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House Fodder

House: No More Mr. Nice Guy

House Episode 4-13C : No More Mr. Nice Guy

Airdate April 28, 2008

This is a capsule review : it will be supplemented soon by a full review.

The Hook:

Nurses picket outside PPTH. One nurse, Deb, is joined by her husband on his lunch hour. An evil deliveryman in brown who is not UPS bangs his boxes on Deb's shins to force his way through the pickets. Hubby, though a large man, defuses the situation with a big hug and kind words for Mr. Deliveryman-who-is-not-UPS. But then hubby's eyes begin to flicker and roll up in his head, and as he faints we learn his name as Deb calls out, "Oh, no, Jeff!".

Queue far-too-long-missing "House" music...

Act 1

House hides from Cuddy in the admitting room, which is in pandemonium due to the striking nurses. He's avoiding work, but becomes intrigued by the happy countenance of Mr. Nice Guy (Jeff) who's calmly tolerating the wait. Since opposites do attract, House is drawn to the niceness pervading this end of the room.

House pulls his team off no-doubt less urgent cases to find the cause of this pervading niceness. Deb says he's been nice for as long as she's known him, and this strikes House as anti-evolutionary. The team argues that maybe he's just the anti-House, but the positive-House is having none of that and presses for diagnoses.

After sending the team off to house-breaking and diagnostic tests, House goes bowling : with Chase since Wilson wasn't available, all his spare time being occupied by Amber : which galls House. Chase (who has a mean hook) is waxing House (not literally). Chase mentions how he handles Cameron's one insufferable friend : by simply allowing Cameron to go out with her one night a week. House gets a thoughtful look and leave Chase mid-game.

Flash-cut to Wilson's apartment, where House proposes joint custody (of Wilson) to Amber. Initially aghast, Amber slowly comes around to negotiating terms with House : he can have Wilson on her Yoga night (Wednesday) and every other weekend. House naturally pushes for more. Amber demands Wilson choose. Wilson refuses.

Foreman and Kutner search the couple's house and find hydrofluoric acid which might explain some symptoms.

Flash cut to Cuddy's office where House asks Cuddy to decide between House's and Amber's proposals. Cuddy shifts the ground, reading House his performance review and stating she'll decide when House turns in the three he owes her on his staff. House signs his own review and Cuddy reverses herself, going with Amber's proposal, which House pretends was what he wanted all along.

Kutner reports disturbingly normal test results for the patient, despite the HF in his household which should have lowered his calcium levels. House theorized that that means the patient had elevated calcium levels which were lowered to normal by the HF, and calls the team together again to the patient's room.

There he insults Deb, which angers her but doesn't get a rise out of Jeff. Therefore, House concludes, he has Williams' syndrome, which ‘lowers suspicion'. But the team wants to know, what about all the other symptoms that come with Williams : lowered IQ, elfin appearance and - perfect pitch? (Hey I know some guys who'd give up twenty IQ points for that.) But as Jeff warbles out a perfect refutation to any implication of perfect pitch, he also begins to suffer a stroke.

Act 2

Kutner reports the patient tested negative for Williams, and House responds by reading his performance review (which is just a copy of Wilson's). House suggests neurosyphilis. Foreman can't stand to see performance reviews made a farce, and volunteers to do them himself.

Kutner tells Jeff about the test, which Jeff says is impossible because he was tested negative ten years ago in the peace Corps and he's had sex with no one else since then and he's confident his wife has never cheated on him.

House plays the piano (on a Wednesday) as he waits. Wilson and Amber show up, and House chided Amber for being 16 minutes late. "So keep him an extra 16 minutes," she says.

13 comes into Foreman's office with new theories. Foreman tries to give her a performance review, but she won't listen to it. Kutner comes in to report the tests for neuro-syphilis were positive.

Act 3

Taub gives 13 the sequence of thoughts a patient with a positive syphilis diagnosis goes through, which leads to horror at being betrayed by a partner. Kutner delivers said diagnosis to Jeff, who does not follow the script. The only possibility, he says, is the ten your old Peace Corps test must have been wrong : he must have been positive then.

Speaking privately with the Deb, she tells Kutner is positive as Jeff was that neither has cheated, and tells Kutner a story of how she feels redeemed and made a nicer person herself by Jeff's niceness. Too bad House is not hearing this : his head would explode. Kutner tells her if the penicillin Jeff is now receiving improves his condition, his personality may change as well. Deb says her husband is not going to change. Nevertheless, Kutner tells her, she should get tested.

