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House: Don't Ever Change

House Episode 4-12C : Don't Ever Change

Airdate: Tuesday February 6, 2008

The Hook:

A Jewish wedding. A Hadassic Jewish wedding. Men in hats and beards. Some in yarmulkes. Wishes of "mazel tov"! The groom is Yonatan. The bride is Roz. Accepting congratulations from a "Mrs. Silver", Roz says "I know you chose well for me. I've been blessed." Arranged marriage? Dancing. Men and women in separate groups, separate by a cloth partition. The bride and groom are given rides on chairs, each clutching the end of a knotted cloth that passes over the partition. Smiles abound. But the bride's expression changes. She looks down. Is that a blood stain on her gown? She tumbles from her chair as the groom looks on, distraught. He rushes to her side, holding her hand, feeling her forehead. Cue House music...

Act 1

Wilson walks though the lobby towards the elevator, to find his way blocked by a flame-decorated cane. House finds it necessary to chide him about "cross-species mating", i.e. dating Amber. House gives it two months. Wilson offers to take him up on it, since they're already four months into the relationship.

House wants to discuss Amber, while the rest of the team discusses the case. Kutner says he knew Amber was involved because he asked her out and she told him she was already involved. House wonders why Kutner would do that, wasn't he afraid off Amber? Yes but she has "legs that go all the way up to Canada."

13 reads the report: 38 year old female with loss of bladder control, blood in her urine, and a broken leg. Culture's negative for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Taub points out that Hassidic Jews fast on their wedding day, ruling out food poisoning. House raises the issue of suicide, Taub points out that it's a sin. House notes the advanced ages of bride and groom meaning both are "not on anyone's hot list" and suicide may have been the ‘way out' of a dilemma. House assigned 13 to check the patient's innards, and Taub and Foreman to check her home.

Taub, though culturally Jewish, has little use for the religiously observant, and he and Foreman discuss the cultural differences as the check the cluttered storage areas of the bride's home. Taub maintains that the Hassidic arranged marriages are psychologically unsound and two people should only marry after thoroughly exploring each other. Foreman discovers a gold record and tapes that show the bride was formerly a hard-rock music producer. Taub hypothesizes this means there should be drugs about. He makes a call.

Roz explains to 13 and Kutner that she only became Hassidic six months ago, and that she did heroin back in the day. But she's been clean for a whole month. And that Yonatan knows about her past. The broad stokes anyway. Yonatan is remarkably accepting, and paces outside the room. Roz explains about what's prohibited to her now : pretty much everything, pop music, movies TV. 13 says they'll need a hair sample for analysis. Kutner is bummed he can never watch "Star Wars" again. I like this guy.

Amber returns to her apartment, and finds House waiting for her there. He maintains he understands her evil plan to get re-hired. Amber plays along. House says it won't work. Amber's wearing a McGill university sweatshirt : Wilson's school, not hers.

Taub and Kutner meet House at the hospital, reporting the treatment's lack of effect rules out endometriosis, and her hair sample was negative for drugs. House maintains her sudden conversion six months ago is a new symptom they haven't considered before. His guess is porphyria. Kutner defends her right to change, and maintains she hasn't exhibited the other symptoms of porphyria, such as sudden bursts of anger. House orders a phlebotomy.

As Taub and Kutner explain the treatment to Yonatan and Roz , Yonatan intelligently gleams onto the fact they are using treatment as a diagnosis : it she gets better that's what she has.

Yonatan goes to Cuddy and asks for a different doctor. He wants one that doesn't think that religion is a symptom of illness. Cuddy points out a possible alternate hypothesis of cryoglobulinemia. House asks if Yonatan lives according to God's six hundred commandments. "Six hundred thirteen," Yonatan corrects him. House argues that no one can understand all of them, and Yonatan follows even the ones he doesn't understand because he trusts the One that created them. So he should trust House's plans because "in this temple, I am Dr. Yahweh.". . That's enough for Yonatan, who walks out still insisting he wants a new doctor. House is summonsed by his beeper. The patient is hypoxic, and they may need to intubate. "Definitely not cryoglobulinemia," Cuddy concludes.

Act 2

House and Hice go back to the White Board o' Symptoms. House argues lupus (it's never lupus), and proposes they put he on a treadmill and see if she has a heart attach to confirm. Taub argues it's Wegner's instead, but they'll keep the crash cart close by just in case.

