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House Fodder

House: 505C - Lucky Thirteen

House Episode 5-05C - "Lucky Thirteen"

Airdate: Tuesday September 16, 2007


The Hook:

Lights. Music. A club. Hot, woman-on-woman action. Kissing.

A bed. One of the women from the club is our own Dr. Hadley. She rises and heads for the bathroom. The other stirs and calls her back to bed. But before Hadley can respond, the other woman has collapsed and is convulsing on the floor.

Lights. Sirens. The woman is rushed into the emergency room, Dr Cameron presiding. Hadley describes her symptoms, but cannot tell Cameron her name.

Act 1

Cameron approaches House and describes a 24 year old woman with a tonic, clonic seizure. House is not having any of it and strides away, doing right well for a gimp. Cameron pursues and describes previous problems with the woman's eyes. "Diabetic." House snaps. No, and no history of hypertension, either, and Cameron tries to place the file in House's hands.

House evades and ducks into Wilson's office, to find Wilson lying on the office floor, his chair collapsed. House reacts in mock horror that his practical joke has killed his friend. Wilson stirs, and House wonders why he hasn't passed House's window where he's been perched waiting for Wilson to pass by. Wilson says he'd had a breakfast meeting at Mickey's diner with the hospital where he'd interviewed to tell them he wouldn't take the position, returning instead to PPTH.

There's a doughnut on a paper plate on the floor, apparently bait in House's trap, and Wilson, reclining, picks it up and takes a bite. House welcomes him back.

Outside Wilson's office, Cameron pounces and hands House the file. House attributes the seizure to the ecstasy the admitting room found in her system. Cameron says according to Hadley, the patient took the drug five hours before the convulsions. House wonders how Hadley would know that. Apparently she was with her last night. Yes, at 3 AM. Now House is intrigued - "Oh yeah, Penthouse forum meets Medical Mystery."

So House begins the team diagnosis with analysis of Hadley's behavior - which he attributes to her spiraling out of control after her Huntingdon's diagnosis. Hadley only wants to talk about the patient, and says her condition resulted from dehydration, alcohol, and ecstasy. Foreman wants to know if Hadley was doing drugs, also. Hadley dodges. Taub brings up the patient's previous history of hemorrhaging into her eye. Hadley says that isn't relevant and was fixed. House sends Hadley to get a marrow sample from "your girlfriend's" pelvis, and House follows because "I want to watch."

House adds verbal leers to the visual ones. Hadley apologizes for him. When the patient hears House's name, she perks up. House hopes his name came up last night "In the form of a moan." Hadley doesn't want to discuss the details of their encounter but the patient is eager to, playing right into House's titillation. House soaks up all the details. Hadley prepares a huge needle and plunges it into the patient's pelvis as House asks her to score Hadley on a 1 to 10 scale. "Don't answer" says Hadley through gritted teeth. "Seven" the patient says, grimacing. Hadley reacts in surprise to that assessment. House holds up his clipboard to show he'd correctly predicted the score.

House talks to Lucas. (Callooh, callay, he's back!) House wants Wilson's doughnut eating investigated. He's suspicious that it indicates Wilson lied about having a morning meeting at Mickey's diner - where Wilson pigs out on French toast, hence wouldn't want more carbs after arriving at work. No reaction, no retaliation to House's practical joke = ulterior motives in House's calculus.

Hadley confronts the patient. She's found her letters to House. Apparently the patient has been trying to be seen by House for over a year, but nobody even answered her letters. She was just using Hadley. Apparently using people for sex is OK but using people for a professional introduction is not. Hadley says she's discharging the patient. Patient says House admitted her so neener, neener, neener. More banter, Hadley thinks she's faking, but when the patient begins to go into respiratory arrest. Hadley sends for the paddles.

Act 2

Eye issue, brain issue, now heart issue. More theorizing by the team. Now House thinks "Drugs", which Taub points out he rejected only that morning. Which Hadley predicts, means House will now want to search Hadley's apartment. Right in one. And House will come up with a reason Hadley can't be there. Right again. Hadley refuses to hand over her key unless she's there. "Who can pick a lock?" House wonders. All three men volunteer, but Foreman pulls seniority and says he'll keep House from stealing any underwear.

Foreman works at the lock without success. "You're a disgrace to your stereotype," House tells him. Haven't these guys ever heard of a bump-key? What. You haven't either? Go look at THIS, one of many similar reports. I'll wait.

OK, now that we're all paranoid, back to the review.

House reveals he has a key, one Lucas has provided him in the course of his investigations. Foreman puts on surgical gloves for his search, House doesn't bother. Foreman demands his key. House says he doesn't have one, didn't need one, he already knows everything about Foreman. Foreman doubts this. House sends Foreman to the living room, takes the bedroom for himself. Foreman finds nothing, House finds an asthma inhaler. Foreman says there are ways to get to know people without committing felonies. House says conversations bore him. Foreman figures that's because conversations go both ways. "Like thirteen," they say simultaneously, but nobody yells "Cokes!".