Foreman, Taub, and Kutner wonder how come niceness (Jeff's) is a symptom and but nastiness (House's) isn't? Foreman tries to give Taub a review, but Taub's not having it either, saying giving Foreman the job is just a sneaky House method of controlling Foreman. In the midst of this, Kutner jumps up saying there must be something wrong with House.

House and Wilson are in a bar, and House is trying to get Wilson drunk to piss off Amber. It's working. The team calls to report the patient is coughing blood. House orders more tests.

In the midst of testing the patient's blood, Kutner announces he's tested House's blood, and House, too, is positive for syphilis!

Act 4

House is watching his favorite soap when the entire team comes in. The patient tests positive for encephalitis, but the real news is he has syphilis. He denies it. They give him penicillin. House appears shaken. The team leaves.

Outside, the team, plus Foreman, Chase, and Cameron discuss House. They all want to know if Cameron slept with him, which she says is none of their business, although Chase says it might just be a little tiny bit his business. The team worries about how House may change if ‘cured'.

House enters Wilson's office to make a confession. Amber is there and complains that House returned Wilson drunk last night. On time though, House responds. Amber announces there will be penalty clauses for future violations and leaves. House decides not to spill the beans to Wilson, because Wilson will tell Amber.

In House's office, Foreman confronts him over his giving Foreman an impossible task : reviewing the team. Foreman wants his authority formalized. House says humiliating Foreman is a necessary step to building his authority. Taub reports the patient is negative of sarcoidosis and House orders more tests.

Jeff is now cursing at Deb for moving his book. Is he indeed being cured of nice-guyism along with syphilis? Then he suffers a heart attack.

Act 5

House turns the White Board o' Symptoms over to Kutner, who swaggers a bit while hypothesizing that the prednisone Jeff's been taking could cause ‘roid rage. "In six hours?" Taub wonders, and speculates that Jeff's real personality is emerging as the penicillin cures his syphilis. 13 speculates on PFO. House surprises everyone by (1) taking a vote : each votes for their own suggestion : then (2) having Foreman cast the tie breaker. Foreman, though suspicious that House is setting him up, votes "PFO" and House surprises him by going along with it. House leaves.

Now the team is worried they've ‘cured House of his brilliance along with his nastiness and syphilis.

House hunts down Wilson and spills the beans anyway, just not the beans we were expecting, first swearing Wilson not to tell "CB". House doctored his old blood sample to mess with the team's mind. Then he invites Wilson to ditch work and go bowling.

As they treat and unconscious Jeff, Kutner and Taub wonder if they can lower House's penicillin dosage just enough to keep him brilliant without the ‘syphilis' killing him. Amber strides into the room and discloses the deception, which she learned from Wilson, natch. Just how long after that previous scene is this one? Did Wilson call from the bowling alley? Taub remarks "We're idiots." Kuttner replies, "We're not, positive blood tests are positive blood tests." "Apparently not," says Taub. Kuttner walks off mid-treatment saying "He doesn't have syphilis," his second misconstrued ambiguous remark this episode.

Act 6

Kutner finds House in the hall and reveals his theory : in the process revealing he knows about House's deception : that the patient has something else that causes a false positive for syphilis : Chagas, a parasitic infection acquired in Costa Rica, and the niceness, instead of a symptom, is just Jeff's personality. The Chagas plus the treatments caused the encephalitis flare-up. House is chagrined that Kutner gets the AHA! Moment this episode.

House and Kutner deliver the verdict of the couple : a cure is a simple 30 day pill treatment away. On the down side, House says, the reduction in swelling in the brain will no doubt lead to other personality changes : remember the screaming? Deb is confident that was from the drugs, not the result of a personality change. Deb isn't worried. "Neither am I", Kutner says. "Neither am I", House says, "but that's because I don't care."

House turns in his staff reviews to Cuddy/ "Well phrase, thoughtful" she remarks approvingly. Then she realizes all three are exactly the same. Plus there's another one in there : House has reviewed Cuddy. It's as impudent as we'd expect, but not without a few left-handed compliments. Cuddy says she got a call from Amber about House's violation of their agreement. House counters that Amber breached confidentiality. House proposes they both should slide. Cuddy counters that they're both being penalized.

Deb brings Jeff some ketchup for his bland hospital meal. Jeff says it tastes ‘off' but Deb can't detect any difference. "Guess I don't like ketchup any more : I wonder what else I don't like..." Should Deb be worried?

