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House Fodder

House: Wilson's Heart

House Episode 4-16F : Wilson's Heart

The Hook:

None needed, since we've seen the first half last week. We get a brief recap: The bus has wrecked. House was on it. He lost his memory, but eventually gets enough back to realize Amber was on the bus with him, and since she isn't at PPTH, must have been the Jane Doe #2 sent to Patterson General.

House and Wilson talk to an ER doctor at Patterson General. Amber's in bad shape : something is making her heart race. She has kidney damage from the crash, which is being taken care of with dialysis. She needs coronary angiography for the heart condition, but there are patients in even worse shape ahead of her, so it will be at least 90 minutes before she can get it. House proposes moving her to PPTH, only 50 minutes away with facilities waiting (or House can bully anyone else out of the way for them). The ER doctor objects that House is not her doctor and can't make that decision. "No, but her husband can," House says, nodding at Wilson.

[OK, hold the review for a second. Maybe your recapper is a little dense here. Wilson and Amber have certainly acted married, for instance in the mattress store, but have we ever been informed that they were married? Someone help me out here. Or is House using this as a ploy?]

Wilson agrees, and they watch over the tachycardic Amber in the ambulance. Wilson wants to know why House was with Amber, but House doesn't know. Amber goes into cardiac arrest, and they are about to defibrillate, when Wilson has another idea : protective hypothermia :freeze her, slow down or stop all her bodily functions, giving House more time to diagnose, while her overactive heart isn't doing more damage. House agrees (with a hard look at Wilson) and they begin breaking chemical ice bags and applying them to Amber as the ambulance slides into the PPTH ER dock and we...

Cue sad House music...

Act 1

PPTH OR. Chase has Amber hooked up to machines to maintain circulation as he begins lowering her body temperature. Her heart is actually stopped as the machines do the work, meaning...

Team room. The team debates diagnoses and methods, most of which can't work with a non-beating heart. Kutner suggests stimulating House's memory with drugs again. But House's heart attack precludes taking any more dugs for the moment. House directs and angiogram, which hospital says can show damage even in a stopped heart, and sends the rest to search Amber's apartment for "toxins, heavy metals, drugs" : anything that might make her heart race. So "Mr. and Mrs. Wilson" still have separate apartments?

The others leave but Taub lingers for a few poignant and pertinent questions. Any medically relevant facts House was not broadcasting publicly? House denies having an affair with Amber, but Taub rightly points out that, if he can't remember anything, how can he know for sure? Taub says he'll run a drug tox screen on Amber.

Kutner and 13 (oh, excuse me, Doctor Hadley : it's going to take a while to get used to that : forgive me if I slip) enter Amber's apartment. Hadley seem reticent. Kutner examines Amber's computer. Hadley just wants to get the job over and get out. Kutner sees some 'travel' videos on the computer and opens one to see if she's been out of the country, but all the traveling appears to be to the living room couch with Wilson, and when the action begins to get steamy Hadley slams the laptop lid with a "not even close to relevant." Kutner rightly points out that, until they know what's wrong, they have no way to assess what's relevant. Hadley is uncomfortable, and criticizes Kutner both for watching and for not watching the videos, then says they have no business even being on the case. Kutner goes to search the bathroom.

House sits alone in his office, visited by a hallucination of Amber. She's quite solicitous, unlike the real Amber. House wonders out loud what symptom he saw in her, perhaps a myoclonic jerk. Amber says that's "boring". House wonders how an incredibly rare neurological symptom can be boring. I wonder how incredibly rare a myoclonic jerk can be : isn't that the leg muscle twitch you sometimes have when falling asleep : I'll omit the very interesting story of what causes these in order to move the narrative along, unless somebody asks.

"What did we do last night?" pseudo-Amber asks. In House's reverie, Amber pours sherry : did he meet her for a drink? Pseudo-Amber comes on to him, hinting he finds her attractive, admires her intelligence and drive (which match his) and maybe she returns the affections (as she begins to recap the lap-dancing stripper's performance). So maybe, she says, a little out of the way tete-a-tete is not out of the question. She asks him if he feels... electricity... and House is jolted awake.