House tracks Amber and Wilson to a restaurant for a "surprise meet", despite Wilson's placing a phony other restaurant in his date book. Amber invites House to join them, then wrangles a table from the maitre' d. Wilson is non-plussed but smile at Ambers ability to get results, and House tumbles to the fact that Wilson likes he aggressive personality. Not really, Wilson say, but she's good at it. House says "You like that she's conniving, you like that she has no regard for consequences, that she can humiliate someone if it serves her purposes... Oh my God! You're sleeping with me!" Wilson looks thoughtful.

Roz is on a stress machine, but not a treadmill. On this one you use your arms instead of your legs. I used to work out on one of those after a knee operation : they're murder. Taub urges Roz to work harder, as Yonatan looks on. Yonatan is entertaining some doubts, and asks Taub Roz's conversion is a symptom, and the disease is found and treated, will she go back to being like she was. Taub doubts it, but says if she did he'd find someone else. Yonatan says there is no one else. Taub says "you've had three dates." Yonatan asks Taub how long he's been married. Twelve years. "And is she the one?" Yonatan asks. "If she wasn't, we wouldn't sill be married : I love her just as much as the day we got married," Taub says. "But shouldn't you love her more, if you love someone more the more you know them?" Yonatan asks. Touché.

Taub tells Roz she can stop : her heart's a strong as a battleship. "Does this mean Dr. House was wrong?" Yonatan asks. But as Roz gets up she collapses with pain in her leg.

Foreman meets House in the lobby and crows a little about House having been wrong about the change in mental status. Foreman is thinking blood clots, and House orders him to do an MRI, then do and fMRI, and give House ten bucks right now - "I missed lunch." Guess Amber and Wilson weren't buying.

The MRI showed no clot and 13 and Foreman are looking at Roz's brain under the fMRI. 13 is arguing for human behavior being complicated, not easily characterizable. Foreman says she just wants to remain mysterious for ‘many reasons and not just because you're bisexual.' She gives him a look.

House comes in and tells them to restart Roz's IV : just to see how she reacts to the pain. Foreman apologizes as he starts, and sure enough her limbic system lights up on the fMRI. House thinks this indicates masochism, but 13 probes a little and discovered Roz started praying when Foreman apologized, which makes an alternate explanation for the activity. When Roz stands up her blood pressure and heart rate drop. As soon as she lies down again, she stabilizes. House has Foreman repeat the cycle, and it happens the same way again.

Act 3

So the Hice gather around the White Board o' Symptoms and try to figure out the reason Roz's BP and heart rate go the opposite way from the expected when she stands up. House rejects the first two suggestions. Taub is revealed to be touched by Roz's prayer and he's beginning to see the attractions of the live she's chosen. Meaning he's against the listing of her mental status as a symptom? "You drank the Manschewitz- flavored kool-aid," House says in disgust. Kutner suggests ‘wiring problems' in the brain. House orders some tests as the see's Wilson arriving and rushes out to twit him. About moving in with "CB".

Wilson take the "you're right" tack, and says a female version of House is the perfect person for him. House counters she's a needy version of him. Wilson want to know why, every time Wilson agrees with him, House thinks up a new argument. House has no answer but he's thinking about it.

Kutner and Taub make the tests, as Kutner reveals his love for science fiction (at least of the low, Trekky variety). He says he rose to the position of Klingon Dar Master in college. I knew there was a reason I liked this guy. He likens his conversion to SF to her change and says Taub could change, too. Roz is babbling under the drugs she's on for the tests and almost spills 13's beans because she could hear some of the Foreman/13 conversation when she was in the MRI.

House goes to Cuddy and says she has to sleep with Cuddy to save him from Amber.

Roz is in a ‘thermal treatment' room to basically study her sweat patterns. 13 and Taub are conducting the test as Yonatan looks on. Her mostly bare body is covered with a powder that will change color as she seats, and the areas that don't sweat will tell them something about her central Nervous System function. Yonatan worries that he should not be seeing her like this, that being seen for the first time by her husband should be for their wedding night. 13 is touched by his caring for her modest, but Yonatan finds this patronizing, because he's sure she finds it sweet, but archaic and ultimately irrelevant. Got it on one. He argues their tradition aren't just blind rituals, the mean something and have a purpose. Taub, Reform Jew, continues to find enlightenment in the strangest places. As Yonatan turns his back, Roz has a seizure. He body temperature is falling. In the sweat room.

