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House: 501F - Dying Changes Everything

Dying-Changes.jpgHouse Episode 5-01F - "Dying Changes Everything" - Full Review

Airdate: Tuesday September 16, 2008

The Hook:

A hard charging, ball-busting feminist, Patty Mishner, and her woman Friday, Lou, invade a board room to straighten out the chauvinists in charge. But Lou is tormented by hallucinations of ants crawling all over her body, and begins ripping off her clothes in the middle of the board meeting. The 'high powered board members stare in consternation as Lou screams, but Patty, sneers sarcasm at the men for not calling an ambulance immediately. I have a little trouble with the depiction of the hallucination here, I think people hallucinate the feeling of insects crawling over their bodies, not the actual sight.

Act 1

House is enjoying a little video-gaming in a coma patient's room when Cuddy walks in to inform him that "Wilson's back", which House already knew and is ignoring. Cuddy yanks the plug, killing House's chances for high score, and gives him 'that look'. She prod him to go talk to Wilson. House says he didn't want to be a "tremendous pain in the ass" by bugging Wilson, but this rings false to Cuddy and us, too. Foreman pokes his head in to say "We've got a case." Oh, I wish, I wish it could be Patty Mishner, the fireworks between House and her would be tremendous, but no, it's Lou, the gal Friday. House is moved to take the case, but Cuddy says she';; assign it to another doctor because "House has more important things to do." - that 'look' again. House shrugs off the suggestion and grabs the file anyway. He and Foreman depart as Cuddy cleans House's snacks off the coma patient's bed.

House's office. House describes Lou's symptoms: anemia, possible memory loss, hallucinations, slower heart rate. Taub asks if he's seen Wilson. House shrugs off the suggestions and reviews the patient's travel itinerary: eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, other third world countries. do feminists really get much of a hearing in countries where mere survival is a big issue? Hadley says lack of fever rules out most tropical diseases. Kutner suggests it might be stress related - lord knows keeping up with Patty Mishner is bound to be stressful - maybe amphetamine abuse? Now Foreman brings up the Wilson issue, and again House dodges. House says Lou's tox screen is suggests bad nutrition and B-12 deficiency. Hadley is offended that people assume a "strong career woman" has been made sick by her "strong career". Personally, I'm not sure gofer is a strong career. She suggests a lymphoma is making Lou hypoglycemic. "Great," House says, "now everyone knows. The other wonder when House was going to tell them Lou had cancer. He says he doesn't know thus but assumes that a person (Hadley) with a Huntingdon's diagnosis who refuses to acknowledge it would assume the same about someone else. The cat's out of the bag, now. Hadley ignores the reference and continues to defend her hypothesis, but House tells them to pump Lou full of B-12. House leaves and the other three Hice leap up to follow her.

In the hallway, they ask Hadley about her Huntingdon's and express their sympathy, none of which she wants to hear. Hadley refuses to confirm the diagnosis and says that House is just trying to deflect questions about Wilson.

In her room Lou is on the phone continuing her work to support Mishner. Hadley comes in and shoos her back to bed. Lou attributes her delusions to tiredness, which Hadley dismisses almost as sarcastically as House, telling her she has a severe B-12 deficiency and to get back in bed. Lou, used to taking orders from strong women, sighs and climbs back in. Lou has sensors taped on various parts of her body. Hadley prepares the shot and says she's sure Mishner can do without her for a few days. Lou says she likes the work because it makes her matter. Lou suddenly says she needs to get up for a bowel movement, but - oops - it's too late. Hadley tries to tell her it's all part of the B-12 deficiency syndrome, but then looks to discover the sheets stained with blood, not bowel movement.

House walks into Wilson's office and begins describing his case without a "hi: or "how are you." Wilson blurts out "I'm leaving." House counters with sarcasm, then relents a little and says "Good for you, take all the time you need." Wilson, though insists on clarifying. "I'm resigning". Maybe even leaving New Jersey. (Who wouldn't?) He's writing his resignation as they speak. House tries to dismiss it as irrational grief talking.
Hadley walks in to report the patient's rectal bleed. House verbally throws her out, and continues to try intellectually persuade Wilson not to go. W leaves and House looks thoughtful.