He hobbles to the treatment room where Cuddy and Wilson attend to the Amber-cicle, and suggests he can get his memory back with deep brain stimulation : electrical impulses delivered directly to the hypothalamus. Cuddy agrees that drilling a hole and shooting lightning bolts into an already cracked skull is just a peachy idea. Wilson agrees House needs rest. Amber's brain emits a tiny electromagnetic 'eep' which is picked up by the monitoring instruments and seized by Wilson as a sign, but she's otherwise unresponsive. House emits an 'eep' of his own, but it's his pager : the team has found something.

Wilson and House join the team in the conference room. They're reluctant to report in Wilson's presence, but House presses on. The coronary angiogram and tox screen had negative results, but they found prescription diet pills, SSRI's, and amphetamines in Amber's apartment, which could explain the heart damage. Wilson says she didn't use drugs, but they point out these were hidden in her vitamin bottles. The team wants to warm her up and do a confirming CT scan, but Wilson is opposed : the strain of more tachycardia could cause more brain damage or burn out the heart muscle. House suggests surgery without restarting the heart to examine the valves for calcification. Foreman asks "That's the safer course?" "It is if we're wrong," House replies. "When did we start assuming we're wrong?" Foreman wonders. Since we started treating House's best friend's lady-love.

House sends them off, but detains Hadley, asking her why she's been reticent in the differentials, and virtually non-participatory in the house hunt. "It's Amber," is her only explanation. House brushes her off and tells her briskly to get over it and do her job.

The OR. Chase, Taub, Kutner, and Foreman prepare to check Amber's tell-tale heart when they notice Amber's eyes are yellowish : jaundice. "Diet pills don't kill the liver," Chase rules, and the surgery is off.

Act 2

Amber is wheeled back to the ICU as the team discusses the problem in the team room. How can the problems be spreading in a frozen patient? House, brooding to the side, suddenly asks "Did Amber drink sherry?" The team tries to ignore him and get on with the diagnosis, but House tells them she poured him a glass in his dream. Taub favors warming Amber back up, but again Wilson nixes this, and, in fact, wants to cool her even further. Taub tries to guide him back to reality. Over in the corner House is still going on about sherry meaning something. Since, as Wilson tells him, Amber didn't drink sherry, House theorizes it must mean something else to his subconscious. Kutner volunteers that there's a Sherry's bar near the bus route House and Amber were on. Hmmm. Does the subconscious really make visual-linguistic puns like this? Mine doesn't. At least I don't think it does.

House flashes back to the bartender of his previous visions, then says "Wilson's right, we need to make her colder. Fill her lungs with slurry." While he takes Wilson "out for a drink".

House and Wilson enter "Sharrie's Bar", making the pun a longer reach. The bartender (played by Fred Durst, lead singer of Limp Bizkit) tosses House his motorcycle keys when he comes in, confirming this is the right bar (and that the bartender works some really long hours). Yes, he saw a blond with House last night, and yes, she was sick : at least she sneezed, and no, he was too busy to examine her "sputum" (House's term, "snot" to you and me). "She was hot, she seemed into you, and last night she bought you drinks : last night, she was your girlfriend," he says, over House's objections. House diagnoses "blood in the sputum" although I don't know how, since I don't think the bartender saved the napkin he loaned her to blow her nose, but House has a new symptom. Wilson is more interested in the "she seemed into you."

Kutner and Hadley are in the ICU treating Amber. Kutner wants to know what House said to her, but Hadley's not saying. Kutner catches her before she can insert the wrong tube into Amber's throat. Hadley sighs. Kutner tells her she's reacting this way because of the possibility of Amber dying soon, and Hadley wants to know why he isn't. He tells her a story, of when he was six years old helping his parent in their store after school and a robber shot them both : it wasn't fair, he says, and it took years, but he just had to learn to accept things the way they are. They return to work and the slurry flows.