Back at the office, House shows Hadley a brown recluse spider he found in her bathroom. "Not the only interesting thing I found," House says reaching in his pocket. Everyone cranes forward, none more than Hadley. He pulls out the inhaler and everyone collapses, none more than Hadley. House notes her relief and wonders what she thought was in his pocket instead. Kutner, the incisive one as always, points out that spider bite explains nothing unless the patient was actually bitten by a spider. And volunteers to do the exam. (Did I mention the patient is hot?) House sends Hadley instead,

The patient drops her robe as Hadley examines her inch by inch. She's still got electrodes taped to her collarbone. Do they leave those in place? They talk about their meeting. Hadley's not looking for a repeat, the patient might be. Hadley wonders why if she only rates a seven? The patient says it take time, she sees the potential for a nine there. And wonder why Hadley's removed her hand from her hip. But Hadley hasn't. "What does that mean?" "Means it's not a spider bite."

In the hall, Hadley reports that blood tests show low potassium levels accounting for the patient's hip numbness. So now there's a kidney problem - caused by what? House tell her to PK her kidneys - calcifications will confirm a diagnosis of RTA.

House and Lucas stake out Wilson's apartment, A hooker approaches the front door. Who should let her in but Wilson?

Chase and Taub operate on the patient, removing calcifications. Hadley and Foreman watch from the observation gallery. Foreman reveals he found the "thing" that House missed in Hadley's apartment, and hands her a piece of paper that she quickly pockets. Foreman says the results (apparently her Huntingdon's test results) show that she has less time left than she thought. He urges her not to self-destruct despite being understandably upset. [I'm wondering 'Why not?'] He thinks there's things she should be doing. Sober, respectable things like working out and improving balance and coordination. She thinks she's doing just fine, and having a blast as it is. The same things he considers self destructive = doing drugs, staying up all night, having sex with strangers, sound like good clean fun (well... good dirty fun) to her. She leaves and Foreman turns back to the op.

Chase and Taub are just closing up when the patient begins to arrest. She's not breathing and needs to be intubated

Act 3

Taub describes the patient's breathing problems. House wonders why Hadley isn't there. Kutner wonders if seemingly good lungs not working maybe means a problem in the airways. House wants the patient stress-tested on a treadmill to make the problem reoccur so they can find out why. And he wants Hadley found.

Cuddy catches Hadley in an exam room - with no examinee - hastily removing an IV tube from her own arm.

Foreman confronts House. He's heard from his brother that House did indeed have him investigated. He assumes House's lack of taunting of himself means House couldn't find anything, and grins smugly. House says he's right and that's because Foreman hasn't done anything stupid or spontaneous - that is to say interesting - since he was seventeen. House makes this sound like a bad thing.

House joins Cuddy and Hadley in Cuddy's office. Cuddy describes what she observed. Cuddy wants Hadley to take a drug test or get suspended, and mentions her dereliction in not being present at the patient's procedure. House surprisingly defends Hadley and pulls her from the room. Then promptly fires her as soon as they get outside. The only reason he pulled her is to keep her from having to take a drug test and ruining her career.

House enters Wilson's office and tells Wilson how much he's missed being with him. House asks Wilson what he did on his time off and Wilson says he started 'dating' someone. The someone is a single mom former prostitute who used to have a drug problem and now wants to go to law school. Wilson's going to help her. Wilson begs House not to be judgmental, but of course House is. "Debbie makes me happy", Wilson says. If you're happy, I'm..." House says, and leaves.

Foreman commiserates with Hadley over her firing. Hadley is poring over x-rays looking for a way back in - perhaps remembering the example of Kutner during the hiring competition last year. Hadley finds vague hints of lung cysts in the x-rays. Time to stop the treadmill before her lungs explode. Too late, Taub and Kutner bend over a collapsed patient. "You ruptured a cyst!" Hadley shouts rushing in. She jabs a big needle connected to an open syringe into the patient's chest. The patient begins coughing.

Act 4

Kutner tells House that a CT confirmed multiple lung cysts. Hadley reels off a list of possible ailments and treatments. "Thank you," House says " my employees can take it from here." Foreman puts in a good word for Hadley, but House is not swayed. House sends Taub and Kutner off to biopsy the cyst.

House and Lucas sit on a park bench discussing Wilson's hooker-dating habits. House says Wilson needs to save people, reels off a list of his previous wives' flaws. "first wife had a wooden leg, second wife was Canadian..." House wants Lucas to find some dirt on the 'ho' to use to separate her from Wilson. Taub comes out with the biopsy results. House gets a concerned look.

House confronts Hadley as she cleans out her locker. He wonders why, if she's bisexual, she doesn't have any flings with men. It would be easier. Or with ugly girls. But this woman's hot, a challenge. So it's the conquest, control that gets her off, he theorizes. "Why not try taking it to the next level", he says, "play God. Tell that girl she has ten years to live. She has LAM." "OK," Hadley says quietly, even though House makes it clear this won't earn her job back.

Hadley approached the patient's room, entering quietly. Slowly she reveals that the tests indicate a progressively fatal disease. "I'm gonna die." "Yes. I'm so sorry."