Act 2

Taub and Hadley discuss House's refusal to participate as they begin a colonoscopy of Lou. Hadley is fuming, Taub is more sympathetic to House dealing with his' personal issues'. "The boss gets to make the rules and the boss gets to break the rules." They proceed on the colon tour and find - nothing - no bleeding.

Standing in the hall they report this to Foreman - they did an endoscopy, too - and have a CT scan ordered but don't expect it to show anything. K walks up looking like the proverbial cat and announced they don't need a CT scan and they don't need House, either, because one of the routine screening tests was positive. Which one? "The one that, if positive could explain a hormone imbalance, that could screw with heart rate and blood flow." The all get these "oooooh" looks.

"I'm pregnant?" Lou asks. Kutner asks if she wants to call the father an let him know. "Why don't you do some DNA testing and let me know?" she responds. Hadley tries to sympathize, but Lou's not having any of it - "I met my needs - end of explanation." Kutner's manning the ultrasound and asks how recently her last 'need' was. Two or three months" Lou says. Kutner's surprised. "What is it?" Lou asks. "Nothing," Kutner responds. Literally nothing. No baby on the ultrasound.

House and staff are in his office puzzling over this latest item. Taub puts in that the B-12 hasn't helped the slowing heart rate. House asks the team for suggestions and presents contradictory information for each one they suggest. He strides from the room telling them to "Keep going."

He strides into Wilson's room to announce "You're being an idiot." Wilson criticizes his insensitivity. The team walks in to urge House to come back to diagnosing, as the same time welcoming Wilson back. He informs them he's leaving which prompts more sark from House. Foreman asks why. Wilson answers lamely. Hadley tries to get the discussion back to the patient. Foreman offers more sympathy to Wilson. Hadley interrupts again. House, frustrated, says the patient tested positively for pregnancy because the patient is pregnant. Dem hormones don' lie. House strides out followed by the Hice.

House enters patient's room without introducing himself and begins another sonogram. Hadley comes in and says "This is Dr, House - he's too brilliant for introductions." House tells Lou she should wait until she's at least thirty before punishing that "pleasure portal" with a "seven pound tissue sample". Lou responds that she's thirty-seven, and by the way has been told she's not pregnant. The "thirty-seven" surprises House. House whips the screen around and shows both women the baby - an ectopic pregnancy lodged against her intestine. He tells Hadley to "yank the fetus - if she survives the surgery she'll be fine.:" He hands Lou a tissue box and walks out.

Hadley follows House to the hall to protest the callous assumption that the pregnancy must be terminated, suggesting that the fetus could be transplanted back to the womb. House says just terminating as a high risk surgery and saving the fetus is a fantasy. Hadley continues to protest, but House says this is less about Lou than about Hadley. "I gave you a diagnosis - you don't like it there are exits on every floor."

Act 3

Hadley returns to Lou with the sad new, but Lou has no problem with 'removing the fetus - where do i sign."

Cameron is examining an overweight male clinic patient. House walks up to ask her to help persuade Wilson to stay. She says she spike to Wilson, but didn't "tell him anything - I listened," she can understand why someone would want to leave House. The patient overhears and assumes the two are former husband and wife. "She dumped me when I lost the last eighty five pounds" House says, leading the patient to reconsider that roux-n-y surgery. Cameron criticizes House's insensitivity to Wilson's grief. House likens grief - Wilson's anybody's - to Newark - an unpleasant state one must go through in order to get to Manhattan, which come to think of it, is as good as metaphor as I can think of for House's state of mind. House suggests Wilson will listen to her because like him, she has been through a loss. What, he asks her, did she do when her husband died? "I got a new job and I moved."

Surgery. Chase operates on Lou, Taub, Kutner, and Hadley assisting. Lou goes into distress, Chase pulls her through.

House enters Cuddy's office to urge her to stop Wilson. She says House should "Talk to him." House says he has, but Cuddy responds that mocking doesn't count.
Tel him you're sorry." "I didn't kill her." But in a way he did - if he hadn't been drunk and called Wilson for a ride, Amber wouldn't have come to pick him up. House denies responsibility because of all the chain of events that led to her death. Cuddy suggests that Wilson might stay for House's sake if House can convince him that he really needs Wilson.