House finds Foreman and Taub in the lab, and accurately predicts that the liver biopsy they've done showed infiltrates and minor inflammation. He explains he got that from "snot on a napkin", so (a) I guess he did see it, and (b) I guess "sputum" is only used by doctors with civilians. The likely diagnosis - Hepatitis B. "Start her on IV Interferon," he says "and I'll go tell Wilson." Foreman mocks his decision and tells him to go sleep and Foreman will tell Wilson.

House instead wander into the ICU. Pseudo-Amber greets him there and mocks his diagnosis, sits up, and begins to strip, showing him her lower back. House awakes from his dream and goes back to the real ICU where Taub and Foreman are starting to administer a second course of interferon. He tells them to turn her over and look at the small of her back, where they find a rash. House says the fact it's there either means that he's still asleep, or he's starting to remember.

Act 3

Taub conjectures the rash looks like influenza rash. Which, Foreman says, wouldn't cause all the other symptoms. Which makes me wonder, 'couldn't she have influenza and something else, too?', but this show operates on the assumption that all symptoms are of the single, hidden cause, so we go on.

Wilson just wants to know when House ever got a look at the small of Amber's back. Foreman wonders if it could be an abscess rather than a rash. Good point says House and orders Hadley, whom he still calls 'Thirteen', to stick a needle in there to look for puss, indicative of an abscess. Hadley wonders if ultrasound wouldn't be safer, angering House who orders Taub to do the needlework.

House yells at Hadley and she leaves the room. The fluid is clear, no puss, leading Foreman to diagnose Rocky mountain Spotted fever, which Wilson says is possible, they having walked a friend's dogs recently. Taub suggests treatment with oxycyclene followed by warming to see it if worked, which again panics Wilson, who wants a confirming blood test, first. Wilson doesn't want her heart started until they're one hundred percent certain, which Foreman says, of course, never happens. House makes the call and goes with Wilson's way, angering Foreman. Looks exchanged all round.

Hadley is in the ladies' room, sitting in a stall to cool off. A male foot edges under the partition and nudges hers, then jerks back. "Sorry, wide stance," explains House. Hadley agrees she's screwing up. House diagnoses this as fear, engendered by the similarity of Amber's case and her own : 'young female doctors in danger of dying.' Yes, she concedes, she's at risk for Huntingdon's, but she's dealing with it. By not dealing with it, House points out. They tiff a bit, then he tells her to "deal with it or pack up your stuff."

Musical montage: We hear Jose Gonzalez's "Teardrop" and see Wilson and Cameron sitting silently in the cafeteria : House silently tossing and turning on an office couch : Hadley silently preparing to give herself a blood test, contemplating the vial : Foreman silently adjusting IV lines in the ICU and monitoring the heart-lung machines : Cuddy silently doing paperwork, when a grim Foreman looms before her desk, handing her a chart : "House is going to kill the patient."

Cuddy and Foreman are in the ICU, warming and restarting Amber's heart. Wilson comes in and starts to pull the thermal blanket off, telling them they can't do this. She's up to eighty degrees, and her EEG shows some activity : Wilson stoops and calls her name. "Well done," he says bitterly, "we still don't know what it is but you've just let it spread to her brain."

Act 4

Foreman, Cuddy and an angry Wilson are in House's office. Brain involvement is a new symptom, Cuddy says. Wilson and Cuddy argue. "Heart, liver, now brain." House says auto-immune fits best, possibly aggravated by crash trauma. Treatment: prednisone and warming. Wilson is angry about the risks, but Cuddy tells him to "go spend more time with the family" and let House do his job.

Wilson has angry words with House and leaves, pauses, and comes back, apologetic. He has a favor to ask, though, would House still try that brain-zapping thing? "You think I should risk my life to save Amber's?" Wilson's look says "yes".

OR. Chase is inserting a probe in the back of House's head while Wilson mans the electronics. "Give him three volts." House gets visions but in black and white with no sound. He urges a stronger jolt, and Wilson ups the voltage to 5 and zaps again.

House is back in the bar and the scowling barkeep takes his keys away. House makes a phone call. The call is to Wilson to ask for a ride home. But Wilson wasn't there, Amber answered the phone and went to haul House home. When she gets there he insists she have a drink with him. She finally gives in and has one cosmopolitan. He tries to order another but she insists he go, then sneezes : but the produce is perfectly ordinary and consistent with a cold. House start to stagger out. Amber moves to help him, but the bartender objects he hasn't been paid yet. When she turns back to pay, House staggers out, saying he'll take the bus.

