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House Fodder

House: House's Head

House Episode 4-15F : House's Head

Airdate May 12, 2008

The Hook:

Lights and scenes flash before a dazed House's eyes. He's in a bar where he has a dialogue with a stripper. He has no idea how he got there. He diagnoses himself with retrograde amnesia. "Someone's going to die unless I find them." Wandering into the street, he sees police, paramedics, and firemen swarming over a bus wreck.

Cue confused House music...

Act 1

House's head is being stitched by Cameron in the PPTH emergency room, with Cuddy, Taub, 13, Kutner and Wilson hovering around. The room is full of injured people. House knows there's something important he can't remember, and starts detailing "You, you, and you" to tasks involving searching for his missing memories. Challenged to remember somebody's name he calls 13 "lesbian", which she protests she is not. ("Upgrade from fifty percent," House responds.) The doctors tell him they have jobs to do in the ER, and to do his own remembering. House wants to see the bus driver.

House diagnoses the driver with leukemia (for about 5 seconds) which might or might not be the serious case he's looking for. He wants everyone from the wreck to stay so he can question them, so he turns a patient with a stiff neck into a possible case of meningitis, requiring everyone to stay until tested.

Kutner finds out when House left from the hospital's security video. Kutner suggests going straight to House's pre-frontal cortex for the answer's House seeks. Taub gets all sarcastic and proposes a Fantastic Voyage type trip in miniaturized submarine, but Kutner's talking hypnotism, and says somebody in surgery must be trained in it. Cut to...

Chase hypnotizing House, as Wilson looks on. Wilson kibitzes, and tries to use House's trance to get some honest answers. House is skeptical, then impressed as the hypnotism begins working. House remembers a bar, and a wise (and large) bartender who kept his keys, hence the bus trip. Amber appears in House's trance, leading to jealousy from Wilson.

Back on the bus, House spots a mysterious woman... a nose-picking punk...

House snaps back to the present and interviews the punk, diagnosing brain tumor on no evidence, then dismissing the diagnosis. Nearby, the bus driver has leg pains and paralysis when he tries to stand up. Can he be the one?

Act 2

Team room. House consults the team trying to figure out what the bus driver's problem is. As the team talks the smell from Taub's coffee triggers a flashback to the bus, where someone is drinking coffee. House rushes out to...

The ER. House is sniffing discarded passenger's clothes to trigger memories. [True, true, smell is a powerful memory stimulant. Every time I smell a tomato plant I flash back to my family's vegetable garden from my childhood. Chocolate pie : my mom's kitchen.] House is also gobbling Vicodin like candy, which concerns Taub.
House sinks his whole head into a pile of clothing.

Back on the bus. The bus driver, as a hallucination, gives House medical advice. Mysterious Woman (MW) talks to House, but he says she wasn't a passenger. "So I must be a clue," she says.

Wilson snaps House out of his reverie and insists he get an MRI.

Wilson conducts the MRI and quizzes House about his Amber sighting. House sarcasts back. Wilson thinks House has feelings for Amber, and "This is bad."

Cuddy reviews the MRI results, Wilson participating. House has a cracked skull, and Cuddy wants him to go home and sleep

House sits alone in... (a deserted bar?) (an empty cafeteria?) and wracks his brain seeking memories. Nothing seems to be coming.

Act 3

Bus driver's room. 13 and Foreman hold him. He can stand now, but begins to have stomach pains. Foreman notes House is bleeding from the ear. Not a good sign. "I need to take a bath," House says.

With 13 in the hydrotherapy room. House is adding salts to a large tub with a cover. He's planning to conduct his own sensory deprivation, and makes references to the movie "Altered States." 13 isn't entertained by the allusions since she wasn't born when the movie came out. What, no old William Hurt marathons on AMC in her background? Really, you should all go get this at the video store : written by Paddy Chayefsky. Recommended.

House is back on the bus, and Cuddy is there. Since she wasn't on the bus originally, House wonders why she's there. "I must be a fantasy," she says. "If you were a fantasy, you'd be wearing..." Suddenly fantasy-Cuddy is dressed in pigtails and a short skirt, bare midriff. Woo woo. This cheerleader-manqué criticizes House for having a sex fantasy when he needs to be thinking about his patient. "Why can't I do both?" he asks, and cheerleader-Cuddy begins to do a pole dance while covering the possible symptoms he could have observed. She's down to panties and a disconnected bra when House is getting visibly aroused [facial expression, not that other, you pervs] when she suddenly says "I'm distracting you" and changes back to fully-clothed, all-business Cuddy. "No!"
[That's both House and me.]