Act 5

After further surgery, Hadley describes the results to the patient. They got all the cysts they could, which should help her breathe better, but they'll come back, nobody knows how soon. Hadley describes all the steps she'll go though. The same steps she, Hadley's, already gone through. The patient figures this out. "How long do you have?" "Maybe a little more than you, maybe a little less, I'll race you." They agree Hadley will visit some more. Then Hadley notices bleeding that shouldn't be there.

Hadley announces the new symptoms, which add up to aplastic anemia. House wonders why his fired employee won't go away. Hadley says she doesn't need to be paid, just wants to finish out this case. It's not Lam any more. That's good news, right? But the doctors throw around new hypotheses with survival ranging from ten years to ten minutes. "Go," says House, "test for everything." Except "Not you, you're just a visitor," to Hadley.

In the lab, Chase asks Foreman how his patient's doing. Foreman takes the opportunity to ask Chase is he (Foreman) is boring. Yes, Chase says, backing up his opinion with observations of how this is both a good and bad thing in a doctor, but... boring.

Tender vocal music over guitars as Hadley and the patient visit, talk, hold hands, gaze at each other, Hadley ending up sharing the hospital bed. "I'm glad you're here." A sweet kiss.

Act 6

House, staring fixedly at the preceding tender scene from outside the glass room. He taps his cane on the door. Hadley comes out to see what he wants. He says the patient needs a bone marrow transplant. Hadley objects they don't even know what she has yet. But everything it could be demands a transplant, Houses says. Hadley's worried she'd never survive the total body radiation needed to suppress the immune system and give the transplant a chance to take. So don't radiate her, House says. Dangerous, but her marrow is almost totally wiped out already. "She trusts you, go get her consent."

Lucas reports to House. He's found drug paraphernalia in Wilson's trash. House grins.

"You're back," House says to Wilson, throwing the stuff on his desk. "Damn," Wilson grimaces, I knew the fake works was too much." "You had no choice, where were you going to go after 'fake hooker girlfriend.'" Practical joke exchange over, the two friends start to head off to eat. But House still wants to know where Wilson was the morning he came in early. Wilson says it has nothing to do with House. Wilson assures him his friendship is firmly in place. "Okay." "You're going to keep following me, right?" "It's what we do." Finally Wilson relents and says "be outside my apartment at 8 o'clock tonight."

House strides back to his office where Hadley is waiting with news that the patient said yes to the transplant. House warns her that she's in a downward spiral of destruction. "But until you hit bottom, I can use you." She's back. Hadley tries to analyze this sudden turnabout. She figures House was toying with her, to make her commit to the patient. In the middle of her analysis, House notices her lips are cracked. He asks her if she's been using her inhaler lately. She says she's had a few allergies, and don't deflect her. Abruptly House asks if the patient cried. Hadley stammers about the patient being upset, but House only wants to know "Were there tears?" "No."

House slams an onion on the patient's tray table and proceeds to slice it while describing how that should affect someone. Still no tears. "She has Sjoegren's" House concludes, triumphantly. Interferes with tear and saliva production, causes lung cysts and RTA. Lack of saliva allows opportunistic infections to grow in the mouth, which were transmitted to Hadley by the kiss, who's mouth was also immune-suppressed by the inhaler. "Another life saved by girl-on-girl action." And the patient will now be OK now that they know what to treat.

Foreman comes into the doctor's changing room to see Hadley, and says "Spencer's going to be fine?" and your reviewer can now breathe easier too, since I don't have to keep calling her "The patient". "And I hear you got your job back." Long pause. "I'm just going to keep standing here until you say something." Exhausted look from Hadley. "I feel alone." [Yikes, did she want Spencer to die just for company?] "I'm going to go home. Tired"

Wilson enters a baby shop, meeting Cuddy, who asks his thoughts on her choice of crib. In walks a black spectacled House, obviously not decoyed by Wilson's 'meet me at my apartment at 8PM' ploy. Cuddy says she's adopting a baby. Wilson acted as her character reference - that's where he was the morning House has been so suspicious about. Cuddy's been approved and not even House's nosiness can block her joy. "Well if you're happy, I'm..."

Lights. Music. A club. The 'tired' Dr. Hadley is trolling again.

- Cecil
Next Week:
"Do Not Miss This Episode" Says FOX. But don't they say that about all of them?
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Next Episode: 10/28/08 5-06 Joy

Cast Ep. 5-05, "Lucky Thirteen" Aired 10/21/2008

Cast and Crew

Director:...David Platt
Writer:......David Foster II


Hugh Laurie.................Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein..............Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard...Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps...................Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer...............Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison........Dr. Allison Cameron

Recurring Roles:

Olivia Wilde................Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson.............Dt. Peter Taub
Kal Penn......................Dr. Lawrence Kutner

Bobbin Bergstrom........Nurse

Guest Stars:

Angela Gots..................Spencer
Michael Weston...........Lucas Douglas
Helena Barrett..............Woman With Thirteen
Al Damji.......................Paramedic


Could We Survive........Joseph Arthur

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