House is on the bus, but so is Amber, handing him his forgotten cane. She sits across the aisle and they have a conversation. She sneezes again and blames it on the nasty flu. She pulls a prescription bottle out and starts to take a pill. Wilson, impinging on House's trip, asks if a complication of the flu could be the cause of all her problems. "No," says House, unless...Don't do it!" He's seen the prescription she's taking. "It wasn't the flu, it was what she did for it. She has amantadine poisoning.

Wilson thinks out loud. "The crash destroyed her kidneys. Her body couldn't filter the drugs. She OD's on amantadine. Explains the heart, the liver : we just need to start her on dialysis and flush the drugs out." But House is grim. "Amantadine binds with proteins. Dialysis can't clear it out of the blood. There's nothing we can do. I'm so sorry." In the OR a tear moistens House's cheek. In his mind, he relives the crash. And begins seizing.

Act 5

The team listens to Foreman recount House's case : his violent seizure caused his brain to bleed and he's in a coma. Possible cognitive impairment unknown. And he was right about the amantadine. Amber's heart has suffered irreparable damage. And she's not a candidate for transplant, since too many other organs were damaged as well. There's nothing they can do, nothing they could have done.

Wilson and Cuddy watch the unconscious Amber. Wilson says they should call time of death. Cuddy says she's technically still alive, and could survive another few hours on bypass. Cuddy thinks they should wake her up and give Wilson a chance to say goodbye. Wilson thinks it would be too cruel. Not a decision I'd want to have to make. "Wake her up to tell her she's going to..." Wilson can't say the word. He sobs and hugs Cuddy as she advises him to wake her : it's what Amber would want.

Chase and Wilson are in the ICU as the process begins. Chase pats Wilson on the shoulder and leaves him alone with Amber. Wilson is as miserable as a human being can get, but wipes his tears and leans over Amber as her eyelids flicker.

He tells her she's in the hospital and asks if she remembers what happened. She blames herself for getting on the bus. Wilson comforts her and explains the medical details. Amber is too good a doctor to mistake what they mean. "I'm dead," she says simply and sadly. Wilson hugs her closer and they communicate wordlessly, as lovers do.

Act 6

The team hangs their heads and wait for the inevitable.

Hadley: "We should say goodbye."
Taub: "She didn't even like us."
Kutner: "We liked her."
Taub: "Did we?"
Foreman: "We do now."
Taub: "What do we say?"
Kutner: "We don't need to say anything."

Another musical montage as one by one, they file by Amber. Kutner just nods. Taub blows a delicate kiss. Foreman exchanges looks with Wilson. Hadley gives her a hug. Finally Wilson is in the bed holding Amber.

"I'm tired. I think it's time to go to sleep."
"Just a little longer."
"We're always going to want 'just a little longer'."
"I don't think I can do it."
"It's OK."
"It's not OK. Why is it OK with you? Why aren't you angry?"
"That's not the last feeling I want to experience."

A last kiss.

With a sob, Wilson turns and switches off the machines.

They embrace as Amber closes her eyes and fades away.

Cuddy and Taub worry over the unconscious House.

House open his eyes in a bright room.

It's a bus.

Amber is there.

"You're dead."

"Everybody dies."

"Am I dead?"

"Not yet."

"I should be." House thinks that life shouldn't be random. That lonely, misanthropic drug addicts should die in bus crashes, not young beautiful people in love.

"Self-pity isn't like you."

"No? Well, I'm branching out from self-loathing and self-destruction.
Wilson is gonna' hate me."

"You kind of deserve it."

"He's my best friend."

"I know. What now?"

House wants to stay there with her, but Amber tells him "Get off the bus."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because it doesn't hurt here." He doesn't want to be in pain, he doesn't want to be miserable, and he doesn't want Wilson to hate him.

"Well, you can't always get what you want."

