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House Fodder

"House"-Keeping 12/11/07

Hello, House fans.

A little news to keep help us get through the hiatus until House resumes in the new year.

First of all - for how long? Short answer: Nobody knows. There are at least a few episodes still in the can for the new year, returning, presumably, on Jan 8 (but stay tuned.) I've heard no rumors about the duration of the writers' strike, so your guess is as good as mine. Since most episodic TV takes a little over a week to produce an episode - and that's assuming everything is ready in advance - we can at the very least expect interruptions in the episode flow in the spring. If the strike goes long, then maybe the few remaining are all we get this year. So it goes.

For more news on the Survivor-style staff candidate eliminations, both the in-show logic and the production company logic behind who stayed and who got canned, see the TV Guide Michael Ausiello report at this location.

I'm getting the impression that the elimination-anxiety felt by the actors was just as great as that portrayed in the series. That is, the weekly eliminations were not known in advance, and maybe not even planned in advance by the producers, but instead were as real as the on-show doctor eliminations. So the forty original actors were in just as much a competition as the doctors they portrayed.

And a little more House news embedded in other series news at the Ausiello report HERE.

See you in the new year,


Posted by Cecil on December 11, 2007 10:57 AM
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