The episode ends with Amber and House changing bed linens, cleaning up patients, and verbally sparring as Wilson looks on. Grinning.

- Cecil

Next week:

House apparently kidnaps his favorite soap star. To treat him for something he has no idea he has!


Prev. Episode: 4-12 Don't Ever Change - 02/05/08
Next Episode: 4-14 Living the Dream - 05/05/08

Cast Ep. 4-13, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Aired 04/28/2008

Writers...............................David Hoselton,
...........................................David Shore

Director.............................Deran Sarafian


Hugh Laurie...................Dr. Gregory House
Robert Sean Leonard....Dr. James Wilson
Lisa Edelstein................Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Omar Epps....................Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer.............Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison..........Dr. Allison Cameron
Olivia Wilde...................Thirteen
Peter Jacobson.............Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn........................Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Anne Dudek..................Amber

Recurring Roles:
Bobbin Bergstrom.............Nurse

Guest Stars:

Chad Morgan....................Deb
Paul Rae...........................Jeff
Chris Emerson..................Young Man
Dina Defterios...................Luisa Maria
Marwan Ghazali................Delivery Man


Everyday People..................Sly and the Family Stone
Baby I'm a Want You..........Bread
You Keep Me Hanging On..Diana Ross

This was the first episode written after the writers' strike of the 2007-2008 season.

Posted by Cecil on April 29, 2008 5:52 PM
Permalink |

Haha, nobody leaves comments on here.

May I say -- HOUSE is who I wish to be when I grow up. (minus the male part and the doctor part)

Cecil -- Doesn't seem like this has a "community" like we do for LOST. Good review though!

It was obvious that HOUSE did not have syphilis.

Wilson is awesome.
Cutthroat bitch sucks.
Chase is hot.


-- 1. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at May 1, 2008 5:32 PM

iIF! "ilovebenjaminlinusxx Is FIrst"

Haiku requires five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third.

Classically, the third line should restate the thesis of the first two in a sort of bringing-together summing-up.

And there should be a 'nature' theme.

All except the syllable count being things I ignore on "Lost" writing my doggerel haiku.

-- 2. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 1, 2008 7:05 PM

wish I watched this show
to contribute something more
but for now i know

although my main man
cecil rose rocks the house blog
tonight is for Lost


-- 3. Posted by: Clementine at May 1, 2008 8:47 PM

Were you posting this an hour before, or three minutes before "Lost"? Three minutes is cutting it too close. Let's have some priorities here.

Anybody notice that the "House" move to Mondays guts a joke from just a couple of episodes before, when Cuddy tells House that the hospital is now only providing basic broadcast in the patients' rooms and House will just have to make do with that?

House responds "Well, Tuesdays are covered."

-- 4. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 2, 2008 2:30 PM

Haha, sorry about the whole haiku thing. The last time I had to write one was in middle school... actually -- I think that I had to write one last year in English... But I totally BSed it.

Anyway... This is interesting.

I like that, iIF!!!

Maybe I'll post on here more often. Get you a few comments here and there.

Next week HOUSE stalks the soap opera dude!!! Looks good!

I just realized that I started my previous comment with "haha" as well. --With a capital H of course.

-- 5. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at May 2, 2008 7:17 PM

I just noticed that the lower case "i" in "iIF!" looks like an upside down exclamation point in the font these words display in (although not in the serifed font I'm typing in). Makes it look like a Spanish exclamation.

-- 6. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 5, 2008 4:59 PM

Nice observation? Haha.

Anyway... I came to comment on the new episode and be first!!! But now I can't.

Since there is no review... May I say -- MAD NICE episode. =]

... not the best, but still good.

I think I've been having high expectations for HOUSE. and all these other shows beause LOST. has been so good. But I guess because of the writer's strike, the other shows aren't at their best. LOST. is even better though!

-- 7. Posted by: ilovebenjaminlinusxx at May 7, 2008 7:33 PM

Sorry about the lateness - family issues this week. Hope to have it by tomorrow.

-- 8. Posted by: Cecil Rose at May 9, 2008 3:03 AM

top of the page says this

"Airdate May 28, 2008"


April maybe...

-- 9. Posted by: DocH at May 15, 2008 6:55 PM


Whoops, I'll get that fixed.

-- 10. Posted by: cecil Rose at May 18, 2008 3:07 AM

So-so. Something was not impressed.

-- 11. Posted by: Nicole at January 31, 2013 6:28 AM

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