And a thousand blessings on the director, art director, music director, or whoever decided not to break into Mick Jagger here. Instead House gets up and walks off the bus to the gentle strains of Iron & Wine's "Passing Afternoon".

We're back in House's room, as his eyes open. Cuddy is there and asks him to blink if he can hear her, which he does, and she sighs with relief. He tries to talk, but she shushes him, telling him to "Just rest".

The music continues as we see Hadley printing out the test results. There's a whole string of "NEG"s. But one single "POS*" opposite the word "Huntingdon's". She scans the sheet without emotion. : Taub returns home and climbs into bed still in his suit to hold his sleeping wife : Kutner eats cereal alone in front of the TV : Foreman sits alone in a restaurant, then is joined by Chase and Cameron : Wilson stares at sleeping House, Cuddy curled up asleep in a hospital chair beside his bed : House's eyes open, their eyes meet, Wilson nods and departs.

Wilson returns to his empty bedroom, where he finds a note from Amber tucked into the covers explaining she's gone to give House a ride home. More tears well up, for him and for me as he hugs the note in his empty bed.

Cuddy is still asleep, but House is awake and thinking unknown thoughts.

Fade to black.

- Cecil

So long, see you in the fall...

Next week: No more new shows until Fall.

Prev. Episode: 4-15 House's Head - 05/12/08
Next Episode: 5-1 Next Season - unknown


Cast List Ep. 4-16, "Wilson's Heart"

Originally aired: Monday May 19, 2008 on FOX

Writers:...........................Russel Friend
........................................Garrett Lerner
........................................David Foster (II)
........................................Peter Blake (IV)

Director:.......................... Katie Jacobs


Hugh Laurie......................Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein....................Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard.........Dr. James Wilson
Jesse Spencer.....................Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison..............Dr. Allison Cameron
Omar Epps.........................Dr. Eric Foreman
Anne Dudek.......................Dr. Amber
Peter Jacobson....................Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn.............................Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Olivia Wilde.......................Dr. Thirteen/Hadley

Recurring Role:

Bobbin Bergstrom.............Nurse

Guest Stars:

Fred Durst.....................Bartender
Dan Desmond................Doctor
Jennifer Crystal Foley...Taub's Wife


Teardrop........................Jose Gonzalez
Re:Stacks.......................Bon Iver
Light for the Deadvine..People in Planes
Passing Afternoon.........Iron & Wine

Production Code: HOU-416

Posted by Cecil on May 21, 2008 10:40 PM
Permalink |

Cut throat bitch... is a cut throat bitch.

The whole thing with her dying and Wilson and everything was a little too dramatic.

I guess it was a good episode though.

I like the first few episodes of the season the best.

It's funny, I carry HOUSE. season 1, and LOST. season 1 with me everywhere I go.

... the rest of LOST is on my ipod.

I need to read your review Cecil Rose, but I'm too busy reading comments on Mac's.

I'm up to 446.

But once again... on here. iIF!!!

Hehe. =]

-- 1. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at May 22, 2008 4:41 PM

but have we ever been informed that they were married?
- - - -
Not in my mind. My take is that House blurted the marriage thing out as a last ditch effort to get Amber released over to his hospital. Wilson, slow on the uptake, finally realized what House was doing, then came back with the yeah... Let's move her... as he had been acting all husband like up to that point.

Here is the question. With her death and the fraud/misrepresentation on their part, will this come back to bite them in the butt next season when the releasing hospital hears what happened (if they do)?

-- 2. Posted by: DocH at May 23, 2008 8:45 PM


No, I don't think we'll hear another word about it. For one, the other hospital is probably glad to have a difficult case off their hands. And PPTH staff seem to have done all in their power - which was not much, as Amber was doomed from the start.

The doc over at

seems to mostly agree on the medical issues while having some differences on the bypass/hypothermia treatments.

-- 3. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 27, 2008 1:15 PM

Sara M over at TWOP wondered the same thing about a Wilson-Amber wedding. And perceptively points out that perhaps there was one, lost in the shows that might have aired had the season not been shortened by the writers' strike.

-- 4. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 28, 2008 12:31 PM

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