The bus driver is back and House thinks maybe his shuffling gate might be a symptom of Parkinson's. MW is back, and proclaims "I'm the answer." "You were right," House says, as a bright light snaps him back to...

Hydrotherapy room, where the whole gang watches him get out of the tub. I think he's still wearing his underpants, otherwise this scene might have been a lot more embarrassing for the cast. He tells them to start the bus driver on leva dopa for the supposed Parkinson's but they're more concerned about his bleeding from the ear and his vomiting followed by collapse and unconsciousness.

Act 4

House is awakened by "Nurse Dickerson" shining a light in his eyes. Cuddy has assigned her and a security guard to sit on House and keep him quiet (I think they're in House's apartment.)

Team room. Foreman mans the White Board o' Symptoms as Kutner marvels at House's x-ray. They debate the bus driver's symptoms as House calls in on the speaker phone. Taub comes up with a swell diagnosis "Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis" (TPP). Nurse /R/a/t/c/h/e/d/ Dickerson takes the phone away as House yells that the genetic test for TTP is too slow, so "run the bagel test." Sounds like my kind of test.

The bagel test turns out to be high carbs plus exercise : running on a treadmill while scarfing bagels. He's lasted half an hour when House calls in from his bathroom. The nurse knocks on the door, all suspicious : House has her cell phone. The bus driver collapses : but he's wheezing which apparently means it can't be TPP, which I guess paralyses the chest muscles. And what were they planning to do if he'd dropped down paralyzed? Well, at least they're in a hospital.

Act 5

The team crowds around the unconscious bus driver. House steps in - Cuddy has caved and allowed him back. So why did the driver collapse? Foreman wants to take him to the OR to check for breathing obstruction : piece of bagel down the windpipe, maybe? House wonders if they screwed up the intubation, but he checks and it's OK. Blood clot? House notices the driver's teeth have shiny new caps, and speculated that recent dental surgery pushed an air bubble into his gums, which has been migrating through the blood stream and blocking various organs and is now in his heart.

As the team starts to wheel the patient's bed to the OR, House jams his crutch into the door, blockading himself and 13 in the room with the patient and everyone else outside banging on the glass door. House orders 13 to get a syringe and stab the patient in the heart with it to deflate the bubble, while Cuddy, outside, screams for "Dr. Hadley" to open the door. Well, we know House isn't "Dr. Hadley" so 13 HAS A NAME, 13 HAS A NAME!

13 dithers while House demands she make a choice before the patient dies. 13 stabs the patient in the proper place just as Foreman manages to break in. The stabbing is a success, and the patient begins breathing normally.

House is back in durance vile, Cuddy now being the enforcer. She orders House to get some sleep. But he can't and wanders the apartment, where Cuddy is asleep in the chair - but no, it's not Cuddy, its Mystery Woman. She's wearing a necklace with an insect. He caresses her cheek, wondering where this dream is going. Suddenly he has a red scarf in his hand and she asks "What are you going to do with that?" "I have to tie this around you," he says. Oooh, kinky. "I'm cold," she says. "Stay with me," he says. "Why'd I say that?" Blood trickles over the red sash, and House flashes awake. For real this time. He makes his way to the real Cuddy. "I saved the wrong person!"

Act 6

House describes his dream, and says he inverted the causation : the bus driver was a result, not a cause. House says he has to get back on that bus with all 31 passengers...

But not the real ones. Various people wear pictures of the victims and sit in the same position on a similar bus. Cuddy, Foreman, Cameron, Chase, Wilson.. the whole crew plus two dozen bit actors. The stimuli do their job, and House is...

Back on the bus. A woman tells House to stop staring at her breasts. (It's the woman Cameron is standing in for, again refuting last week's assertion.).

House slips in and out his reverie. He gobbles a number of pills, and Cameron wonders if those are Vicodin. She checks. Nope, phisostigmine, an Alzheimer's drug. "Are you crazy?' Cuddy asks, "Alzheimer's drugs will make your brain go into overdrive." Which is sort of House's point. Wilson's concerned they'll blow out his heart. House shucks the concern.

He's back on the bus, talking to Mystery Woman.