Foreman joins Taub and Hadley in the patient's room. They say she has a neurological problem. Her pulse is still slowing and she keeps blinking. "So the pregnancy was a coincidence" Foreman concludes. The patient beings sinking and Hadley calls for some help. Taub says "page House." "Already paged him" Foreman says.

A pager buzzes on Wilson's desk. It's House's and House is ignoring it. "If I told you that I was sorry, would it change anything?" "I wouldn't believe you." " If you believed me." "It's hard to imagine such a world." House shoves his pager toward Wilson and announces he's going him until Wilson agree to stay at the House. "You'd jeopardize a patient if I..." "If it keeps you here. Your friendship means more to me that this patient." (Wow, remind me to check my next surgeons emotional state near surgery time.) Wilson won't boy to the blackmail, and House leaves, his pager still buzzing in Wilson's desk.

The team is giving CPR to Lou and wondering where House is. House is walking out of the House. Cuddy has no balls if he doesn't get fired for this. Oh, wait...

[Speed through the commercials..; Oooh wait, Victoria's Secret... slow down.. OK speed up again

Act 4

Cuddy is leading the team in House's absence. Patient stabilized but not getting better. Kutner thinks House is bluffing. Taub says he called three times, House is not picking up. Cuddy says they should do the same things they'd do if House was there. Only trouble is, what they'd do is ask House. They've treated every condition they've found, yet her heart problem won't go away and now something's wrong with her brain. Cuddy expresses her complete confidence in the team, then leaves. Thanks, loads. Hadley still thinks they can so this without House, and suggests MS, which explains all the remaining symptoms, if not the original ones. Foreman says to start her on interferon.

Cuddy is at House's apartment to beg. She criticizes House for truing to bludgeon Wilson with guilt. House dares her to fire him. Shy says to tell Wilson he's sorry. House says he already has but Wilson didn't believe it. Well make him believe it, Cuddy says. I can't because I don't believe it, he tells her. Cuddy accuse House of being afraid to face his own feeling about Wilson, about Amber's death about everything, He closes the door in her face, but she keeps talking though the door.

Hadley talks to the patient, who wants to know where Dr House is. Is MS his idea? :We work as a team." Hadley prevaricates. Lou says they're not really a team, that they work for House. Hadley likens the team relationship to House to Lou's relationship to Patty. Doesn't work, though because Lou knows she's really a flunky, not a partner. Again she lies that Dr. House agrees with the diagnosis. Lou shivers. Uh, oh, fever's not consistent with MS.

House comes into Cuddy's office to complain his cable has been disconnected. Cuddy's cutting him off, and only ten minutes to his favorite soap and "gee, is this the remote from the Doctors' lounge: which she hides behind her back. Wilson comes in responding to a page, sees House, and starts to leave. Cuddy stops him and says she's with holding his salary history from every hospital in the tri-state area, To House's "You go, girl." She adds she's permanently setting every TV in the hospital to the Pottery channel unless they both sit down and talk. "Welcome to couples counseling."

The Hice pore over the video of the surgery, looking for anything they may have missed. Everyone else is doing more diagnosing off hospital than Lou, when Kutner notices something on the tape. A 'little bump' that might be a ganglioma - an abnormal nerve growth - which Foreman speculates might be causing all the patient's symptoms. They need to hope her up again, he says.

Couples counseling is not going well. As Wilson leaves, Cuddy asks him is he thinks Amber would want him to just walk away. "Nobody at this hospital even liked Amber," Wilson says bitterly and leaves.

Act 5

Chase thinks they're idiots and says Lou would never survive a second major
surgery, let alone a third if they found anything. Kutner suggest an alternate procedure, painful, but without anesthetic. They go in though the rectum with a lighted scope, find the possible ganglioma, push it to the surface. The make an incisions and remove it without anesthetic.

Hadley explains the process to the patient. Lou want to talk to House, but Hadley says he's "unavailable.". In the discussion Lou reveals Patty has replaced her with another gofer. Hadley sympathizes, but Lou says she'll be find and she understands Patty's need to move on. (Wonder what the medical benes of "former gofer " are?) Hadley assures Lou that she' be fine, they've been well trained, but turns back to express her anger at Patty's treatment of Lou. Lou defends Patty. Hadley wants Lou to stand up for herself. 'What kind of feminism is this?' Hadley wonders, "We can have anything." "No we can't, " Lou responds, "We can aspire to anything, but just because we want it doesn't mean we get it." Maybe House and Wilson should be listening to this.