Act 4

Roz shivers in bed as the team again ponders her contrary symptoms. Now they're looking for something missing. Possibly cortisone? Possibly Addison's? 13 goes off to test Roz.

Cuddy stops to talk to Wilson in the hall about the Amber situation. Wilson says he's happy.

Roz is felling better under the Cortisol. She chats with Yonatan about how he looks even better than the matchmaker led her to believe. Suddenly she goes into shock. 13 draws blood from her abdomen and diagnoses internal bleeding. Yonatan is shocked that she is saying a prayer that indicates she thinks she is dying.

Chase studies Roz's MRI and discusses it with her. He wants to perform exploratory surgery to locate the source. Roz surprises him by refusing the surgery until after sundown. It's Shabbat and she wants to share it with her new husband uninterrupted by surgery. Yonatan quietly points out that the Torah commands them to preserve life. Roz says she waiter thirty eight years to find what she wanted, she can wait another eight hours.

Chase tells the team he enlisted a rabbi, but to no avail. House blames Chase for their problem. Chase leaves. Taub argues for Roz's right to decide what she wants. Chase reenters the room and reveals s little bible study, citing the case of Joshua asking Got making the sun stand still, so which shouldn't God (meaning House) make it speed up. House likes that role.

So they've basically pasted black paper over the windows as they rush Roz through the halls telling her it's sunset, and the fact she thinks it's too early is drug induced time-misperception. Yonatan, for a wonder, goes along with the deception.

House invites Amber in, telling her if she solves this case, the job is hers. With a
"drop Wilson" clause attached she assumes. Amber tells him all her life she's though she had to choose between Love and Respect, and she always chose the big R, but with Wilson she knows what it's like to have both and that beats House's paltry job offer. But she can't resist a parting diagnosis, DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation). House congratulates her on changing, but rejects the diagnosis die to normal platelet count.

Yonatan lights candles and chants in Hebrew. The team chafes as they wait, but House knows all reasons for the ritual even as he dismisses it. The team throw out more dd. House rejects them. We see cuts to the meal ritual and the wedding as the team ponders more choices. At one point, responding to Taub, House says "Things aren't where the want them to be, just because we want them to be there." Then he gets that Thoughtful Look.

House chases down the bed in the hallways as Roz is being transported to Chase's OR. He orders the orderlies to stand her up. She weakens, just as he expected. He has 13 press hard on her abdomen and Roz improved. Now he'll let her lie down again. The diagnosis is nephroptosis, also known as a floating kidney. The kidney is not properly attached in the abdomen, and whenever Roz stands it move a short distance, causing all her symptoms. Yonatan and Roz are amazed the reason is so simple and curable. And grateful.

House bestows his blessings on the Wilson-Amber romance. It's a day for miracles all around. Wilson is flabbergasted. House is a little amazed at himself, and wishes Wilson Shabbat Shalom, which Wilson returns.

And that's it, folks. No more House until the writers can get back from the strike and crank out a few more episodes (reportedly 4-5 of them to air in April and May).

- Cecil

Next Week:
"No One Knows"
Last Episode: 02/04/08 4-11 Frozen
Next Episode: ??/??/?? ?-?? (who knows? : writers strike - maybe April)

Cast Ep. 4-12, "Don't Ever change" Aired 02/06/2008

Cast and Crew

Writers:................................... Leonard Dick
.................................................Doris Egan

Director:...................................Deran Sarafian


Hugh Laurie.............................Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein...........................Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard................Dr. James Wilson
Omar Epps................................Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer............................Dr. Robert Chase
Jennifer Morrison.....................Dr. Allison Cameron

Recurring Roles:

Anne Dudek.............................Dr. Amber
Peter Jacobson.........................Dr. Taub
Kal Penn..................................Dr. Kutner
Olivia Wilde............................Dr. Thirteen/Huntington's
Bobbin Bergstrom...................Nurse

Guest Stars:

Laura Silverman......................Roz
Eyal Podell..............................Yonatan
Faye DeWitt.............................Mrs. Silver
Yossi Mintz..............................Rabbi
Yanky Lunger..........................Cantor
Brent Katz...............................Uncle Moishe
Kirsty Pape..............................Female Guest #1
Heather Joy Sher......................Female Guest #2


Waiting on a Friend................The Rolling Stones
Jerry Weintraub.......................Waldeck
Nani, nani................................Accentus Ensemble
Niggun of the Alter Rebbe......Eshet Chayil

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