"Why are you here?"

"You believe in reason above all else. There must be a reason."

"You know who I am," she says. "What's my necklace made of?"


More talk, then she repeats, "What's my necklace made of?"

" It doesn't make sense."

"What's my necklace made of?"

"Amber." AMBER!

FLASH! And House sees Amber sitting directly across from him, and a speeding vehicle hitting the side of the bus directly behind where she's sitting, then chaos, the bus turning over, objects and people flying, gravity gone crazy. House reaches out to Amber, their hands clasp, then she slips from his grasp.

In the aftermath, House sees Amber, a large open wound on her forehead, dented metal fixture nearby. She's breathing in short gasps. He crawls to her. She has another wound in her leg, and he removes her red scarf for a tourniquet. "I have to tie this around you."

"I'm cold."

"Stay with me, just stay with me."

House passes in and out and sees firemen lifting the unconscious Amber.

Waking again, he rises and gets out of the bus, where his answers to a paramedic's questions are confused and incoherent. Helicopters light the confusing scene from overhead and the heavy beat of their rotors contributes to the surrealism of the scene. People dash to and fro as House wanders, I guess, into that stripper bar we saw him in initially.

A woman's lips met a man's. A fist pounds on... something. House is still confused. We flash back to the here and now. The lips are Cuddy's giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a prone House. The fist is Wilson's, pounding House's heart to restart it, alternating with heart pumping. House revives. "Amber. It was Amber. She was on the bus."

Wilson thinks it's more fantasy. Amber is supposed to be working. But she hasn't returned his calls. "How could she...?"

"Jane Doe number 2." "She was on the bus with me. She's the one who's dying." And as luck would have it, taken to a different hospital where no one knows her.

- Cecil

Next week: "The drama continues, as one of their own is dying. But this mystery isn't only medical. In a season full of surprises, we saved the biggest one for last."

Prev. Episode: 4-14 "Living the Dream" - 05/05/08
Next Episode: 4-16 "Wilson's Heart" - 05/19/08

Cast List Ep. 4-15, "House's Head"

Originally aired: Monday May 5, 2008 on FOX

Writers:...................... Peter Blake (IV)
....................................David Foster (II)
...................................Russel Friend
...................................Garrett Lerner
Story...........................Doris Egan

Director:......................Greg Yaitanes


Hugh Laurie..................Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein...............Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard...Dr. James Wilson
Jesse Spencer.............Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison.........Dr. Allison Cameron
Omar Epps...................Dr. Eric Foreman
Anne Dudek.................Dr. Amber
Peter Jacobson............Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn.......................Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Olivia Wilde...................Dr. Thirteen/ Dr. Hadley!

Recurring Role:

Bobbin Bergstrom.............Nurse

Fred Durst.......................Bartender
Sharmila Devar................Nurse
Isaac Bright.....................Goth Kid
Jennifer Lee Wiggins.......Stripper
Rebecca Rhae Larsen.....Bohemian Girl
Henry Hayashi..................Kaneshiro/Bus Driver
Julie Ariola........................Nurse Dickerson
Ivana Milicevic..................Woman in Black/Mystery Woman


There's No F***ing Rules, Dude....!!! Chk Chik Chick

Production Code: HOU-415

Posted by Cecil on May 14, 2008 8:25 PM
Permalink |

This is my second all-time favorite episode following the Mira Sorvino in Antartica episode.

All of the hypnosis-related scenes were expertly edited and acted. This episode could win an Emmy. Not a big fan of Cuddy, but her dance act in the bus combined with the banter and problem-solving, she just went up a few notches in my book, acting-wise.

I was expecting more during the 'sensory deprivation tank' part, particularly after he mentioned 'Altered States'. I guess he could go back in to the tank next week to solve Amber's problems.

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at May 15, 2008 6:32 PM

The thing about sensory deprivation tanks, if I recall the experiments from the sixties corrrectly, is that the mind, deprived of stimulation, will start creating its own.

I'm not sure what it creates can always be trusted to be true.

-- 2. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 16, 2008 4:51 PM


-- 3. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at May 23, 2008 11:19 AM


Actually iI3!!!!

-- 4. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 28, 2008 9:43 AM

Yes, indeed. But that was acknowledging the fact that I was not first and nobody credited me like people credit MIF. Haha.

=] (not evil smiley)

-- 5. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at May 28, 2008 3:53 PM

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