The procedure proceeds. Lou is uncomfortable. The suspect area is located, pushed toward the skin and excised,

Wilson is clearing out records and Cameron stops to sympathize, then tells him he shouldn't go. Wilson wants to know if House put her up to it. She says House asked her and she told him to go to hell, but she still thinks he's right. She relates Wilson's case to hers, and says the pain never really goes away but it gets easier to cope. Wilson says everything around the hospital reminds him of Amber. Cameron says a scarf the color of her late husband's eyes can set her off. Wilson says he's still got to do something, Then do it, she tells him, but don't think it will solve anything.

The lab. It wasn't a ganglioma, and all Lou's pain was for naught. Hadley suggests amyloidosis. OK, so all they've got to do is figure out the cause of the amyloidosis. Taub again bemoans the lack if House,

Act 6

Foreman talks to Wilson about the possible cancer diagnosis. They decide to start Lou on chemo. Foreman tells Wilson he should leave. Everyone wants him to stay for their own reasons, nobody's talking about what Wilson wants or needs. All right, Foreman.

Lou feels better. Lou says this is the first treatment that made her feel better. She and Hadley have heart to heart talks. House for the first time reveals her Huntingdon's Chorea to another person, and explains the path of degeneration she's looking forward to. Lou completely understands why Hadley wants to make her life matter, she wants something to be different because of her. "I am," Lou responds. She's inspired by hospital's example and she's applying for a job running a foundation.

House and Cuddy have another go-round at the nurse's station, House telling Cuddy he's found the nurse's remote and can use it to watch his soaps in the Doctors' Lounge. Cuddy tries desperately to get House to make one last try with Wilson. Maybe with a little sensitivity and truth this time. House snarks.

House breezes into Lou's room, notices that her complexion is less rosy and that she looks thirty seven instead of the twenty seven she looked last week. She has bruises on her arms. House abruptly grabs a syringe and plunges a needle into one of the bruises and says the bruises aren't bruises but mycobacterial lesions. She has diffuse, lypromenous leprosy she's picked up on her world travels. This is not the limbs-fall-off kind but the rosy ten-years-younger complexion kind. A little blast of antibiotics and prednisone and she'll soon she'll be all better. Hadley sulks. Taub explains to Lou that "She's happy you're going to be fine, but she'd be happier if you were going to be fine five minutes ago."

Hadley visits Lou and explains that tests have confirmed House's diagnosis, and explains to Lou how the leprosy explains everything that had happened to her. Lou reveals she's going back to her domineering boss, which disappoints Hadley.

Hadley mopes alone, and House comes in and tells her "I like you better now that you're dying." He likes that she took a shot.

Finally, with Wilson's office all packed to go, House goes to him and genuinely expresses his sorrow over Amber's death and his part in it. He's totally genuinely truthful and emotionally open at least employing what should have been his first weapon. Wilson accepts everything he says, and says he doesn't blame House for anything. But that Wilson's still leaving. He's realized though all this that he's got to take care of himself, and that they're not friends anymore - in fact he's not sure if they ever were. Heavy. Wilson leaves as House stands stock still, not even turning to watch him go.

- Cecil
Next Week:
5-02 = "Not Cancer"
House admits to the possibility of being a schmuck
Last Episode: 05/13/08 4-16 Wilson's Heart
Next Episode: 09/23/08 5-02 Not Cancer

Cast Ep. 5-01, "Dying Changes Everything" Aired 09/16/2008

Cast and Crew

Writer.............................Eli Attie
Director..........................Deran Sarafian


Hugh Laurie.................Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein..............Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard...Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps...................Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer...............Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison........Dr. Allison Cameron

Recurring Roles:

Olivia Wilde................Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
Peter Jacobson.............Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn......................Dr. Lawrence Kutner

Bobbin Bergstrom........Nurse

Guest Stars:

Christine Woods...........Lou (Patient)
Jamie Rose....................Patty Mishner
Bob Sherer.....................Patient
Janet Song......................Surgeon
David Kagen..................C.E.O
Paul Haitkin...................,Board Member

S-5 Episodes:

01 Dying Changes Everything
02 Not Cancer
03 Adverse Events

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