK so far - not fired.]

House talks to the patient and asks if House cures him, will his faith return? The patient says he's way past that. He's tired of the unfair treatment he's received at the church's hands. House worries that "I detect a stink of leftover faith." Fr. Dan accuses House of looking for a reason to believe for himself.

Cuddy confronts House and says she really doesn't want him to come. House says "OK." "You're really not coming?" "I'm really not coming." "Thank you." "Gosh, I feel so grown up."

In the lab, Taub, Kutner, and Hadley discuss relationships. Taub taunts the two singles for thinking relationships are simple. Hadley says the Holy Water they're testing is clear - just minor bugs - nothing that would make anyone sick." "Which minor bugs?" Taub asks.

House and patient philosophize some more. Dan detects some attraction of House to "your boss". House denies it, or tries to make it solely physical.

Taub calls House out of the room to tell him that the culprit is the Holy Water - it has pneumocystitus germs in it that would be harmless to anyone without a compromised immune system. "Our Father Nietzsche has AIDS," House muses.

Act 5

Fr. Dan says he's never had sex, never had a transfusion, never used I/V drugs, so he couldn't have AIDS, but he won't let them test him for fear a false positive would rob him of any credibility he has left. Which Taub says is "None".

Taub wants to find the kid Fr. Dan was accused of molesting and tell him about the AIDS diagnosis. House says that would be against the law and he's already lost one doctor this week, so no.

Hadley tells Foreman of her offer to quit. She's already lined up a job in a nearby E.R. He tells he not to do it. [I guess she didn't pre-clear the idea.]

House accuses Wilson of hypocrisy. Wilson says sharing a celebration with a friend is not hypocrisy, it's a very human thing to do, which he recommends to House. "I'm incapable of acting like a human being," House says.

Taub has looked up the kid, Ryan, whom he finds waiting tables in a small café, and asks for a private talk. He tells Ryan that Fr. Dan probably has AIDS, and Ryan should get tested if he hasn't been already because of the "incident" five years ago. Ryan says he's been tested, but won't discuss any results. He seems more concerned about Fr. Dan than any danger he might be in.

[Brief digression: The church has shipped Fr. Dan all over the country because of 'the incident' but has ultimately returned him to the scene of the supposed crime? And how does Taub (a) find out his name, and (b) find him? No explanation.]

Foreman comes to House and asks for his job back. Hadley comes in to find out what's going on. Foreman says he's taking her up on her offer. Great, she says, she already told the E.R. "No." Foreman says she can find another job easily. They get into a spat and Hadley stomps out. House tells him he can either go after her and patch things up, or take his job back. Foreman shrugs and stays. House hands him his badge, and says "Welcome back."

Kutner is administering anti-AIDS drugs to Dan, whose blood pressure begins to climb, he feels flushed, and is breaking out on a boils on his chest.

Act 6

The team debates this new symptom. Hadley and Foreman are both present, so I guess either House is giving her time to find a position or he considers them split and therefore in compliance with his original order. And everything that Hadley proposes, Foreman shoot down. They fight until Hadley declares "This is just not going to work." Au contraire, House begs to say, "I've never felt so alive."

As Taub and Kutner perform tests on the patient, Ryan walks into the room. Taub tries to shoo him out, but Ryan sees how bad Dan is and kneels by the bed. "I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry." Dan places a hand on his bowed head, saying "I know, I know." That's as much as we'll find out about what went on five years ago.

Wilson asks House "Any second thoughts?" about going to the ceremony. Wilson realizes, he says, that House is the hypocrite - he really wants to go. House says no. Wilson tells him "I'm trying to give you a rational reason to overlook her hypocrisy. Even is a rational truth exists, we can't know all of it, so she..."

Epiphany time! House rushes to his white board o' symptoms and starts covering up a symptom at a time. Wilson is distressed - "You can't discard symptoms!" House says "You can when they're not a symptom." He erases "hallucinations" from the board. "If it's not a symptoms, what is it?" "A symptom - of something else."

House tells Dan he's not going to die - "You have Wascott-Aldridge Syndrome. It's a genetic disease that trashes the immune symptom, giving you all the AIDS symptoms without the AIDS. All except the hallucinations. When Dan asks about it, House says "That was the Scotch."

Relief washes over Fr. Dan, as he contemplates all the coincidences that led him to the one man who could cure him, and led House to take a case he wouldn't' ordinarily take, and that must mean... House starts to get a migraine as another atheist slips back to faith. "You promised you wouldn't go there." Dan quotes Einstein "Coincidence is God's way of hiding responsibility."

Cameron and Cuddy talk. Cuddy marvels over how House has saved another life, despite going against his own principles. Cameron senses Cuddy really wants House at her ceremony and says "You should tell him."

Cuddy and House meet at the door going home. They contemplate the cold outside and discuss the weather. House asks her if tonight's the night, and she confirms it is. Cuddy looks about to speak, but the moment is lost, House wishes her luck and leaves.

A tinkling piano provides the backdrop to a series of scenes. We see Cuddy greeting guests and displaying the baby of honor. Virtually all the hospital staff we know are there - save only three. Foreman and Hadley greet each other and smooch, in Hadley's apartment - they've scammed House! -- The break up was false! -- House sits alone at his piano, we can see the piano playing is his. The tune shifts to something festive and Jewish, then shifts again.

The tune is appropriate as we shift back and forth among the three scenes - yet it's country music drifting in my mind - two tunes - Hank Williams Kawliga "... too stubborn to ever let her know, So she could never answer yes or no.." and another the name and author of which escapes me, but the lyrics go "a woman and a man, a man and a woman one can, and one can't, and one can...two lonely people each having so much pride inside, neither side,'s my belief pride is the chief cause in the decline, in the number, of husbands and wives...".

We close on House, alone again, having a little Scotch himself, as the piano tinkles.

- Cecil
Next Week:

The new patient is part boy, part girl, "13's dream date," says House. But House is not looking so good himself. Cuddy and Wilson find him slumped in a chair, not breathing.

Last Episode: 02/02/09 5-14 The Greater Good
Next Episode: 02/23/09 5-16 The Softer Side

Cast and Crew Ep. 5-15, "Unfaithful" Aired 02/16/2009

Cast and Crew

Director:________ Greg Yaitanes
Writer:_________ David Hoselton


Hugh Laurie__________Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein_________Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard___Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps___________Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer_________Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison______Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde__________Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson________Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn_____________Dr. Lawrence Kutner

Recurring Role:

Bobbin Bergstrom_____Nurse

Guest Stars:

Jimmi Simpson_______Fr. Daniel Bresson
Jake Thomas_________Ryan
Janet Haley__________Eileen
Terrance Ellis________Daryl
Nick Josephs_________Man


"Cuddy's Serenade"____Hugh Laurie
"You Can't Always Get What You Want"
___Rolling Stones, played by Hugh Laurie

Posted by Cecil on February 16, 2009 9:23 AM
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Thank you. I enjoyed your recap very much.

-- 1. Posted by: Amanda at February 17, 2009 6:36 AM

Hey Cecil, did you notice that Jesus was levitating? Nice touch I thought.

I really enjoyed this episode. It covered so much ground with the patient, his journey of faith to disbelief and back again I would have been happy just to follow him. But the added bonus of the the Fore-teen relationship plot, with House playing puppet master was brilliant. The Cuddy stuff fit thematically, but seemed almost tacked on compared tot he rest of the story. And a great little scene with Chase and Cameron.

Thanks Mr. Spencer for washing that gunk out of your hair!

-- 2. Posted by: FenwayBen at February 17, 2009 9:24 PM

Yes. I failed to mention it in the review, but I think the levitaton was when Fr. Dan really began to think something was wrong.

-- 3. Posted by: Cecil Rose at February 18, 2009 11:43 AM

Hey Cecil ...

complete non sequitur, but ...

Do you pronounce your name See-Sill, Seh-Sill, or something else?

Just curious ...

-- 4. Posted by: ealgumby at February 18, 2009 7:36 PM


It's been known to be
SEH-sill from UK friends, or

SEESE, for short

or alabama or 'bama for nicknames.

-- 5. Posted by: Cecil Rose at February 19, 2009 9:16 AM

And how does that mean? I do not understand anything.

-- 6. Posted by: Kevin at January 29, 2013 3:05 PM

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